A huge wake up call for Rangers


On Sunday Celtic are going to beat Rangers and win the title. That has become inevitable now and despite our defiance in an earlier entry, we have to wake up and smell the coffee. Celtic will win the title, and they will do it on their own patch against us.

It will be horrible. It will be vile. It will be a dark day in Rangers’ history.

But it will, and already has been, the wake up call this sleeping giant has needed to finally fix itself and restore ourselves to our rightful place at the summit of the game north of the border.

Over the past three days it appears Allan McGregor, Scott Arfield, James McArthur and possibly Kyle Bartley will be making their way into Govan, while a new manager is lined up too, with anyone’s guess from Frank de Boer, Steven Gerrard and the latest talk of the terrance in Neil Warnock taking the reins.

Whoever it is, changes are afoot at Ibrox, and it appears to have finally dawned on the powers that be just how close Celtic are to securing not only the title in the (second) most embarrassing fashion to Rangers, but the dreaded 10IAR.

Sure, it would be a tainted triumph – Scotland needs both sides of the Old Firm at full strength. Celtic fans have not enjoyed these titles anywhere near as much as those they won under Martin O’Neill and Gordon Strachan – because there was no credible Rangers challenge this time around.

But it will still say 10IAR, and the dramatic changes underway at Edmiston Drive are evidence both of the need to sell season tickets (we’re not idiots, we know a lot of this is down to that) and the need to stop Celtic.

Being close to signing two top-class Scottish internationals as well as a Canada equivalent, all of whom are highly experienced at the peak of English football as well as two of them being Rangers fans, is a step back to where we need to be.

There is a hell of a difference between having Wes Foderingham between the sticks and Allan McGregor.

We got Wes from Swindon who were League 1 for chief’s sake. On no level is a Swindon Town goalkeeper good enough for Rangers.

That sums up where we have been the past couple of years, and where Mark Allen is now trying to take us. I am willing to buy into my colleague Robbie’s vision of Allen’s qualities, and where he wants to go in comparison with the minefield of mediocrity we’ve lived in for far too long.

We are trying to sign a much higher calibre of player, players who are properly worthy of the shirt – full internationals with tonnes of EPL or SPL or at worst EC experience.

The kind of quality we used to sign.

Because Celtic beating us to win the SPL on Sunday is to be the low point since promotion – the moment we woke the hell up and truly realised our squad just isn’t good enough, that our manager is likewise.

We will have to take this one on the chin. And fix ourselves pronto because seven years of either no Rangers or a weak one is simply too much to bear.

NB: if we manage the impossible and win on Sunday, it only changes the mood slightly. Big changes are still critical.

NNB: A few predictable accusations of defeatism and we’re not Rangers fans. Save it. We’ve not beaten Celtic in 90 minutes since 2012, and it’s naivety to just yell ‘no surrender’ when they have even more to play for than usual and our form is garbage. Feel free to smear us all you want, we’re just calling it honestly and would love to be wrong. We’re not surrendering – that is to lay down and concede. We just don’t expect them not to win. If you expect Rangers to win on Sunday, more power to you, but don’t smear us just because we fear Celtic doing so.


  1. Yeh its time we got our finger out and stop the rot🇬🇧 watp
    Tims raging about gerrard 😂😂😂
    Stay calm its a draw on sunday 😉

  2. You can take your defeatist attitude and ram it right up yer jobbie hole. You say it like we are beaten before we've even kicked a ball. You may well be eating those words on sunday. No Surrender, EVER.

  3. I am of a vintage that I remember them winning the league in 79 , boy it was painfull, I am also in the camp of non-returnable for the rats but I also can see the positives of some of them coming back , if we accept one then we must accept the rest, I want this club of mine back where it belongs and if forgiveness is the way to get it then I will forgive but never forget , also to the detractors on the Stevie G as manager , remember in 86 when sounded took over from the legend that was jock Wallace , there was detractors then andcwhen we never won our opening games , people where left wondrwondif the decision was the right one , well it turned out ok in the end , so if the deserters turn up and fight for our cause then I will be shouting in support of them while they wear a rangers shirt , so scream and shout on sundaS and make it their last for a long while, remember WE ARE THE PEOPLE, and do not forget that !

  4. I thought you didn't want any more Celtic fans as manager? Last week you said that was holding the club back, and this week you see a rookie manager, Celtic supporter, taking his first ever job as a step up?

    Rangers will finish 2nd-4th this season and the reason isn't the goalkeeper. Signing McGregor (36!) will do nothing to improve the team!

