Sunday, 15 April 2018

Is unexpected target a new shock candidate for the Rangers job?

With today’s Old Firm semi finally upon us, it has to be said this week’s build up was some of the most negative press Rangers have had in a long time. Some of it was self-inflicted, with the absolute shambles Dave King made of his renewal statement along with the David Bates and Graeme Murty spat, but most of it was the press wheeling out every negative they could on Old Firm week.

Their job is to sell papers and gets hits – we know this, but rarely has an Old Firm build up seen this level of toxic media aimed at the Gers with barely a word said against our opponents.

However, we are not going to look at the match today – because as much as we would rather beat Celtic, the result honestly doesn’t make a huge difference to the grand scheme of things at Ibrox.

And the reason for this piece is the rising comments among fans and readers of the site with regards a summer managerial candidate who appears to have quietly raised his stock and from nowhere is becoming a serious fan favourite to get the gig this summer.

He turned Lewis Morgan from a raw youth player into a Celtic midfielder, and said engine room man is arguably the best player in the Championship.

He has his side top of the table and has reduced a traditional Premiership team into also-rans whose chairman quit, more than a tad as a result of the smaller team’s rise to the top of the pile.

We are of course referring to St Mirren’s rising star Jack Ross, whose management career began only three years ago at Alloa, before St Mirren took him and never looked back.

The former Hamilton player has been courted by both United and English side Barnsley, but on both occasions elected to stay with the Buddies, and the Paisley men have certainly benefited from that.

And his stunning season has not gone unnoticed by Rangers fans, with just six domestic losses in the Championship despite inferior resources to almost everyone else in the league and they tower above a pack including Dunfermline, Inverness, Dundee Utd, Falkirk and Livvie.

Is he the right man for Rangers? Unknown. He’s done brilliantly at both Alloa and St Mirren, but we all know Rangers are a completely different animal. Evidently he is superb at motivating players and getting them to punch above their weight, and his organisational skills are excellent too – only Celtic have conceded less goals in Scotland than St Mirren.

Whether that can translate to Rangers only time would tell, but there are certainly worse candidates for the job.


  1. I Like the Idea of JR being our Manager.
    I Like JR as a Manager
    Id be very happy if we appointed JR

    ...I just don't think hes ready for an OF Job just yet 👐 ...allbeit the fantastic job hes done at Saints

    ...I think he needs to go round a few clubs..get a wee bit more experience...then come bk in a few years 🤔👍⚽💙

  2. I don’t think we replace a rookie with another (relative) rookie. A good season at St Mirren doesn’t prepare you for the Rangers job. One for the future perhaps.

  3. Interesting angle on Jack Ross ..I am a fan ..I think his tenure at Alloa included beating us ! He has all of the qualifications and has good hands on management experience too ...However the Rangers Job is a whole different gig ..Im sure he is aware of Rangers position and the whole immediate success and expectations..Why not give him a chance but we as fans need to let him do his thing ..and the board need to back him ...Apart from Dr Boer I don't see much other candidates ..Warnock would have been good ...

  4. Let him get more experience and prove himself with a bigger club first, with all respect to St Mirren etc the kind of pressure he has experienced so far is absolutely minuscule compared to what he would be under at Rangers. Maybe he is one for the future but definitely not right now

  5. Anybody remember where the great Fergie learned his trade? I wouldn’t say he’d be anymore risk than anybody else - always a degree of risk with any appointment just some less than others.

    BillB has nailed it whoever is deemed fit to be the next Manager then him and players need the supports full backing long term & Board..

  6. Have you been drinking ibrox noise,he has no experience just like murty,Pedro and Warbuton.

  7. Aye,Jack Ross,he might be good! His team have been doing well in the championship. He sounds smashing! Who was that other guy who did well in the Scottish championship? It's on the tip of my tongue... Warburton, that's it. I wonder what happened to him. Have Ibrox noise started writing for the BBC Scotland comedy unit?

  8. think we need to look at a new manager after the way we played today or new players

    1. Not just a new manager,we need to get rid of most of the players they are not any good,we where played off the pitch and even when we got a chance of a goal we missed it,look we will be second and we will win a cup now and then just like the rest of the teams do,we still need £30 million plus for new players.


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