Brendan Rodgers buries his head in the sand…


Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers has indirectly encouraged violence in Scottish society by staggeringly endorsing a repeat of the scenario of 1999’s Old Firm shame game where Rangers won the title at Parkhead before the home crowd lost the plot.

The Celtic boss believes his men should be allowed to play against Rangers for the fixture which will win the Parkhead side the title, but in a bizarre show of being out of touch with reality, seems unaware of the gravity of the very reason why such things will never happen again in Scotland if the power is there to prevent it.

He said:

“I think it’s sad for Scottish football and it’s sad for society in Scotland. In probably any other country in the world, they would look to play the game and showcase your football and country on telly – whether it was Real Madrid v Barcelona, Manchester United v Manchester City or AC Milan v Inter. But for some reason we can’t do that here which is a sad indictment of the world that it is here at times. But if it’s one they want to do, then they should do it and put it at an appropriate kick-off time and trust that people can behave themselves and play the game and show it as a great advert for Scottish football. Don’t bury your head in the sand and hope things don’t happen.”

For a Northern Irishman well aware of Scottish football and the goldfish bowl of Glasgow, his remarks are absolutely astonishing and show an incredible ignorance of what happened in the 90s when multiple arrests were made, Hugh Dallas was struck by a coin by livid home fans, one fell from the stands, and general chaos led to one of the most shameful afternoons in Scottish football history, all because home supporters couldn’t handle what had just happened.

In reality, this must never be allowed to happen again – and to encourage events which caused it to be repeated, Rodgers has demonstrated an incredible disregard for common sense and indeed human life in the name of pointscoring and bragging.

He added:

“Let’s live and learn. I know they are trying to avoid what happened in 1999 but it’s been a long time since then. You have to show that football and society has changed for the better and you can make it work. Hopefully they will do that – if that’s what they want to do and not just try and avoid it. Scotland is a wonderful country with passionate supporters so make it a great advert – let’s not run away from it.”

He is actually right that it is sad that it’s the case, but he can blame his own supporters for that. He is also right that it’s a long time since then; it’s a lot worse now, with far more toxic things having happened in Glasgow, Scotland and Britain since then to make people even angrier now than they were at the end of the 90s.

We wouldn’t ever want Rangers to win the title at Celtic ever again either, incidentally – it is simply asking for trouble.


  1. This is all about trying to rub our noses in it, nothing more. For Brenda to try and masquerade it as anything more noble or righteous is wrong; his comments have nothing to do with improving the game here in Scotland, it's all about potentially winning the league with a win over Rangers.

    And while I'm on my high horse, I hope he's called Tommy Wright recently to apologise for accusing Saints of only raising their game in high-profile matches, as it's fairly obvious that Celtic themselves are guilty of only raising their game against Rangers, given how much they've gone off the boil recently.

  2. It’s not just rangers and Celtic though. A lot of other country’s have had the same problems over the year. Though souness in turkey has got to be top of the list 😂

  3. wonder if it was rangers winning the title at ibrox? hes just trying to stir it up before the semi final.hes just got a small brain.

  4. He cant help himself he has already picked the scotland team advised who should be the Rangers manager and the Scotland manager he also advises the compliant officer and said who will be the player of the year He is a complete idiot but not that daft to come and manage in a league that suits his ability no pressure guaranteed europe every year and getting well paid for it No way is he going back to the ultra competitive EPL where he failed miserably he knows which side his bread is buttered on

  5. I had alot of respect for Rodgers when he 1st came up here, he conducted himself very professionally and showed everyone respect but hes gradually turned into a typical 1 of them! Constantly talking about other teams, questioning their professionalism, trying to influence other clubs players punishments etc and now this? It's his clubs fans fault, can you imagine if we spoiled their party? Could they be trusted to behave themselves? Very doubtful.

    • My opinion of Rodgers had followed the exact same course as your opinion has.
      Thought he was dignified initially. How wrong I was

  6. this is not a title decider this is his chance to win the league against us and rub our noses in it, a decider is when it can go either way, if we were going to win the league by a mile would he be saying to let us win it against celtic for the sake of scottish football and scottish society? i dont think so, these games dont need any more blood baiting from either side, tell him to work the nightshift in a & e after the game and see how it works, the mans an idiot and its time our board got somebody in to show how poor he actually is, 4.5 for gamboa? 2.8 for eboussi or whatever his name is, no questions asked because hes winning against no competition

  7. Rodgers is a Clown!
    Wish he wud fk off bk to England

    Obviously doesnt understand the Rivalry
    And if it were to happen like it did in 99' …I think someone would be killed this time 😕

    • Someone would be killed!Do you honestly believe that stevo?I think we should calm down it’s a fu**ing FOOTBALL match.

  8. He's quite right? Your an imbecile Tim. How on earth is it a decider ? It's a chance to rub our noses in it nothing more. The man is not very savvy is he? Fuck me he doesn't even try to hide how thick he actually is

  9. I just wonder if he would be coming out with the same appeal if Rangers were at the top of the league??,,hmmmmmmm,, Nope!!

  10. A Rangers v Celtic match as a title decider is ridiculous and potentially dangerous. So many of our fans were stupid enough to run into the pitch when Hibs won the cup,I doubt the same morons would be able to control themselves if Celtic won.

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