Summer cull – Rangers to axe eight players?


If one thing is certain at Ibrox, this summer is going to (again) see a massive exodus. Whether the players in question will go on loan, be freed, or be sold, there are a bunch of personnel who will surely be surplus to requirements come the end of the season.

Ibrox Noise takes you through the main contenders who are exceptionally unlikely to be in Govan come the new season.

Niko Kranjcar:

If ever a player did not live up to a quarter of his reputation, it’s the former Croatian international. He had a pretty good career, even if the marquee time at Spurs was actually described by the man himself as disappointing, but it had well and truly dried up by the time he ended up in the NASL with New York Cosmos. Contrary to common belief, he wasn’t benched there through injury or bad form, but the same reason Andy Halliday barely played for Gabala – foreign player quotient. Nevertheless, injury has blighted the twilight years of his career, and Rangers have suffered the brunt of that. A wage it is essential to free up.

Jordan Rossiter:

Fans have lost patience with young Jordan, and for all that we admire him here at Ibrox Noise, he’s nearing two full calendar years in Govan with just 10 appearances. There’s patience, then there’s flogging a dead horse.


Completely exiled under Graeme Murty, and barely did any better under Pedro, this hapless signing must go down as the worst in recent memory. Why he is still at Ibrox is a mystery, given he’s still a loan player. Will certainly return to Benfica B in June.

Eduardo Herrera:

A target for Chivas, Herrera simply does not suit the SPL. A real epitome of the threadbare options up front for Rangers. Is 100% sure to be gone this summer.

Michael O’Halloran:

Rangers are waiting on a bid for this guy, probably from Saints. For whatever reason, he is not wanted at Ibrox, and there is no chance he will still be a Rangers player next season. If we are most generous, it would be a loan again.

Bruno Alves:

He’s back in the picture because he’s desperate to make the world cup, but this is a signing that inexplicably didn’t work out. He signed for two seasons but we can see little chance of Rangers not finding another solution for him come the summer.

Russell Martin:

Unless the powers-that-be see something us fans don’t, Russell will be going straight back to Norwich this summer. A really poor signing, unless he dramatically picks up in the last two or three months of the season, Martin will not win the deal he desperately wants.

Fabio Cardoso:

Interest from Estoril never materialised but Cardoso is out of favour and will be looking to start the new season elsewhere. SPL has not worked for him, and with some good years still ahead of him, Rangers will try to recoup as much of the transfer fee for him as they can.

Rangers have a fair bit of culling to do this summer, and those are some of the prime examples. What ones stick out for you?


  1. Agree with all the names mentioned expecilly Dalcio rossiter I fact anyone who collects a big wage and don't contribute should be dumped there's some not mentioned

  2. All the names listed as well as Kenny miller should go they are a drain on our resources and bates should be added to the list .

    • I don't get this mode of thought. I'm not a fan of a job for the boys. Only if Miller is a better coach than what we can get, or even what we have got, should he get that offer.

  3. I agree with Allan, would definitely add Bates and Miller to that list…and that smelly cunt who went back to Colombia on loan… canny even remember the grease balls name haha

  4. Well who's going to buy Rossiter he's got 18 month left.

    Cummings. 1 goal ain't good enough.

    We need a major step up in the quality of players coming to the club, the board better have investment from somewhere apart from season tickets and sponsorship, I'm pretty sure we will have a new manager also.
    We have young players the likes of Middleton and Murray who should be on the bench instead of Miller & Herrera after all they are our future, plus they can play and offer a whole lot more!!!
    🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 Queens XI 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

    • Robbie between you and the author thats 14 players out the door so where is the money going to come from to buy out their contracts as no one will pay transfer fees and even more crucially the money to buy in quality players to replace them

    • Since when did Cummings only score 1 goal? He’s played well every game I’ve seen him and played out of position quite a bit because of the goals Morelos has been scoring.

