How one man changes everything at Ibrox…


While few of us expected much else, Celtic’s loss at Easter Road propelled Neil Lennon’s lot to joint third, and while Aberdeen managed a similar surprise win at Rugby Park, something undeniably stands out about Kille and Hibs.

These are small time teams who have been propelled to among the best in the country purely by one man – the manager.

The right manager can make a difference, and there is little question Killie’s Steve Clarke and Hibs’ Lennon are among the very best this country has to offer, and they show that even modest resources and players can be turned from also-rans into outstanding.

Lennon got his Hibs team promoted as champions at the first time of asking, with only a few privileged loans from Celtic Park such as Ambrose and Commons – the rest was all that team and manager’s own work and now they sit joint third in the SPL with Rangers, having played a game more.

Meanwhile, despite their blip at Rugby Park today, Clarke’s Killie have, on form, been Scotland’s best team this calendar year – remarkable results and a remarkable turnaround.

It only highlights Rangers’ board’s dreadfully poor decision-making to bring in Warburton, Caixinha then promote Murty – none of whom have deployed their far superior resources in a manner which justifies the outlay.

It also brings an absolute nonsense to the notion of ‘giving them time’ or other vague concessions to justify average performance – if Clarke and Lennon can get their lot playing this well with these results, why can’t Rangers managers?

We all know the impact Walter had in 2007. He was a special man. But there are more managers out there who can single handedly turn a team around. While Robbie Neilson didn’t hit it off in England, he was brilliant for Hearts and had as successful a time at Tynecastle as Clarke and Lennon are having at Killie and Edinburgh respectively.

Rangers, without any doubt, have a better squad, defence aside, than either Killie or Hibs, yet no manager has been able to get anything like the best out of them

We read an interesting comment by a fan today with regards a case for defence of the manager; ‘blame the players’.

The thing is, they probably said the same thing under Pedro and Warburton, despite each of these managers having their own players. Warburton brought in yer Bartons and Kranjcars, and these guys failed. Pedro brought in half of Mexico and Portugual, and most of them failed too. Murty has signed up a better crop of players, Martin aside, yet fans still say ‘blame the players’.

Only so long we can keep blaming different guys in the shirts until the bucks stops with the guy who sent them out.

The right manager, or ‘a’ right manager is out there. There are plenty coaches who could make a team of this Rangers squad.

Clarke and Lennon show just what can be done with paltry resources. Imagine what a good manager could do with Rangers’.


  1. I comes down to the manager for sure. Was reading an arrival about Guardiola the other day. And how 8/11 1st teamers were already at city.
    I like the mother well cb, don’t know his name, and the hearts keeper and a new left midfielder though I’d love Weiss back… and then with Hardie and Cummings I think we could go for it next season

    • You Mean Kipre?


      Would take Weiss bk in a Heartbeat but we got Murphy for Left Mid and if Murphy gets injured would like to see Middleton as his understudy 🤔👍⚽

      Our Strikers next season should be :
      Cummings, Hardie, McBurnie & an Older Striker 28-33 Range to teach the young lads a thing or two 🤓👍⚽💙

  2. Well exactly. Warburton was trying to learn his trade at Rangers and the style of football and philosophy was soon exposed and Pedro had no style or philosophy. GM came in and tried and for a while succeeded there is no denying but we all know he hasn't got the experience. I think that a good strong leader would be able to get the best out of most of the players Rangers have available and as you rightly point out Lennon and Clarke are the proof. Im living in hope this board get it right next time.

  3. I would like to add that a manager can feed his players all the philosophies and tactics he can but if the players dont buy into it and are made a laughing stock they will not play for the manager and end up in a situation such as ours. Amen.

  4. A quality manager is fundamental as is a couple of good leaders in the team. Unfortunately at this precise moment we have neither!

  5. Murty speaks impeccably and conducts himself as rfc manager should in front of hostile press . He had his legs cut off by king three days before semi. Previously had job until new manager found then to end of year then end of season. Board to blame for shambles. no excuses in semi but FFS a wee of respect required for a man who has done nothing but try to but rangers first and foremost . Surely can't be Clarke or Neil next for obvious reasons.

