Has out of touch board made one gaffe too many?


There is no denying the board is under serious pressure now. Having made a massive call to ban Lee Wallace and Kenny Miller, their every move is now being scrutinised even more than usual, and their every word dissected.

Which is why director Alastair Johnston’s recent comments screamed of a man completely out of touch with fans and of an ill-judged attempt to smooth waters over which backfired horrible.

His implication was that Rangers are not only grateful to be where we are, but in fact are ahead of schedule, or ‘curve’ as he put it.

To say such comments haven’t gone down well with fans is an understatement, and  given the depths the club has plummeted recently, it was an astonishingly foolish testimony to deliver.

He said:

“In terms of looking forward from where we were four or five years ago at the bottom, the progress that has been gradually made, we are probably ahead of the curve in reality if we finish second or third. Hopefully, the curve will be fast but it is still going to be gradual, it is not going to happen overnight.”

If we are to be generous to him, he said ‘if’ we finish second or third. But given the absolute shambles going on in Govan these days, it really was a poorly  timed statement because right now fans don’t consider our club to be on any upwards curve at all, never mind ahead of one.

Even if the club miraculously clinches second, or even third, it will have been despite all the chaos around us, not through any outstanding progress.

What is clear is directors are frequently out of touch, out of the loop, and try to placate fans with comments like these to reassure them – what they don’t realise is pure honesty is more welcome.

Saying ‘we’re not where we need to be but we intend to fix it over the coming months’ before detailing some plans would go down far more positively than just saying ‘don’t panic, all is well’.

Many say this board has served its purpose and it’s time to move on. With two appalling statements in a row from King, then this from AJ, it’s not hard to see why.


  1. Well thats just it, isn't it – there is no evidence that the current board have any sort of plan whatsoever. They are basically winging it and hoping for the best; as evidenced by the complete lack of progress on any front; and the gambles they took in appointing the breadman, Pedro and Murty as manager.

    While this board is in place the only thing we can expect is much more of the same embarassment – living hand to mouth every season, gambling our season ticket income on sub-standard dross, lurching from one crisis to another as Celtic cruise off into the distance with all the CL money going. The only conclusion is that Dave King and his not so merry men are NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE; and should never have been able to get control of the club in the first palce. How to hell are we supposed to attact outside investors when we have toxic Dave, a bona-fide tax-cheat, and all round loose cannon at the helm? We need a Fergus MacCann type; someone with a vision and the business acumen to attract serious investors with deep pockets. Noone who in that category will ever do business with a crooked sob like DK.

    At this point though, King's dug in deep finnancially and will never budge until he recoups his investment; which realistically might be never! In short, we're fucking screwed for the foreseeable future unless some kind of revolution takes place to oust the useless fucks who currently occupy the blue room.

  2. Really surprised at this, he usually talks alot of sense. I wish someone would ask him where we would be if the board hadn't continually ballsed up the managerial position. We are not ahead of any curve and we won't be until they get that key position sorted!

  3. The board has served its purpose and ahem, so has GM. As one who has been happy to stand by our manager i feel it is his inexperience which has lead to this serious unrest with the players. He has played his part and gained a lot of knowledge with which he can take to another club. King and co would be wise to keep the fans updated with the events going on at our club, it cannot be internal, it is our club. Remember transparency? A lighter note on your last piece Wenger would be my ideal manager but remember the last french manager?

  4. We probably are ahead of the curve, depends which ball you look at, it is certainly not a football. In some ways the board have worked wonders, in fact, miracles. If you were Mr K or Mr J then, they know exactly what to do and say, it is all one big smoke screen from Mr K. He has used his image as a True Blue to good effect. So if you think he is great for the club, we are on a winner, not me, this utter carnage that we are hit with every few months needs to stop, but wait I can stop it myself, I just wont watch it any more, there much much better now J

  5. We are actually doing well. Considering how bad things have been over the last two years and 3/4 bad managers in a row. The fact we can still finish 2nd is incredible. Or just shows how bad the rest are

  6. We are in 2nd place. That would be considered progress at start of season. We have new kit deal. King mess about to be sorted( and don’t get me started on how corrupt many in legal and professional classes are) and new new share issue around corner. Boards mistake has been managerial appointments. But then 2 years ago the Breadman was a hero. King , through gritted teeth supported him. Pedro was bad appointment as was Murty. But Murty was buying them time. Loans in January and maybe Murty would have made it. He hasn’t but we will have decent war chest for summer. Choice of Manager is critical. But who is available and who would want job? Not easy for board.

    • Very good point about Warburton and his contract extension. Almost every man and his dug baught into the 55 after promotion ( deluded ). I mean Murty almost got within touching distance of them only 4 wks or so back so we’re getting closer…
      We’ve no idea what timescale they’ve got on their plan back to the top have we. If Bears are saying we’re 2 yrs behind then I’m not drinking enough…

  7. Totally agree. Everybody seems to blame the board, I don't think they have done alot wrong other than the Pedro appointment. They backed him with cash but the guy was useless. This next appointment is vital and it can't be a gamble, we need an established experienced manager…then we will be ahead of the curve in every aspect!

    • The thing is both warburton and Pedro were appointed from recommendations from
      Ex players… good players at that. Is pritty much what we would expect them to do

  8. I agree 100%. Deep down our problems were reasons for administration. Followed by appointment of Green by administrators. Trust me where there is administration there is corruption. Start with Bank. Then HMRC. Then Whyte. Then Administrators. Then Green. Then Lawyers who have pursued King needlessly. King is in his own life not without sin. But he has put in a huge amount of money himself. By June all this nonsense should be behind us. A new manager and new money. Hope board get it right this time. But choosing manager is not easy.

    • So basically because King put a lot of money into the Club he should be above the law? And if you ever stop blaming everyone else for anything that happened then the buck stops at David Murray and recently King who hasn't put anything of substance into the Club financially , even the most recent promise of money turned out to be a loan from Close Brothers.

    • Above the law? I take your point. But let’s start with Murray. He introduced EBTs. On advice of lawyers. HMRC then decided on advice of lawyers that EBTs were illegal. However 2 courts upheld EBTs. Finally another court ruled that they were illegal. Get my drift? Lawyers make a fortune telling people what they want to hear. It seems common cause that King lost £20m when Murray was in charge. But he is a shareholder and has loaned money to club which is about to be turned. Into shares. So he will have invested a lot more. Exactly how much I can’t calculate. And I don’t know who Close brothers are. So maybe he has borrowed money to lend to Rangers and will return it.

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