    • 442.
      We will get some money for the ones not out of contract, not a great deal of money but the board need to sort investment out. that's there job.
      Morelos & Windass could be also gone come the summer there's hopefully 12M

      Cummings has scored 1 deflected goal up in Dingwall in 25 games in the SPL & 1 goal in the EC in 16 games so that's 2 in 41 at this level, Pish Poor Really!!

    • FJ.
      No mate if U read again 1 in 25 in the SPL that's his stats for the SPL.
      His hat trick was against the 3rd bottom team in the Championship in the Scottish Cup.

      John All my mates are on the Cumdog bandwagon and think he's our next Caniggia or Novo.
      Sorry I don't concur.

      BUT 》》 U enjoy the dreams, they make the world go round mate!!!

    • Robbie if you're going to quote stats don't be selective about which ones you quote. I don't think Cummings is the answer to everything either but he has hardly had a chance at Rangers yet. You don't include games against Falkirk but you're happy to include games from when he was 17 years old?? Selective. Give the lad a chance ffs.

    • John.
      SPL is where he earns his crust not playing dummy teams from the lower leauges.
      He's had plenty time to prove himself yet still sits warming the bench!!

  5. Plenty will go but maybe not enough simply because we can't afford to replace them all. We should be looking to complete signings of Murphy, Cummings and maybe Goss if we could get him at a decent price. Thereafter we need 2 quality centre backs. Forget everything else until we sort our defence out. The rest will depend on who goes.

  6. Agree with them all…but I think I'm in the minority when I say- apart from Martin! I like the guy, I don't think he's been as bad as you make out. I like seeing someone in defence actually communicating with everyone around him and he is the only guy that does it. He's a good influence. Also harsh to blame him for a couple of penalties given away (it has been mentioned) nothing he could have done.

    • Surely there is a better solution to our central defence than Russell Martin. We have given him a loan to see if he can earn a place. Sadly if you think he is average or poor this is not the answer. Shop elsewhere

  7. Think rosseiter should be given a chance from August if he dose not play then fair enough there is January transfer window .Templeton was let go because of injury and he has been a decent buy for Hamilton .
    Agree martin should go plays like Bob Martin …Bates should be allowed to leave stinking attitude , look at me am worth more than your offering me ,3 good games dosent make you a potential legend makes you a money grabber Keep Hardie hes worth a punt //Bruno should retire just checked they are looking for oaps in Bournmouth

  8. Murty said he wouldn't discuss contracts till the end of the season seems to me the likes of wind ass goes off the boil he can sit back during games and have a siesta Fredo seems to have done the same new contracts doesn't mean better performances
    Keep Rossie he will come good does a lot of charity work for the club least hes not giving up neither will Rangers. Managers put a successful run together then you want Rangers to sign then like Steve Clarke cool heads are needed at this time
    Not worried about the Tic , they will be champions they deserve it !! we need a manager who will act even though people are on big wages if you do not play good ur oot .. Neil Lennon's a good manager but would rather have John Lennon hes got a good excuse for not being free hes deed

  9. To Kranjcar you can add Miller and possibly Bates who are out of contract.
    Dalcio and Martin are loans that should not be extended.
    Herrera, O'Halloran, Alves and Pena need to know that they will not play football again at Rangers. Then it is up to their agents to secure the best deal they can. We will not be hard to deal with as we want them off the books.
    Hodson, Halliday and Holt have some limited value unless we have replacements in mind. We have strength in depth in midfield, but Halliday can cover LB and ideally I would like to see if Wallace can deliver at centreback – would solve two problems in one go.
    I feel sorry for Cummings. He plays as one of two up front. We don't play that way. I would keep him f we think Morelos is going. I would also bring McBurnie in if we can and give Hardie a 2 year contract to try for 12 months to force his way into the team or get sold. He has value.
    I'm sorry, but Rossiter is going nowhere – he is not out of contract and nobody is going to buy him. If we have to pay his contract up, we might as well keep him and hope for a miracle

  10. kranjcar

    they are either way too old, injury prone or nowhere near the level of player we need to challenge for the league title and they all need to go.