    • correct Derek. Clarke is overrated anyway. Results with Kilmarnock are a fluke. We lost one game at their place where they scored twice in 3 minutes after being garbage. Then we drew that home game where we missed the penalty in injury time and they ran up and scored and they were mince. Then the last game where Boyd scored again in practically their only effort. Vastly overrated team and manager and you are all falling for it. Clarke would be a disaster at Rangers. Lennon is a potential genius but we cant' have him obviously. He will be managing the scum again when Brenda goes so we better get someone good. Alex Neil is not the man. If we could tempt him Neil Warnock is the man. He might not fancy the EPL with Cardiff, he loves the Gers, he doesn't need the money. Offer him £50K per week. He might just take it.

    • "Murty speaks impeccably"!! You must be on a different planet to me. I have never heard any manager trot out such garbage with so many stock phrases which mean nothing. And all the time trying to deflect attention from his own catalogue of weaknesses. "Respect" – I wouldn't have him as an under 5s coach.

  6. have to agree, hate to admit it but popcorn teeth has proved what a good manager he is, and Clark has done amazing with Killie

    • This might sound crazy, but I wouldn't take Wenger even if he offered. His team's in last 10 years have been soft and lacked backbone. Exactly our problem now, so we need a manager who has never had that accusation made about his teams…

  7. Why aren't Club 1872 on the board and being involved with picking a new manager,the supporters are supposed to have a voice,why aren't they on the board???…No Surrender…

  8. Let's not be fooled with Clarke and Lennons scenarios they have done what would be expected!!! Killie pish Hibs 2nd rate ….We have stood still locally and allowed it to happen!!!!! This is of Rangers making for God sake Just look at the pathetic home failings it's got nothing to do with Lennon or Clarke ffs!!!! We had it in our own destiny

  9. We could have been level with Celtic only a few weeks ago
    We WERE way ahead of Hibs and Aberdeen. We were a country mile ahead of Kilmarnock .Heart a were a laughing stock.

    Lets get it right. Yes the manager has clearly lost the players at his side.
    He also made TWO Horrendous mistakes against Celtic. No sub after time went down a man
    And playing Halliday.
    Halliday is SHITE

    Cummings should be playing
    Hardie should be playing alongside him.
    Michael O'Halloran should he at least given a run.

    But no, fans wanted Halliday back
    He is dross

    John has disappeared
    Dorrans has been rank
    Moreles IS Dross
    Jack .? Injury aside is a liability
    Murphy, best player, never showed against Tims, twice

    Foderingham liability

    Alves. Shite
    Cardoso. Shite
    CandyAss. Tavernier. Predictable.

    UF Morelos had put away his chances. We would have beaten the smellies

    I will tell you something guys. I couldn't give 2 fks what Clarke or Lennon ARE.
    Lennon would slap them about until did what they are paid for.

    You want a Grass from Ibrox. Miller, Wallace, Halliday?

  10. I agree 2nd rate half season wonder got beat with aberdeen or one season wonder at hibs does not make a manager long term,lets see where both are when the bubble busts next season for both,i heard both are Selltic fans and always have been,am not wanting to be the laughing stock anymore look at it this way would they give McCoist the job or any one of our fans i think not,but hey it is up to the board and there is nothing that you or me can say that will change who they make the next manager,but this next manager has got to be the right one for us.

  11. I have stated it before. Look at Steve Clarke's record in management. Graham Murty has just under 60% win ratio against Clarke's 40% average. Remember Murty inherited the squad on both occasions and I would think that most of the loan signings were by our DOF. All you read about is FDB bcos he played for us a few times 15 times in total. I think most fans are getting him mixed up with his brother, who was with us for 4 years against Frank who was their for 1 year.
    I personally would allow Murty to start next season with his own squad as if whoever comes in if anyone will want money for himself as well as new players. If our fans don't think this is right listen to Dave King when told about the extra money he needs to find, 11 million !!!!

  12. yes all down to manager ,but would not take anyone thats not managed in scotland ,look at pedro ,warburton ,couldnt get to grips with it ,think we need .robbie neilson done it in scotland ,also pick the best players thats doing the biusness ,moult ,kipre. mgeough, mcinness ,would cost pennies compared with money weve wasted ,

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