Dave King drops big hint about his own Rangers future


Rangers chairman Dave King has hinted today that he has no intention of leaving Rangers any time soon, following his confirmation that he is staying until Rangers are back at the top.

The chief director at Ibrox was making his annual ST plea, but dropped a large suggestion that any supporters considering his regime to be faltering and running on empty may have to wait a long time before he moves on.

He said:

“Rangers is synonymous with winning and I want to repeat my commitment that neither I, nor any of the other directors, will consider our work complete until Rangers has been restored to the top of our game.”

If anyone was ever hoping for a Russian billionaire or a change of hands at the top, this dispels those notions.

Of course, that’s based on him telling the whole truth, and he isn’t exactly furnished with a history of being entirely honest.


  1. l find it hard that anything King says is the truth, wish him and Dougie Park and Co would get to fuck, we will never get back to the top whilst they are still there, l for one would have Ashley back, l know not many would agree with me but he could and would provide the necessary clout

    • Clearly, you are either a mug or one of them if you think Ashley would have done anything other than rape our club, "clout" dont make me laugh ffs get your head out your arse

    • I Agree with you BB about Park and King leaving
      …I Don't think they are fit to Run Rangers Either
      I strongly disagree about Mike Ashley taking the Job
      …He would Kill Rangers

      …Look at what hes Done to Newcastle ???
      Gone from being a top 10 team to relegated every other year.

    • Excuse me king has restored ibrox to its glory the place was a bloody mess or when was the last time you visited. It takes time to get top top players. So get a grip

    • ashley got to f**k when he realised the MIGHTY were a different proposition from newcastle.The big hoose will always be safe with a support like ours, we are THE GUARDIANS .

  2. Only time will tell but more mediocrity like we have seen for a number of seasons now might force his hand! We need a manager with a winning mentality, not a guy that can coach youngsters but struggles against quality opposition. We also need a team of winners that will fight and die for the jersey. We are still a good few short of that!

    • Aye we are short at the back. We need two solid defenders. Martin and bruno too slow I'm afraid. Molares and Cummings will come good I'm sure if murty doesn't get the job. At least make him a no 2

  3. I said last week that we need to see Mr King either putting something big on to the table or he has to go – I just find his manner to be very much like he thinks he has done a lot, when in fact the money we are using is coming from others – not him. I realise he may have spent money behind the scenes and not directly on players, but I am pretty sure its still not anywhere close to the £30 million that he said he would invest.

    • Robert there’s no one willing to put up the money that mr king or the rest of the board have put up

    • Seriously mate – people have looked and it might look a bit better but not 30 million quid better.

    • Mr King says the board will invest, aye, the season ticket money. A lot of blarney prior to season ticket renewals but nothing to shout when Rangers young fans are bottled and fans are denegrated from pillar to post. The longer this incumbents are in situ the longer we have to put up with mediocrity. As for the word " RAPIDLY " Gies a break.

  4. Ask any Newcastle fan whether we should have Ashley involved. Do you not remember the previous board? Wise up.

  5. Let's be realistic…King and the 3 Bears saved Rangers from those Bastards that had infiltrated our great club . Ashley is gone thank God and hopefully when DK does the share offer the Easdales and all the other No faced Non Rangers twats will sell up and leave. I say again Murty has to go …Good ST sales and a New Kit Deal will move us forward then the Share Issue ….Lets Remeber our opposition in Scotland will only ever be the Rotten Mob on the field ..off the field it's all of the rest too !!!!

    • the share issue if there is one will only pay off the soft loans. there's won't be any money left to invest in the team. They will need to sell about 64,000,000 shares just to settle the soft loans
      Until king & the rest fuck off we will be stuck watching the same shit every season.

  6. 1. The Board & Murty have to Go
    2. Get Rid of the Deadwood
    (Pena, Rossiter, MOH etc)

    3. Lets get our Rangers Back!!! 👍💙

  7. The blind king groupie3with the standard Ashley defence. I Dave is a lying crook but at keadt hes a Rabmngers froo and froo lying crook.Now give him your money so he can save the club again

  8. BlueBear away and take yer face for a shite cause you’re talking through yer arse!

    Ashley you’re having a fucking giraffe…

  9. Ashley’s cronies had or club for the best part of the year. All that happened was everything was cut back and any money left disappeared. Let’s not for get the whole loan incidents either. Anyone grumbling about king not giving enough money need to either get money out there own pockets or shut up… our club runs at a deficite yet we spent almost 8million last summer and a bit more in January. And that doesn’t include the million or so we paid for Pedro, or the money king and co used to buy the shares. And now he has had to give 11million for the shares. Yes he will get most of it back since no one will sell at bellow value except possibly the Easdales.

    And now all king has said is he wants a winning manager in charge. If the club was ran like some on here want we’d have had alladice or padrew In in January…. don’t think I need to add anything regarding those two

  10. 1. Would it be correct to assume that ibrox noise does not like Dave King?
    2. What do you think of the rest of the board?

  11. He has already lost £20m. He has said that his current loans will be converted into shares and his family trust has been forced to offer another £11m to current shareholders. By my calculation he is £40m down on investing in Rangers. Rangers have been screwed by a bunch of criminals in in legal world. We never criticise lawyers or judges but trust me many of them are not squeaky clean. We never have had it explained who decided to set HMRC against Rangers. In the event lawyers have made a fortune arguing the toss. Sad that we got into bets but we did on legal advice. A new share issue is required not a rich billionaire and us fans should buy shares ourselves or through Club 1872.

    • £40 million, are you having a laugh or just stupid. First of all he got £15m back from the £20m he gave to Murray. It came out in his court case in SA.
      He has not actually put the £11million aside to buy the shares yet. So there is £26 million of the £40 million you think king has put in.
      He has loaned the club £6.4 million, but according to the club accounts he will be getting that back in July 2019.
      If it was Ashley who was treating the club & fans the way King is he would have been hounded out the club by now. But because he was a Rangers supporter growing up we put up with his shite

  12. “Ashley”!, ‘slit my wrists’, DK has laid out serious money , albeit, it will be returned, “Apples will grow again”, in time, hopefully before the big “10.

  13. The 3 Bears were The F A N S

    He said he wouldn't spend money we don't have anymore and he hasn't.

    It was always going to take a lot if years.

    But compared Before and Now

    Its not brilliant. But it's a shitload better than pre Ashley.

    He ruined Newcastle

    We need investors
    A new Manager unless we get 2nd AND Scottish Cup success Then GM would be a total success. But only if.

    Finally, when are our fans going to realise that the atmosphere at Home is shocking.
    Yes the football ain't great.
    But we are still in 2nd just now Despite playing in front if 50000 managers

    Armchair Fans who don't go. Shhhh

  14. Well.
    Everyone having a pop at King.
    If anybody's got a spare 300m please step up.
    We are where we are and King was there when nobody else was,chased Ashley and the other scum.
    Looking forward to the summer me, he will hand Frank a healthy kitty in the summer.
    The whole of Ibrox will be bright Orange real soon!!!

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