The Rangers spat rumbles on…

The Rangers spat rumbles on…

The Sean Goss Ian Holloway and Graeme Murty drama of late has taken a confusing turn or two with some contradictory comments being made by the QPR boss with regards his player.

For those in the dark, Rangers’ boss was asked about his on-loan star Goss, and naturally the Ibrox chief was suitably gushing about his performances and when asked if he was a target as a permanent signing in the summer, admitted he was. Equally, the manager confirmed QPR have issued a ‘hands off’ warning, so Murty said nothing wrong.

“Possibly. He is one of a number of players that we are looking at. QPR have said ‘you are not having him, keep your hands off’.”

The Loftus Road chief responded angrily with a predictably ‘Holloway-esque’ comment deriding Murty and saying he was essentially out of line:

“I’d rather talk to Graeme about that myself because he is out of order talking about my player. He’s my player, nobody else’s. It’s not right he’s talking about trying to buy one of my players when that player is not for sale. I’m glad the boy is doing well. We bought him to be a good player – he is a good player – and I’m glad he’s getting the experience but he’s likely to come back and play for us. It’s as simple as that. His future is at QPR. I bought him to be a QPR player. I’ve loaned him out when he’s never been loaned out before and I’m delighted he’s doing well but he won’t be getting sold. If Graeme has said he wants him permanently then that’s a bit of a silly statement because he is not for sale. You can’t buy someone who is not for sale. I’d imagine Graeme would speak to me about it at the right time. Graeme should do his job by speaking to me about my player. Graeme’s a good bloke but I’m pretty surprised he’s left himself open to this. I have no issue with him but the boy is not for sale.”

Nothing we would not expect from Holloway and beyond silly given the player is at Ibrox and to claim Murty has no right to talk about Sean Goss might be one of the daftest assertions we have heard in some time.

However, Goss himself made his manager look a bit silly as well with his own clarification on the subject:

“I have not really thought about it to be fair. When I was at QPR I was told I wouldn’t fit into the way the manager wanted to set up the midfield and the way we were playing at the time.”

So, after Holloway angrily ranting about ‘his player’, Goss has pointed out it appears to be a slightly redundant case given he would not have played. It is unclear exactly what has changed between early January and late February for Holloway to suddenly decide Goss is a critical part of QPR.

Our best guess, the fact his own (questionable? QPR fans can better judge than us but 16th is not where they should be) management vetoed progress for the lad at Loftus Road, and now that he is getting plenty minutes at Ibrox Holloway suddenly thinks he can play a bit?

We are not having a go at QPR here, incidentally, for you Hoops fans (no, not those ones) who might be reading this – no issue with your club at all – had a decent relationship over the years with you.

But it seems your current manager is trying to wreck that a bit.

Nevertheless, Goss’ football career is the issue here, and after being stifled by Holloway in London, he, at the slightly late age of 22 is finally getting to show how good he is.

And we sincerely hope his future is at the Rangers north of the border.

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  1. Sounds like goss wants to stay and qpr don’t want that. But I expect Holloway is more angry at letting goss go especially with how well he is playing for us, yet Holloway’s team is doing poorly and he’s prob going to be out of a job and he knows the goss decision is just another nail in his own coffin

    • Stuart.
      I've said that since all this blew up.
      He knows he's made a pigs ear of it letting him go on loan, he should have built a midfield round Goss as there pure rotten.
      Also think a few more bad results and Ian & Les will be getting a P-45!!

  2. We (QPR) are in a strange situation at the moment.

    Having been mismanaged financially for several year we now have an FFP fine looming over us.

    We've got rid of 'big name' players on expensive contracts and bought up lower league players, a couple of old war horses, and some youngsters from 'big' teams who weren't getting a look in (eg, Sean Goss from Manchester United).

    At the time he went out on loan, we had an effective and settled midfield and it could be said that Sean didn't fit the managers style of play. In the appearances he had made for QPR, he looked out of place and didn't overly impress – but he wasn't given much of a run.

    So the loan deal for the rest of the season at Rangers seems great for all concerned, QPR, Rangers and Goss.

    Now it seems Sean is doing good things at Rangers and attracting attention, which is great.

    Perhaps the extended run of starts, plus the confidence that encourages has turned him into the player Ollie thought he'd bought. And now he'd like another look at him in the summer.

    If the club feels it might get £5-10m for him (not a lot at today's ludicrous prices), I'm sure we'll sell – FFP will almost certainly demand it in my opinion. He is contracted to QPR until the end of the 2019/20 season.

    But there's another potential fly in the ointment. I believe the initial transfer fee from Manchester United was for £500,000, potentially rising to £750,000. I have also read rumours that Manchester United included a buy-back option of £750,000 – but have no idea how true those rumours are.

    If United believe THEY can sell him on for £10m, well, they're surely going to exercise the £750k buy-back clause… (if it really exists).

    Anyway, Sean isn't the first player to suffer under QPR's chaotic methods. We've had a HUGE squad over the last year or two, with a lot of decent players not getting a look in. Thankfully that's being addressed and rationalised – I suspect we are slowly but surely beginning to sort things out.

    Sean came here from Man U to get regular first team football – and didn't get it. So I'm really pleased for him he's got a good gig in Glasgow and is benefitting from it. Personally, I'd love to see him do well and come back to us for the next two years of his contract.

    Practically though, I think if we could get a decent price for him, I think the club would sell.

    At the moment, Sean may very well find himself at Ibrox next summer – but who's to say some Premier League clubs won't come sniffing in the meantime…?

  3. Goss looked good but appeared a little lightweight at times in the Championship. The current Policy at QPR is to get players with potential. But with the way that Scowen, Luongo and Freeman were performing he was not going to get a game. But it is great to see him get some game time. Many QPR fans felt that a good loan would be helpful. Currently QPR are having to trim the squad because of Financial Fair play and so in the summer that process should be complete. We are very inconsistent and lack a true striker. Mid table this season will be OK. If we manage the FFP calculations this summer and clear the last high wage folk off then he will come back to a better and hopefully stronger team. But I am sure that if Rangers put in a large bid then it might be accepted as everyone has their price. But it will very interesting to see how Goss performs in the big games. Glad you lot enjoyed Clint Hill for that season. He was a class act at QPR who was surplus to requirements at the start of a few seasons but became an essential starter soon enough. A real player for fans to identify with.

  4. PC looked daft when he sent MOH to St J. He responded by saying something stupid – ‘not the sort of player we want’ in an attempt at a distraction. Holloway is clearly getting it in the neck from his own fans and has responded angrily because he looks foolish.

  5. Murty was in the wrong. Goss is qpr property.
    Wrong to talk publicly, about another clubs player.

  6. Sounds like singing his praises is going to backfire on us. He’ll return to England. Best start looking for a replacement.

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