Friday, 30 March 2018

The new truth about Rangers

April 1986. Scotland and Liverpool legend Graeme Souness takes over at Ibrox as a Player Manager, and proceeds to tear Scottish football up limb from limb and re-write the rules.

Thereafter, a succession of incredible managers and success saturates Rangers north of the border, with the first blot on the copybook taking a full 20 years to materialise, in the form of the failed French manager Paul Le Guen.

The fact Rangers fans, for the majority, were so disgusted by the ex-Lyon coach’s performance at Ibrox said it all – a few seemed to want to give him more time, but looking at his post-Rangers career proves why the majority, Barry Ferguson and Sir David Murray, back then, were correct.

Walter Smith came back in and all was right again with the world. Even Ally McCoist, until Naismith’s injury, did rather well in the SPL and most fans were happy until the loss of the Scottish international derailed the season.

Fast forward till the present day – any Tom, Dick or Harry can now manage Rangers and a huge portion of the support will back them. They will back them blindly regardless of performance, regardless of reputation – whatever fool is put in the manager’s chair gets the support of a hell of a lot of the fans.

When did it change? When did Rangers supporters stop expecting the best at their club and start backing absolutely anyone given the hotseat?

Warburton was found out inside three months (Think St Johnstone), and despite winning the Championship, struggled humiliatingly in the SPL (like he did at Forest) and yet still a great number of fans backed him. A Celtic fan comes in and signs half of Mexico yet got massive swathes of support, and now another one (it’s common knowledge Murty has Celtic leanings) has been promoted from the youth ranks, struggled horribly the past two games yet instead of questioning him, many fans just keep on supporting.

We’re utterly fed up with it here at Ibrox Noise – fans blindly accepting whatever is in front of them and either smearing us for calling it or preaching that time should be given etc.

While we praised results over the past few months, the last two deserve to be labelled what they were, and Murty’s own media displays in general have absolutely horrendous.

Slagging off players, praising Celtic, begging for patience, defending opponents like with Kipre; Murty has not spoken like a Rangers manager that I recognise, and it’s greatly worryingly that the new breed of supporter seems to want to back him or anyone given the job without questioning them.

And crucially, flaming anyone who does.

We at Ibrox Noise want the best for this club. We want to see our team winning, and we will not be silenced by people who think a dorito or anything else is good enough to manage the club.

If you want to blindly support and never criticise, that’s up to you. We want Walter Smith, Dick Advocaat, hell even Alex McLeish style success.

We ain’t going to get it with Pedro, Warburton, Murty, or anything else that passes for a Rangers manager these days.


  1. Great article, to many supporters are happy with watching absolute bloody garbage (which we have been for far to long now) so please no more warburtons or another windass. Lets get back to the standards we used to have, no excuses anymore. First things first, a proper big time manager or we can forget ever getting back to top spot. This is not being negative it being realistic.

  2. I agree Ibrox Noise was that there is a worrying tendency amongst some elements of the Rangers support to accept mediocrity as the norm, and second place as the level of ambition. With the budget and resources at Ibrox compared to the rest of Scottish Football we should be wiping the floor with everyone with the exception of Celtic. As for Celtic yes the roles are now reversed and we’re the poor relations doing the chasing - but King wanted the gig and now needs to be doing everything in his power to catch Celtic and stop 10 in a row - and he’s not going to do it with a rookie manager. You can see all over the league the impact of an experienced man in charge - Rodgers at Celtic, Clarke at Kilmarnock, Lennon at Hibs, and even Levein at Hearts has steadied the ship after the Cathro (rookie manager) failure. The one thing I disagree with in the article - Murty has given his all - Celtic leanings do not come in to it - the job is simply too big for him, and especially at this moment when there is real pressure to catch Celtic. As true Rangers supporters we must demand more from King and this Board who’s governance over the playing side of the business has been shambolic at best. Over to you Mr King!

    1. You have said their name six times in that post,do u think that they would mention our name in a post,me I would just say something like until we get back to our rightful place at the top of Scottish football.

    2. It's changed days when saying Celtic are a 'dream come true' and 'Celtic Park's atmosphere is second to none' is irrelevant to Rangers fans. That worries us.

    3. Olly/c - Your point is? It’s not their name that worries or bothers me. Yes let’s get back to beating Celtic (gosh sorry Olly that name again) and let’s do it next season with an experienced manager in charge!

