Gerrard, Tavernier and the rest – the latest from Ibrox


Another day, another eventful 24 hours at Ibrox. Most Bears are pretty much glued to the airwaves to find any nugget of news going down Govan way, and today is no different.

The latest on Steven Gerrard is the 37-year old Liverpool legend is said to be currently in Glasgow negotiating terms of management. It appears yesterday’s slaughter at the hands of Celtic did little to dent his interest in the job, and if Rangers can fulfil his demands, this one could well get pushed through even before the end of the week.

The biggest curiosity is that money and budget are NOT meant to be conditions, and that Rangers and Gerrard are on the same page on that. As for what the terms actually under discussion are, well your guess is as good as ours, folks. Conjecture would suggest league position targets, silverware expectations, and how much control he would have over signing choices.

Meanwhile James Tavernier emerged as an Everton target over recent days, with the current Rangers captain once again being linked down south. However, the Toffees are said to be in competition with Burnley and Swansea, and with that kind of suitor, Rangers can certainly expect several million for him should those three be serious with their interest.

Expect a tweet from Tavernier in due course denying any desire to leave.

In other news, after Scott Arfield reportedly sealed his pre-contract to Ibrox, fellow EPL target James McArthur’s switch to Govan is looking more doubtful following reports that Crystal Palace are ready to offer him a new deal to remain in London. It had seemed likely that the boyhood Rangers fan was going to follow suit and sign a pre-contract, but recent news has thrown a spanner in those works and Rangers may lose out.

It does seem like this season is going out with a whimper and has been written off already by everyone at Ibrox. Hopefully we finally get on the right track by the summer.


  1. Anyone think he could train and captain the side for a season? now that would be a headline. still relatively young.can't be less fitter than pena or niko?Lead from the front, that i could handle

  2. Is there any truth that Irish billionaire Denis o'Brien is involved in a proposed takeover, he rivals Dermot Desmond and is apparently willing to go head to head on the football field. He is said to be a great friend of Stevie Gerrard

  3. The club need to get the manager appointed in the next 24 hrs or risk a backlash and silence the doubters for the time being.

    The new manager needs to get on with the job immediately, starting with a a meeting of all players and coaches where he outlines his Evie’s and expectations for the last 3 games which will define our European Qualification in 2 months time.

    Get him in and started now and don’t give me any bullshit about close season or Murty’s promise to the end of the season. The situation is dire and needs addressing NOW.

  4. Lets hope the board got it right this time and appoint Stevie G and not Honey G ffs
    Yes i agree needs to be brought in asap to try and salvage any hope of european spot
    If not 4th place for us

  5. Anyone who believes the reason for the hold up is not financial assurances needs their heads looked at .
    It's obvious we don't have one player good enough to compete against Celtic.
    So full clear out is required yet again .

  6. I’m still trying to get my swede round it all..

    Murty must be hurting badly too as his name has taking a battering this last month ( bad formations and Team selections aside ). King didn’t do Murty any favours with the timing of the Club statement regards next season ( no excuse ). Murty lost the dressing room as he’s simply to pally with some and has his favourites. The buck stops with the players and it shouldn’t as they’ve been rank fucking rotten but they simply don’t give a fuck!

    I’d have every ex Ger that could make it at their next training session and read them the riot act. He might not be everybody’s choice but Stevie G won’t accept that pish they produced the last few wks..

    While we’re at sack the fucking useless PR Team at Ibrox as they’re equally as bad and inept as the players on the park.,

    Least work the day took my mind of the shite that we witnessed yesterday…

  7. Be better giving Kenny miller the job he's been taking training and helping with the youth he knows Scottish football

  8. The silence coming from Ibrox is deafening, Murty should have been shown the door the day, no in fact fucking booted right out it along with the team, l keep hearing this crap about £50 M that we will need, what is Mr Suinty Eye Lying Bastard King going to find it, recycle his old ginger bottles from his flat in Castlemilk, ive never been more embarrassed to be a bluenose, its a fucking shambles, im going over to Ibrox all day to sit to see if SG is here, l wouldn't hold my breath to be honest, enough is enough, no more fucking hard earned pennies from me, will blow the £500 on a gorgeous hooker, will get more satisfaction from her and her lies will be more believable which comes from Ibrox

  9. We are suffering from the backlash of the season we were promoted into the First division. McCoist brought in players, rated at the time, like Sheils, Clark, Daly, the Australian guy McKay, etc., these players and others replaced the youth players 100%, allowing MacKay, McLeod, Thomson and others to go on loan or drop back into the youth set up and we know that season we went undefeated. That was our first failure, we should have cherry picked a few players from the Championship, players like Scott Arfield, James McArthur and looked to up and coming promising players like Stevie May, Ryan Jack and first and foremost defenders. Jumping forwards, look at two centre half’s we let go; Darren McGregor player of the year then let go, Clint Hill a nominee for player of the year and most recent Danny Wilson and David Bates leaving, this marks a serious issue going on at Ibrox.
    For seasons now we have moaned about defenders we have who aren’t up for it, I named a few who were, we have also mossed about failures in the full back position; Wallace is fabulous bombing forward but constantly failed to stop crosses and for his height a poor header of the ball and Tavernier although improved slightly on defending this season has been poor in defence.
    After McCoist we had Warburton, if only he wasn’t so stubborn being a one trick pony, he might still be with us, but sticking with plan ‘A’ cost us dearly. We then move onto Pedro, what can I say that hasn’t already been said? He was given a reasonable sum of cash to spend, made a few good buys, Jack, Morelos Andy maybe Candias, Alves should have been but looks like he just came for the money.
    In the gaps between managers we had Kenny McDowell, Stuart McCall, Lee McCulloch and Graeme Murty as caretakers, all this has contributed on the park to where we are today.
    Some blame the board for their decisions as they are the ones who appointed the managers, I won’t disagree there but with the exception of three of the caretakers, they had no budget or choice in bringing players into the club, all the Managers plus to a lesser extent but he has to apportion some of the blame Murty are the culprits for the failure to recruit players we need.
    We have the weakest physical side ever in a Rangers shirt, totally outmuscled by the physicality in defence, midfield and up front.
    So Steve Gerrard should he be our next boss mould the team in the Liverpool side he played in, with people of the same physical presence he and the likes of Carracher had, maybe not in their calibre but their mental attitude to winning and their physicality.
    As said already, could he get himself fit and register to play, at 37 he might not have the legs for 90 minutes, but good for an hour or 30 minutes if needed.
    He still has to be confirmed, let us hope Hevesy doesn’t become the second person offered the job and do as Derek McInnes did!

  10. If their is Interest in Tavernier from Teams Like Everton/Swansea etc we should be probably be looking for around £4-£5million 🤔⚽💙

    • As much as i like tav i would accept an offer, never a RB would b more suited n the middle similar to the holt role, winning balls and drive forward almost like legohead.

  11. Alan I agree with much of whaat you say. However the one constant throughout the last three years is the present Board and the one certainty is that they are catastrophic in the selection of a top Rangers manager. Steve Clarke is an outstanding candidate yet they are off down the M6 talking to a newbie under 18's coach.
    Nothing against the guy but I will be happy if Gerrard knocks the job back and even happier if the Board resign.

  12. £4 or £5 million Stevo??Really??Did you watch the game yesterday?Tav can’t defend. Imagine him up against Sterling,Salah or Hazzard?

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