Incredible numbers as Rangers managerial favourite’s odds tumble further…


Steven Gerrard’s stunning odds to become the next Rangers manager tumbled to an absolutely incredible 4/7 last night, with the ex-Liverpool coming from nowhere to be heavily odds on at numbers rarely before seen in any recent Rangers manager race – Derek McInnes did manage 1/2 but that was the only other time.

Naturally we know that odds do reflect betting patterns, but whether this also correlates to chairman Dave King’s presence at the Liverpool Champions League encounter last night remains to be seen.

Gerrard’s numbers have also been boosted by a slightly misleading article on a news aggregation site implying current comments but actually quoted the Champions League winner from last year making some nice remarks about Rangers when he took his Anfield youth side north to play against the Development team in October.

Nevertheless, those comments, coupled with King at the Roma match have possibly contributed to the astonishing boost in Gerrard’s numbers, although whether the man himself actually gives anything like a hoot about being the new manager is a completely different matter.

It would be left field, stunning, unexpected, and bold – we just do not know if it would be the right appointment.


  1. At least he has some coaching experience unlike the last Liverpool player to manage Rangers and you all know how that worked out…..No Surrender…..

  2. I think Potter would be a great appointment. He seems to have worked wonders in Sweden and did ok in Europe too. What has Gerrard done in a managerial sense. Do we really want another youth coach in charge?

    • A nobody who has worked wonders in a Scandinavian league? Ronny Delia anyone? I can see all the "potty" headlines already. No, just no! No gambles, no nobody's, no experiments. We need a proven experienced manager that knows the Scottish league.

  3. Not for me. Being a world class player doesn't equate to a world class manager. Needs to prove himself somewhere else 1st. Plus he's likely to want to shop in the English market. Unless players are free they're going to have an inflated value.

  4. We already have a manager just now with no experience so why on earth should he even be considered, it's hopefully just a lot of media pish as usual.

  5. Please no, not another untried experiment. Nice guy though he surely is and an exceptional footballer in his day he is not another Souness, with millions to back him up. This site has advocated for so long that we need a manager with a managerial pedigree. Now it seems IN has been guilty of promoting stories that are speculative at best and outrageous at worst.
    Lets talk sense. We dodged a bullet when it seemed we were on a headlong rush to get McInnes on board. Desparate or what?
    Now every candidate is likened to be the next Messiah. You said so recently we are fans who want only whats best for our club. Try not to feed of of this frenzy of wild gossip.

  6. It would a shocking gamble which we can't afford to take. Plus, his allegiance definitely lies with the unwashed in the east. No thanks.

    • I agree Stevie.
      I also find it incredible that king doesn't bother to go go our Games, where was he at the semi, but he will fly in to watch another team in the CL.
      Real Rangers Man my arse, king his name should be Clown

  7. I rang be 365 , and skysport ,for the idds on gerrad not to be next rangers manger there is no odds only the gullible would bet on Steve g as next rangers manger , so go get your bets on teddy bears

  8. Why does someone’s lack of manegerial experience matter? Souness never had any when he took us to the top. Guardiola Did the same at Barca as well. The Gerard seems to know his football which is what we need. Sadly we need someone that knows the Scottish game though, it’s harder than what English people think… they think their football is physical

  9. While I am slightly nervous about the thought of another experiment it would be an imaginative appointment in the way that Souness was, along as he had an experienced coach beside him as Souness did with Walter. In fact a dream team could be Walter working alongside Gerrard for say two years.

  10. Why would he be a good appointment? Less managerial experience than Murty. Less life experience working with sub-Liverpool class too.

  11. Would be an Awesome Appointment but he needs to Prove Himself as a Manager and learn his Trade First like what Jack Ross has been doing (Alloa, St Mirren)

  12. Would be another shambolic appointment, up there with Warburton, Pedro and Murty. Why not just keep Murty if this is the level of experience the board want. Surely the board have learned from past mistakes (Warburton, Pedro, Murty)???

  13. Ridiculous possibility imo. And unless he is doing it for free then a pointless possibility. It's really desperate stuff. And it's likely he will thinking the job would be a stroll. And, he is yet another celtic minded person.

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