    You also mention 10 in a row. You think after Celtic win 10 they will suddenly stop? 10 is just the first record, but they will hit 15 before anyone gets close.

    No team, in any country, has a right to be top of the league.

    • No, we said we didn't want any more average Celtic men at Ibrox. We have no issue with high quality imports whoever they support and we said that. Why can't people read? And when did we even say it's a step up? We don't know – how can we predict the success of this? Incidentally Gerrard is a Liverpool fan. Anything else is complete tabloid nonsense and the man himself has never made any public affinity with your team.

    • Go away you deluded clown.. Average in and piss poor league … awful whipping boys in Europe … Joke

  5. The most important signing is the manager Steven Gerrard was a big name as a player but what experience does he have in management we have got to get it right this time and my own personal opinion is that he is not ready to take on the position as Rangers manager we need some one who has experience as we all know what the expectancy is of managing Rangers you have to hit the ground running and win every game

  6. Times are a changing we are buying men not boys now,we can beat them on Sunday but next season is the one we stop them winning another title and our time has come,look they buy younger players and sell them on and make money, we want to be the best so we get older players that can kick ass and makes us the best,BR likes younger players to make better he now will not have the time to do this,if he keeps buying younger players then we will blow them away….. bring it on we will be ready…….

  7. Spot on. We do need big change. They have our number with the current line ups, only an idiot would denie it. Brown, Griffith and others will be like a dog with two cocks with the potential Rangers goading, their favourite pass time. Need to sign players over the summer that will ram their bad grace down their throats. Agree with everything in this piece and its not every day I say that.

  8. Messaged all my obsessed unwashed mates.
    1986 Part-II, not one will answer me back, WTF's wrong with them*
    Been checking out the most famous club in the world sites to gauge our supporters reactions, fuk me gently our supporters can't get a word in edgeways with all the obsessed unwashed supporters in meltdown. There's even one on here talking complete and utter pish!!
    🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 Queens XI 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

    • Im sure little Lourdes will loved by the Rangers men. Get your season ticket signed. Trust in King. I know everybody who every dealt with him say make sure you see it signed sealed and delivered before you trust him. But he is a stand up Real Rangers man even though he likes to attend semi finals of other teams rather than his own beloved Rangers. Close brothers need their Cash back plus mega interest before net season starts. But King wouldn't lie to anyone. He is a real Rangers man.

      ps Id love to see Rangers back on a level playing field buying top class players. Id also love to see Gerrard as manager with a warchest to spend. Maybe King gonna finally stump up. But with no audited accounts. It may well be Rangers cant play in Europe next season. Its all about the investment thats coming or Not? 1986 was beginning of Rangers strange financial alchemy. Loans on the never never. I genuinely would love a billionaire to invest heavily in Rangers. But its unlikely that man is King Cnut the embellisher of truth.

  9. I agree IN we will get beat on Saturday and they will win the league in a very unimpressive way again… We are the only credible opposition to that pish ! I hope we put in a better performance than last at least . The rest are a joke .. especially the overrated underwhelming Sheep Shaggers, and lets hope the cheeky Hibee Bastards are already out of the running for 2nd when we play them ..Rangers need to financially punish these disrespectful twats all of them by boycotting them away from home and cutting the allocation especially the OF Games . So lets look forward to next season lets also hope we get a decent manager in place with some serious money to sign a few more quality players to take that lot on properly. I still rankle about Caxhinha and those who appointed him … but lets move on. If those on the other side of the city see what's happening in Scottish football as progress then it is true they are deluded . WATP GBTQ

  10. As Much as I Want to be Confident that we will get a result
    …I Sense Another Defeat as We arent quite there yet!

    Some Quality Additions in Summer Window and a Quality Boss should do the trick! 😁👍⚽💙

  11. No Surrender No Surrender No Surrender No Surrender No Surrender No Surrender

    I Feel Better Now…..watp Helicopter 2005

  12. Think a draws the best we can muster tbh.players gonna need to man the fuck up the last three fixtures can go anywhere interesting finish for second place now I just wish Murty would throw a surprise now an again very easy to suss his team out atm.two up against them high pressing most teams in spl can’t deal with it

  13. It's hardly the same as when we pumped them at that shit hole. Not even close. So as previously said if it happens we shouldn't lose any sleep over it our day is coming and it will be far sweeter

  14. 100% Ibrox Noise, Murty will give his dad and family a good shellic day out on Sunday, it will be a happy Murty household as his son has gifted them the treble!!!

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