Did Rangers star ignore Graeme Murty?


There wasn’t a LOT of good in Rangers’ win over Hearts today – it was a better display than last weekend, but that would not be hard.

The players did do as this site suggested and seemed to up their level for the fans at least – albeit 150 Edmiston Drive was an absolute morgue in terms of atmosphere and the players had to create it themselves.

And to give them their due, while the quality of fare on display was patchy, there was no lack of effort from the home side and while we want our Rangers teams to be good, we critically ask at least that they try.

And they did a bit more today. And that got the fans going a lot more as the game advanced. Fans won’t just cheer for utter dross, and need to be inspired by what they see.

But this entry would like to focus on one performer who might not exactly have had his greatest day in a Rangers shirt, but it was certainly by far his best since returning from injury and he may have done it by mostly ignoring his manager.

Graham Dorrans might have been on the team sheet as partnering Jason Holt in defensive midfield, but the 30-year old more or less went with his own script and covered box to box, and as us fans have been screaming for, played far more to his own strengths than he has seemingly done since returning from his absence.

Quite honestly you could even argue it was a sign of disrespect to his manager that he basically elected to go forward and create way more than usual, because that is not what he’s been doing since he came back, and unless Murty dramatically changed his role today, he decided enough was enough and used the ball far better than he’s seemingly been allowed to do.

Time and time again he was picking out runners on either flank, with beautifully lofted balls which got behind the Hearts defence repeatedly. Admittedly many of these came to nothing such was the Gorgie side’s stubbornness in defence, but Dorrans was providing a lot of the ammo.

He also made plenty of inroads forward and found himself on the edge of the box plenty of times, which is the place he can do damage – and that is more like the player we signed.

It is hard to know what Dorrans’ best position truly is – he is creative, but not quick, he has vision, but not a lot of strength, and he can score, but he’s not often advanced enough to do it a lot.

But he has quality and intelligence – and a lot of both.

If we have done Murty a disservice and Dorrans was given license to roam, we retract the earlier sentiments – but whatever the cause, it was good to see a bit more of the Dorrans we know he can be.


  1. Theres no doubt he’s lost the dressing room, was obvious from the players. But I’m happy if the players can organise them self and get the wins.the biggest games is Aberdeen and hibs, beat both of them and we can get 2nd

  2. Think it was telling the way Candeias ran right past Murty after his goal ignoring him and urged the players to come over to Halliday. Think Murty has definitely lost the dressing room but let's hope the players can motivate and organise themselves enough to stop them winning the title against us next week.

  3. If Murty has lost the dressing room then the players have lost the plot – performing for themselves rather than the fans and the manager. The fact that the players at least tackled today only highlights the extent to which they downed tools last weekend in one of the biggest games of the season. Yes he had a good game today but for me Candeias would not have been anywhere near the team after last week’s incomp[etent and petulant display. While I have always said that Murty was out of his depth as manager of Rangers – I genuinly feel sorry for the man. He’s come in and done his best while for a few months bringing some stability and dignity back to the team. It is unfortunate that it has now imploded – but it is wholly unfair r to blame Murty. The fault lies with the Board and in particular King. Before both Old Firm games there was a particular view amongst many on here that Murty should be made the permanent manager. Now after last week’s debacle the abuse is unsavory. You can’t have it both ways IN – you blame Murty for Dorrans performance last week, and commend Dorrans for his display today in ignoring his managers instructions. If he ignored Murty today – why not last week when as an experienced player he could see things were going badly wrong. Or perhaps he was simply following Murty’s instructions on both occasions.

  4. Re Candeias grow up! Yes he was petulant but, like the rest of the players, he has no respect for Murty. And please,don't give me the guff that a player must respect his manager – no matter what. In the real world managers like,any other type of boss, need to earn respect! They don't get it handed to them on a plate! And by his tactics and team selection/formation Murty didn't earn any respect from his players. And Candeias, like all the players apparently, was livid with how Murty handled the substition of Halliday: as I was!

  5. Murty has lost the Dressing Room!
    Glad Dorrans ignored GMs Instructions
    It was Great to Watch 🤓⚽👍💙

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