Chaos: why the SPFL must hang their heads in shame…


 Article by: Richard

There is no match in the world that brings out so much bitterness, hostility and bile within the ranks of the Rangers and Celtic supporters towards each other, and this Sunday’s potential title winning match at Celtic Park will be extremely difficult for our fans to swallow.

It could so easily have been avoided, if the SPFL hadn’t been so clueless!

Due to the Hibernian 2-1 win at Easter Road against the average east enders, Celtic now have the opportunity to celebrate winning another league title in front of the Rangers away fans at Celtic Park, much to the distain of the greatest supporters in the world.

It is the last scenario the light blue legions wanted to witness! What were the SPFL thinking about? Were any of the committee thinking about all the different consequences leading up to this match? Obviously not! They are not fit for purpose.

There was always the chance Hibs went into the home game against Celtic on the back of a nine game unbeaten run since their last defeat that has catapulted them into one of the favourites to gain the second or third place ahead of Rangers and Aberdeen.

Normally we would be delighted with Hibs beating the other Glasgow team, but when they are chasing for 2nd or 3rd place, personally I was disappointed with the result. For the first time in my life – I wanted Celtic to do enough in Edinburgh to win the inevitable league title and take Hibs out of beating Rangers to a European place finish.

Scheduling Celtic to go to Easter Road first in a bid to avoid the potential of an explosive Old Firm Derby as a title clincher summarises the lack of thought by the administrators of the Scottish league in the first place.  It is further proof that they must all be replaced by people who have more understanding of the league and much more common sense.

If the SPFL were so incompetent and desperate for Celtic to win the League in opposition to any other side other than Rangers, there were much better alternatives than to send them to face Hibs at Easter Road under ex-Celtic manager Neil Lennon, against the hardest side they have faced all season.

Two hard fought 2-2 draws that almost saw a very lucky Celtic team lose either fixture followed by a narrow 1-0 win at Celtic Park in January was evidence that Hibs were more than capable of ensuring Celtic’s title party didn’t happen in their ground last Saturday.

When you add our historical contempt for our Celtic opponents, and if we lose this week’s game, out will come all the vitriolic songs and the often shown downright hatred towards each other.

Absolute chaos.


  1. I can't be sure if they are incompetent or biased, but they are definitely one or the other.
    Anybody could have foreseen that the Hibs Celtic result was possible by looking at their encounters this season. So schedule the Old firm game for the third or even better the fourth fixture after the split, when there is nothing to play for. People will still watch, it's the Old Firm. But no potential flashpoint.

    So why not? Because they wanted it – or they are completely incompetent. I think someone should ask them.

  2. Its Gonna be Messy on The Park and Messy Off It 🤔⚽


  3. What were Glasgow's finest doing while all this was going on,anybody with a hole in their bum new what was going to happen when those fixtures were announced.once again we just sit back and accept it.

  4. Unfortunately the whole country is now run by tims including the sfa. You can't complain whilst using your vote to condone it

  5. Would people being saying the same if we could win it at Ibrox and the roles were reversed ? Probably not .

  6. There will be more problems on and off the pitch if we WIN the game, as opposed to losing it! They could not handle getting beat in such an important game against us!

  7. It is stupid to suggest that ames should be organised based on possible/probable results. If Celtic weren't so far ahead it could have gone right to the end of the season and, in theory, still could. So when exactly should the game have been arranged for? I find it hard to beleieve that so-called Rangers fans (including IN) can get uptight at things that have no relevance.

  8. They had to try accomadate rod's shedule ffs, f**k when walter was in charge he could nae et time aff a taw haha!

  9. I don’t think this was careless or a lack of thought. I think the Peter Lawwell Corporation otherwise known as the SPFL knew exactly what they were doing when they put the fixtures together. They had to make it look to the police that they had tried to avoid the title being won against Rangers while ensuring that Brenda got exactly what he wanted – so they sent them to lie down to Lennon’s Hibs first (also giving Lennon a legs up towards second place in the process). The whole thing is a sham. If they had really wanted to avoid this scenario they could have pushed the Old Firm game to second last of the season when the title would have already been secured. The whole thing is shameful and designed to further humiliate our club. I only hope that our players find some spine and scrap for everything!

  10. Wouldn't surprise me if they gave Hibs a break in order to stuff us and win the league at home. Despite what he’s been saying recently GM has not been learning, or at least not fast enough.

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