Monday, 16 April 2018

Is Graeme Murty ruining young Rangers star's development?

We already knew Rangers’ defence is easily the worst SPL Rangers defence in modern history, perhaps even ever.

That Fabio Cardoso, the outgoing David Bates, Bruno Alves and Russell Martin are the main selections for the backline sums up where we are in that area of the pitch, and continues to make a mockery of the increasingly appalling January decision to get rid of Danny Wilson, prioritise Bates and sign up Martin.

And while many fans are absolutely killing Martin for yet another inept display, it was the out-of-sorts Ross McCrorie we feel more for.

We’ve said it on Ibrox Noise time and time again – the lad is NOT a defender. We have been quite vocal in conveying our displeasure at him being selected there, and it is evident to anyone with a basic knowledge of football that he is not comfortable there.

He struggled against Dundee, before being removed with an injury, and was clearly completely out of his depth against Celtic.

One of the half decent things Murty did during the ‘good’ spell at Ibrox (feels like forever ago now doesn’t it) earlier this year was shifting McCrorie forward into defensive midfield.

This gave him less pressure to read the line, to play offside, and to avoid getting caught goalside, and the freedom to protect the backline, spread the play, and break up opposition forays.

He simply did a lot better there – he struggled against Celtic in September at the back there, and was extremely poor in the following match away in Hamilton.

But when he got switched to DM he started to thrive.

Back to defence now and his frailties in that slot get exposed again – it is true that Dembele destroyed him yesterday, but don’t blame Ross.

His strongest slot is in front of that, and his manager is doing him no favours by putting him back there.

Some fans did advocate use of him in defence in light of the appalling options otherwise, but the last two displays from him there are stark evidence that he is not a defender.

And to keep selecting him there will ruin his development.

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