How many Rangers fans noticed THIS dramatic change at Motherwell?


As we alluded to earlier, something quite noticeable happened at Motherwell last weekend. Well, other than the poor performance and result, that is.

Eagle-eyed punters will have spotted the dramatically-changed bench; sure, a few pointed out there was no Jordan Rossiter, as we discussed earlier, but equally and more intriguing was the seven who were selected, and a glut of others conspicuous by their absence.

Up till now, Rangers’ bench has been increasingly dire. That Murty has only been able to really call upon Jason Cummings, Eduardo Herrera or Kenny Miller from the reserves gives some idea of how utterly awful his options in the dugout were.

Normally it would be Alnwick, Hodson, sometimes Halliday, Holt, occasionally Kranjcar, and always Herrera, Cummings and Miller, with a touch of Cardoso on top.

Not this time.

With the Croat off to pastures new, that was certainly one name off the list. And notable for their similar absences were Herrera, Cardoso and Holt.

Instead Murty had the depth of Hodson, McCrorie, Goss, Halliday, Cummings, and Miller to call upon – sure, not the best bench of all time, but fairly intelligently selected we must say.

We had two spare full backs in Hodson and Halliday.
One spare centre back in McCrorie.
Three spare defensive midfielders in McCrorie, Halliday and Goss.
One spare central midfielder in Goss (albeit we don’t really use these).
And two attacking players in the shape of Cummings and Miller.

Other than one creative player (a winger or AM) this was a fairly well-rounded bench, and one of the better reserves we have had to call upon.

Sure, that Murty only saw fit to actually resort to them sparingly and make one change is a different matter entirely, but the options were definitely on hand to make more.

It’s probably the best bench in a long time, and certainly benefited from the return to fitness of Dorrans and McCrorie, with Rossiter up there too.

It does baffle us why Michael O’Halloran has been completely binned – never been benched once under Murty as permanent manager, never mind starting XI – he would have been a half decent creative option, perhaps in Miller’s place.

And it also begs a prudent question; with weaker benches, Murty has made more changes with less riding on them – in the past he’s brought on dross like Herrera and a past it Miller seemingly unnecessarily, yet when Rangers actually had a strong bench and better options in Motherwell, he only made one change when a goal was essential?

Still, at least the options are now there. Whether the manager uses them well is another matter!


  1. Good observations again Murty seems reluctant to make a decision when it's needed most during a game Dorrans was played in the wrong position ..Im not convinced he is what we need anyway . Murty is not the man for our forward movement

  2. Unfortunately the manager is devoid of ideas when it comes to changing his beloved formation.Every man and his dug knew Motherwell would pump high balls into the penalty box and surely for this particular game he should have played 3 central defenders and with an outstanding young defender on the bench it was criminal not to have him on from the start. As for using subs i think he has a golden rule NO subs till 15mins to go ?? Also every week same formation the opposition don't even have to think about how we are going to line up.

    • Excellent comment Jim. Murtys not got any bottle …same set up home or away ..its garbage the Of game was the final straw for me ..he had a good chance to get it done

  3. Holt Herrera & Cardoso perhaps been just been given their marching orders. Let’s hope so eh.

    Hope the laddie Rossiter hasn’t broken down again. If so then his time is up. Likewise Halliday, MFOH, Dodoo, Miller & the 2 loaned out…Forrester & Pena.

    Just not good enough and we need the money for better. Wish you all the best. Ta ta.

  4. we had an old boss that once told an ibrox ledgend a team is as strong as the leader leading them how ever the winning mentality has got to come from within and with aberdeen breathing down our necks we need to find the winning mentality from within everyone of us and their some players who should not be at the club at the end of the season we need to find a manager like gino who knows what winning means to the club and their supporters having played at the highest leval .

  5. God you guys have at last accepted mediocrity as the norm.
    Best get used to it.
    Unless some nutjob Sheik takes a fancy for an Israeli loving support then it will be business as usual for eternity.
    The only slim chance is if you nurtured a quality street gang from Murray Park.
    But the conveyor belt of class youth players belongs to the east end of this city.

  6. If I was in charge at ibrox and my future was uncertain as murty I would read the riot act on the whole bloody team it may convince the powers that be to keep me the whole squad have being under performing some more than others and those should be worried about their futures those who are performing should be getting a hold of those under performing stars and kicking their backsides managers should stamp their authority on their team without fear of upsetting egos who think they are bigger than they are come on boys waken up and start playing as one unit not as a bunch of individuals we are suppose to be a team.

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