Was transfer failure Rangers’ best winter business?

Was transfer failure Rangers’ best winter business?

Normally China’s transfer window would come and go without much notice here in Scotland, but this year was different for one obvious reason.

Chinese Super League One Beijing Renhe bid several times for Rangers’ star striker Alfredo Morelos, but even a £10M sum was not enough to persuade the Ibrox board to part with his services.

With China’s winter window open until February 28th, there was every chance an eleventh hour bid was going to arrive for the Colombian, one Rangers simply could not refuse, and the player would be on his way to the Far East.

It did not happen – Renhe appear to have given up with Morelos for this window, and indeed the fact they stopped bidding does suggest their pursuit of the ex-HJK man could be at an end entirely.

If they were unwilling to part with the asking price of circa £11M+ now, there is no reason to suggest they would this summer.

So, Rangers officially keep Morelos till the end of the season at least, and it is almost as if he knew Renhe would not come back in the following day because his demeanour at McDiarmid on Tuesday night was the happiest we have seen the lad look in weeks.

He has been doing the business, yes, but he has not looked entirely thrilled throughout. Tuesday’s stroll v Tommy Wright’s men, on the other hand, was easily the most content Morelos has looked in ages.

There are a few curious caveats though over the whole story – we know fellow Colombian Jackson Martinez was a disaster in China, admittedly plagued by injury, and the former Atletico Madrid star was released as a free. That is certainly a sign of the fate of certain players who take the risk of moving to China for money and in this case it is a fate close to Morelos’ home.

Secondly a lesser-known fact is ex-Rangers superstar Nikica Jelavic recently played at Renhe – he moved on to Guizhou Zhicheng late last year but his record in China’s capital was pretty good and it is quite feasible he recommended Morelos to his employers – we know our ex players keep abreast of our fortunes.

Whatever is the case though, the window is gone and Morelos stays at Ibrox. Chances are minute that he will be here beyond August, but for now we can enjoy his goals and then when the time comes, bon voyage.

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  1. Delighted He is still with us! 😃

    But like you have mentioned, when the time comes, morelos will leave (il be gutted) and £15mill will be coming our way

  2. Im not expecting £15mill but it wont be far off it, if we are rejecting £11m 👏

    Plus if he goes to WC with Colombia, Plays Ok and Scores a Couple,
    We will be talking £15mill Minimum!

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