Thursday, 19 April 2018

Is THIS the reality which faces Rangers over the next five matches?

With Sunday’s tussle with Hearts fast approaching, something has become very clear at Ibrox – this malaise the club is currently under is the perfect opportunity for the players to play for their fans. To prove their worth.

Graeme Murty spoke with his usual tone about how the players were playing for contracts now, with more than a hint of cynicism.

That is of course absolute nonsense given almost all the entire first team is now on essentially three or four year deals, but what is certainly true is we need these players to stand up and play for the shirt and the club – because second place is up for grabs and it is in Rangers’ own hands to secure it.

The players have European football, club prize money, and crucially reputation to play for.

The recent fixtures have been utterly appalling, no other word for it – from management down to player, the systematic failure has been spectacular.

And it’s time players fought for this club, which, let’s not forget, saved the careers of a great number of them.

Sean Goss was nowhere at QPR till he came to Ibrox. Now he’s bloomed with a great deal of potential.

Jamie Murphy couldn’t get a game at Brighton, now he’s the star of  Ibrox.

Daniel Candeias was nothing and a journeyman till showing up in Govan, and he’s become Pedro’s best capture by a distance.

Alfredo Morelos
was a forgotten man in Finland until Johansson scouted him out.

The list goes on.

Rangers gave these guys a chance, a way to get their careers going again – and the rest have damaged their own reputations with meagre displays recently.

Let’s forget management – it’s hopeless. Murty is out of his depth and the players don’t play for him now.

But it’s not Graeme Murty who pays your wages guys, it’s us, the fans, our investment, and we need you to show why you deserve to wear our shirt.

Second place is imperative on so many levels, and this club lives for European football.

This group is good enough for second place, and it’s time for the players, the squad, the football team to stand up and be counted and back up the promises with tangible delivery.

Over to you guys.

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