A 4:3:3 and some dramatic changes v Hearts


 Article by: Robbie

The line has been drawn in the sand, time to move on, and it’s back to league duty on Sunday; we still have a European place to tie down.

If I could get a bet on none of the top six winning their last five games it would be on everyone taking points off everyone. Hibs at 9/2 I will be having a bit of that!!!

Going with a 4-3-3

Defence; Tavernier Alves Cardoso John

Alves came on the last two games and played really well so he’s in from the start. I’ve also replaced Martin with Cardoso, alas don’t have any other option which says it all, and Tav & John we all know what their qualities are.

Midfield; Docherty McCrorie Goss

Think we’re all of the same opinion young Ross is not a CH but is a midfielder with plenty scope for improvement in the midfield holding role. He also looks more relaxed there and plays within himself. Docherty needs to get back on track, his performances have been up & down, not helped by Dorrans. Goss has had a rest and hopefully he can recapture the form he had before going off the boil, also plays well with Docherty.

Forwards; Cummings Morelos Murphy

First of all I feel bad about leaving Candeias out as he’s a real workhorse but requires benched for his attitude on Sunday. Equally Halliday calling anybody a bawbag after being replaced is not acceptable even though Murty should have waited 3 minutes until half time so he can sit in the stand and have a good word with himself.

Now these three MUST put a real shift in and track back to help the three in the middle, Need to find out if Cummings can cut it at this level, he MUST track back when we don’t have possession and also stay close to Morelos and live off his scraps. Murphy just be you and go out there and express yourself. Morelos will get in their faces and bully the whole back four and wind them up as much as possible. He needs to stop snatching at things and find a bit of composure in front of goal.

Rather we had a good go in these last five games, win on Sunday beat Hibs & Aberdeen and that should surely solidify our European place. I know people will say my selections have left us light in the midfield but the front players must tuck in when we’re going the other way. Back in the day when GVB went on a run the Hammer would just drop and cover without having to be told. Interchanging should be second nature to any professional football player.

Murty; Everybody is sick to the back teeth of 4-2-3-1, tt no longer works other teams have got it well and truly sussed. 

Subs; Windass, Candeias, Middleton, Holt, Martin.


  1. Couldn't really argue with that team selection, mcrorie is where he should be in midfield and Cummings is where he should be- on the pitch! Realistically, I think Murty will play Martin. I would give Halliday the chance to shut alot of people up by playing him instead of Goss. Would be good to see Rossiter, O'halloran and Middleton getting on the park aswell.

  2. I wouldn't play Morelos, he has had too many chances and not scored in the big games. Replace him with Candeias who will provide the workload and put Cummings up front. We have all said it, Morelos does nothing in the big games and the last 5 games are big games.
    I have a bad feeling Murty will play Halliday to try and make amends for his admitted mistake to pull him off before half time.

  3. That is pretty near where I would have gone, if he changes formation.
    If he doesn't I would be tempted to play Dorrans or Windass in behind Morelos, or Cummings in a 4-4-2
    Agree with the defence and NcCrorie into midfield, feel Candeias unfortunate to miss out but agree he did himself no favours on Sunday way he came off.
    I agree with the subs, want to see Middleton or Atakayi get the last 25 to 30 minutes for the last 5 games. Let's see what they have got.
    SJW, don't see Cummings working as lone striker. Doesn't work as hard as Morelos, doesn't have his physical presence. Needs to be paired, but maybe playing Hearts would help 🙂

    • Aye no one can argue with his work rate, but at the same time there is very few bears out there that dont bury their heads in their hands when the ball lands to his feet (this year) and say OH NO. he can work his heart all all game but when playing a lone striker and he cant score open goals against the big teams whats the point? Much better to let Candeias and Murphy do the work on the wings and spray the crosses in for Cummings, one thing is for sure if he gets the ball he will score. Dochery and Goss controlling the MF with McCroie behind them in front of the CBs. However i am sure Murty has a completely different idea from all of us.

  4. Looking at the options at CB I find myself yearning for the days of Wilson, Kiernan and Big Clint. I mean Cardoso – bloody hell…….

  5. Sorry….. Three defensive midfielers, are you joking? Goss? An even bigger joke! In case its own escaped you we are at home! Candeais left out for his attitude on Sunday? Give me a break. This guy has been our most consistent performer ALL season. And his attitude in Sunday, where he at least tried for however many in a he was on the park, was better than almost ALL his team mates. Yes, he xxx was frustrated. No wonder. His manager didn't make one right call on in Sunday! Where's the balance in this team? Who's going to play in the right side of midfield? Certainly none of those you earmark for midfield roles. No problem with central defence – we are so thin there and McCrorie, in that position, is no better than Martin. Would play Candeais instead of Goss any day of the off the week!

  6. Right Bolton, that's enough.
    A laugh's a laugh and we can all take a bit of ribbing, but that is too far. When you start swearing, or yearning for Kiernan, you have either just had an aneurysm, or you are taking the piss.
    10 minutes in the naughty corener for you, my son

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