“Celtic will win the title. But not here, not today…”


“Celtic will win the title. But not here, not today.”

Those were Brian Laudrup’s prophetic words in 2012 when Celtic had a chance to win the league in Govan. Rangers were falling into collapse, and we didn’t know what the future held.

That Rangers team strode out on the Ibrox turf and put in a true Rangers shift, winning out 3-2. Nothing was going to stop Rangers from preventing the worst-case scenario, and the players showed up, rolled their sleeves up, and prevented the inevitable.

Rangers need to call on that spirit again after Celtic’s loss at Easter Road today. Depending on results, Celtic could well clinch it next weekend at Parkhead against us, and there is simply no way we can allow that to happen.

Of course, should Rangers (and Aberdeen) fail to win this weekend, unless our maths are way off, that effectively gifts Celtic the title anyway despite their loss to Hibs, given their head to head against all three is superior, their goal difference way better and they’ll be 12 points ahead of all with 12 points left to play for. They can lose every remaining match and Rangers and Aberdeen have to win the lot and they’d still win the title.

Feel free to correct us if we’re off base there.

Nevertheless, no matter what, this Rangers team cannot allow Celtic to win the league next weekend against us.

It is heresy, it is unacceptable, and it cannot happen.

We accept they’ve as good as won it already, but it cannot be confirmed against Rangers, and we will find out tomorrow whether Graeme Murty’s week from hell is a thing of the past and the man is ready to make the right changes and the players ready to finally play and at least keep the champagne on ice.

We don’t know what Rangers have got left in the tank. We don’t know if this group of players will put a shift in for their manager but the fans deserve better, and we do not need to gift Celtic the title on their patch.

Rangers haven’t won against Celtic in 90 minutes since that fateful day six years ago – it is the worst run between the Old Firm in history. Rangers’ squad may need to defy every sinew telling us they won’t win in order to pull off a monumental upset.

Frankly, we expect no less.


  1. More chance of my Aunty being my Uncle than the Team having the guts to pull it off at Parkhead.. But we can live in hope eh lads..

    I do think we can beat Hearts but there must be a marked improvement with formation and tactics…

  2. If that is the case and they want to put it over on us again,then we can spoil the party for them winning the league if we went down to hearts,we could go there and LOL at them that would be one way to do it,but we can beat hearts and then be real men and beat them on there own turf and walk with our heads held high

  3. As much as I want to be confident…
    I can see us getting Beat by them again 😣⚽

    Hope we get a win tomorrow too! 💙⚽

  4. Once again Scottish Football does it's usual !!! What a carve up today at Easter Rd …Joke !!! They can't make it anymore obvious that they all want us to fail !!! It should drive us on even more to overcome

    • Carve up? Eh? What the fuck are you on about? Hibs deserved their win and have looked like taking points off Celtic all season. They've taken plenty off us as well. Aberdeen have been just as good as us this season.

  5. selik fan says to me the day, im gled we lost a want hibs tae finish 2nd. thank f**k im a bluenose.

  6. we could f**k them up by lying down and go to tintoon wae nae presssure and f**k them, as the hivs and sheep will drop points. It's just no the rangers way tho. There better be nae guard of honour if it goes against us!

  7. Murty won't want to spoil his daddys party, so sit back for more poor team selection decisions as well as the usual inept tactical nous. Daddy will be proud, again!, not only lying down with a by into the final of the cup, but to totally humiliate us by getting trashed in their own piggery. Should have sacked Murty after the semi! and spare me "its no his fault" crap, he trains and picks the team and tactics,,so aye, it is!!

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