The Scottish press and their dirty Rangers tricks


More than a touch ‘coincidental’, isn’t it?

Most fans reacting to the Sir David Murray news of recent days have been debating the merits for and the criticisms against such a figure coming back and investing capital in Rangers.

Thing is, this is Old Firm week, and we cannot help but note the timing of such an extraordinary story.

Nothing would disrupt Rangers more than SDM roaming back in on his horse right now, and that’s the last thing we need.

And that’s exactly why we got it. It is no coincidence the gutter press red tops came up with this story in the past few days with such a colossal match at the weekend the only desired focus.

And there’s further lack of coincidence that only a prominent Glaswegian-based local paper poo-pooed the news today.

Celtic and their friends in the press genuinely fear Rangers as of present, a Rangers that is riding high – and what better way to distract the supporters, and even players, than by contriving a story about the second most controversial figure in Rangers’ history coming back to play a big role in the future of the club?

No, this is once again the press at their little games again, finding a sensational story to overshadow the football and on-pitch business by emphasising a shock story off it.

We even have, today, apparent nonsense on social media channels about Sunday’s referee promising to award Rangers a penalty in the first half.

In the past five+ years we have not seen this level of Rangers rubbish in the press because Celtic had nothing to fear and did not bother.

Now they do and are.

Ignore the noise. Except the Noise 😉


  1. I don't fear for one second our players would be affected by the BS published by the jungle jims. Players will be focused on the job in hand. They have enough to keep their minds occupied for Sunday and no pishy fake news will disrupt them!

  2. The Daily Rhecord 😂😂

    Come on Lads! 😁
    Nows the time to take the green and white clowns! 💙

    Would love to see Docherty cut Brown in Half 😂😂👊

  3. On the subject of the referee, Mr. Collum I suggest Rangers and look at how many games the SFA have appointed him in Rangers matches this season, my big pal researched this, he has been appointed in eight games and we have won two of these matches. In my basic arithmetic this works out in a 25% success rate. Is this a coincidence? I leave all Rangers fans to think for themselves.
    We have suffered ridiculous decisions this season by Collum and other officials, losing players to seriou injuries by shocking tackles, three examples; Dorrans, Cardoso and Jack, yet Jack was sent-off for what was classed as serious foul play where Murphy was clattered and no action taken. Recently in two games Bates was assaulted with the ball not in play with both perpetrators given yellow cards. The correct card would have been red, with them being sent off and having 3 game suspensions.
    This lets us as Rangers fans know, not only are the Press against us but the SFA officials.
    Look at both incidents in detail, had it been Aberdeen, Hibs or of course Celtic the Press and the SFA would be on top of this and telling the officials to protect ‘the football players’.
    I rest my case.

  4. I think by this time most Rangers supporters and players are well aware of how "unreliable" the Scottish media is when talking about anything to do with the club. Murray's supposed return was fine for a bit of discussion, but I doubt there were very many who didn't take it with at least a large pinch of salt. Rangers supporters and players surely learned long ago how devious and deceitful the press in this country is. Every paper's the same and hopefully, there are no Rangers supporters out there who still buy any these hate-filled rags.

  5. There at it again today draggging up the whole warburton thing again. The guys a dirty rat and I’d love to see his assistant to be removed from the hall of fame…

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