Bates: “I still want to play for Rangers”


Following his shock move to Bundesliga giants Hamburger SV, David Bates has tonight confused things further by confirming he still wants to play for Rangers.

At least till the end of the season.

In a fine example of ‘have your cake and eat it’ syndrome, the 21-year old stopper claimed no one would turn the move from the biggest team in Scotland to relegation-threatened Hamburger down, and said he hoped to still play a part at Ibrox before the season is out.

He said:

“Hopefully I can get back fit enough to help in some way to finish as high as possible.”

Very kind of him. Not only are Rangers just not appealing to him any more in favour of an effective Bundesliga 2 side, but he is kind enough to want to help his employers out before he moves on.

No thanks.

Bates is just one of the latest in a long line of players to burn this club. And he won’t be the last.


  1. its not richard gough leaving rangers or paul mccartney leaving the beates, its david bates, good luck to him in his future career, i was never his biggest fan anyway but its up to the new manager (whoever he is) to bring in a better replacement, and a better replacement for alves, martin, pena, herrera etc

  2. Obviously wasn't offered what he thought he was worth at Ibrox. Compared to Alves, Pena. Herrera, Cardoso et al he was probably correct in that assumption.

  3. Good luck to him he is going to need it in my opinion he was never going to be a mainstay in our team if you look at who he needed to be better than Alves Martin and Cardoso not a lot to surpass Aidan Wilson will become a better asset than him Wilson has more composure and skill than bates Bates put in some good performances but he is a more reactive than proactive defender

  4. Won’t be missed been the best out of a bad bunch this season.tbh we’ve missed a turn not getting Berra when he was available as start of season good experienced left sided centre half no one bn better in spl apart from maybe young mkenna

  5. Good Riddance!
    He should remember where we plucked him from?? 🤔
    …Glad we are shot of him anyways, he was Pish plain and simple

    Germanys 2nd Division will probably suit him in a similar way to Raith 😂👍

  6. Not bothered about him going, I'm hoping were going to have 2 better centres halfs than anyone we have there just now with the exception of mccorrie, so let him go he 'll not last 4 years over there .move forward with players that want to play for us and realise there is no better place to be than the famous glasgow rangers 🇬🇧

  7. Ok, so I wasn't the biggest Bates fan: indeed I thought he was average. But why the hell did Murty play him as his first choice centre back, then clearly sanction we get rid vCard of him at th first opportunity? Frankly, I rate Cardosa, McCory and even Alves ahead of Bates, but equally clearly, Murty didn't so its another indication that Murty has no say in matters beyond this season and, for that, I'd glad. Neither Murty or Bates is Rangers class. End off….

  8. Quite liked Bates but I think he has got to be totally dropped in favour of breaking in players who are actually going to be at the club.

    • He’s injured Douglas very much doubt he will kick a ball for Rangers again. Not looking forward to the Semi with this Defence it’s 💩

  9. Can't believe the amount of coverage this is getting on this site. He's gone. He wasn't good enough for us. But I wish him well in Germany. Now let's move on!

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