    4. Obviously your missing the point.

  3. Jesus. Are you a new writer for Ibrox Noise? You have been singing Murtys praises since he took over. Finally you have got it right. Firstly we need new money then new manager then new players in summer. Board went with Davie Weirs advice on breadman then Pedro Mendes on other Pedro. Now Mark Allen must get it right. Strategy of loans till summer is correct.And we must unload "But who would you have as manager?

  4. Well I've read Murty was told after the Kilmarnock game by King he will not be retaining the job after the summer.
    Also talks are ongoing with FDB from both parties.

    If that is the case it will take all the pressure off Murty.
    Let's not slaughter him, he never asked for this and was thrown in big time.
    The last few games he has looked a lost sole on the touchline, he is giving it his best unfortunately that's fallen short because of inexperience not effort.

    Also Ally saying he expects a announcement from the club in the near future seems to enhance what's been touted.

    Mark Allen and the board would not be doing there jobs if there wasn't a plan A-B & C ready now, if not now within the next few weeks.
    Big Big few months coming up for the RangersπŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

    1. We just don't buy the 'he never asked for this' argument. It was a weak defence for Kenny MacDowall and it's a weak defence for Murty. He's a grown up enough man to willingly accept a position like this, or reject it, and no one held a gun against his head forcing him. He took the job of his own volition and must take the flack/glory that comes with the position.

    2. Sorry but I don't agree, he wasn't left with much choice when Ped got bumped then the DM fiasco.
      The board caused every single one of the problems not poor Murty.
      If I was asked to manage the famous I would bite UR hand off as he did.
      Let's face it there were not many plausible manager's avalibile.
      This is all down to King & the Board not a guy that's giving 110%.
      I also think that MA will be well advanced in his replacement!!

  5. Your last paragraph suggests that no-one will ever be good enough for you (these days). Overnight success is not realistic. Scottish footballs stock has been falling for years. We simply cannot attract 'the best' even if we did have unlimited investment. We are a loss making business and FFP is forcing clubs to live within their means. Celtic have had years of Champions League money and the best players they can attract are on loan. Whatever your opinion of Rodgers, he wouldn't have been interested were it not for his club connections. To quote Bill Struth "we shall have our years of failure, and when we do we must reveal tolerance and sanity". Not saying we should accept second best but we should support progress. Also I'm sure Mexico has more than four people!

  6. Graeme Murty is up against Rodgers, Mcinnes, Lennon and Clarke over the next few weeks. I wish him well. To finish a clear second from here should be acceptable for a one year rolling contract. He was very unlucky with injuries to some very good players. Some are poised for a comeback. It will make a big difference to the team and also our results.
    For those who think Graeme should be replaced it would be respectful if they gave their choice for his job. Otherwise what is the point.

    1. We can't speak for anyone else but we're admirers of McCall, Wright, Robinson, and, yes, Clarke. As for unlucky with injuries, Rodgers lost half his team. And still wins. Quite honestly who of the absentees would be definitely better than the current first team? Jack? Dorrans? Wallace? Rossiter? McCorie? Bates? It's not exactly black and white is it?

    2. Admire away but what have Wright, Robinson or McCall done that so impresses you. I would have three or four of the players mentioned in my first team tomorrow.

  7. Fair comment regarding Murty but I am not convinced about FDB. Yes he did well in Holland but he struggled in England. In any event, whether it is FDB or Murty we need to see significant investment in quality players this summer. We are not going to win leagues with guys like Hodson, Halliday etc., we need to seriously up the quality of player coming in and exit the eight or ten that are simply not good enough!

  8. Admirers of Wright, McCall, Robinson and Clarke? To criticise the current manager is fine and I've never heard him complain about this - every manager gets criticism. But to then offer this four up as alternatives to take the club up several levels - well that's just bloody ridiculous. If that's the height of your ambition then I don't see this site getting positive any time soon. Same goes for FDB - success in Holland means nothing and it's likely that any replacement would be working with the same limited funds.

  9. Too many fans thinking that we want to play a certain brand of football, absolute garbage the best win the fight first then football second, that's where the boards going wrong, we need a hard steely build from the back team again, win at all costs, sir Alex at man U gets glorified for the brand of football he played but christ they would play a 4-5-1 seek a win. Back to basics is needed

  10. Ive Been Saying for a While Now that as much as I Admire and Respect Murty he is not the man to kick us up a level, Hes not the man to Restore The Mighty Rangers! ⚽πŸ’™πŸŸ

    We need an experienced proven manager who can come in and take the bull by the horns and pull the club forward like what Souness did in the 80s


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