  11. Aside from Tav, A.Wilson, McCrorie,John and Wallace
    …We Need a Whole New Defence
    …Still Think We should have Kept Wilson!

    GK – Bin Fod & Jak
    …2 New GKs

    RB – Bin Hodson
    …RB as Cover for Tav (Someone who can Challenge Him)

    CB – Bin Alves, Cardoso, Martin & Bates
    …3 New CBs (And McCrorie)

    LB – No Changes Required

    RM – Bin MOH and Dalcio
    …RM as Cover for DC

    CM – Bin Kranjcar, Rossiter & Pena

    LM – Bin Forrester

    ST –
    Miller into a Coaching Role
    Bin Dodoo & Herrera

    To Be Sold/Released in Summer :
    Fod, Jak, Hodson, Alves, Cardoso, Martin, Bates, MOH, Dalcio, Kranjcar,
    Rossiter, Pena, Forrester, Dodoo, Herrera

    • LM – Bin Forrester 
      …LM as Cover for Murphy or Use Middleton?

      ST – 
      Miller Into A Coaching Role
      Bin Dodoo & Herrera

      …If Morelos Leaves (x2 Strikers)
      – Cummings, Hardie, ? , ?

      …If He Stays (x1) Striker
      – Morelos, Cummings, Hardie, ?

  12. So between Robbie & IN you reckon about 14 players should depart from Ibrox yeh. Ahh that’s not including Murty either btw and a new Management team too.

    As stated they’re not Rangers class and never will be going by the many. My question is this where in the good name of Govan are Rangers getting the investment? Season Ticket sales wouldn’t even look at covering that lot. You’re looking at easy 30 million spend to improve the standards you’re demanding.

    Some of that money would also be used to pay off existing contracts in full if they can’t get buyers. A double hit as the Club won’t make a penny from what they’ve invested in to date on those players.

    So for that amount of investment they have to win the league and have a good run in Europe. Ohh and win more than half the OF games that’s a must. Not doing so would be deemed a failure by the masses and they’d have to rip it all up and start again…Can anybody see a bit of a theme here?

    Answers on a postcard please 🤔

    • Bawbag

      Totally agree. We have to accept that paying people to go away is not feasible. Then that there is a limit to the numbers we can get in. So we will be limited to those whose contract end, those who we get offers for and those who can be encouraged to go and find work elsewhere.
      Then, we can bring people in to replace them. But we must accept that commanding centrebacks who are good in the air and on the ground, can read the game and find a teammate with a pass, and mature enough(26-29) are not available for nothing(our transfer budget) That is why we have to make do and mend and gradually improve the team.
      We made a very good start in January. I would like to see us keep Cummings and Murphy and return Martin, only if we can find someone similar and better that we can afford. I wish we had kept Wilson.

      Goss I would return unless we can get him cheap. We have a lot of good kids coming through who need game time. Please don't buy any more midfielders until we get rid of some. But we could do with one solid, experienced guy to lock the midfield(I would rather McCrorie bedded into central defence with Bates in the absence of a better option)

      Apart from CB, I think we would do well to get McBurnie and Cummings and make sure we have cover on both wings. That would do for the summer. If we had a better central defence or holding midfield(Jack) we would lose fewer goals. We are already outscoring Celtic, so that would get us right back in the picture

    • SWH that’s the proper way to look at it mate! It’s a building process we take that much away from the foundation and the building will collapse. I’m in agreement regards the defence and McCrorie going back to CB but if needed an emergency DM.
      Midfield you’ve nailed it we don’t need anymore as Jack & Dorrans will be back. Be like two new signings almost. We need to promote from within that’s why the Development Team is there. Middleton will be looking to make the first Team this season coming too.
      McBurnie Hardie Morelos and Cummings would be plenty. That said keeping them all happy you can’t if we only play with one upfront shite.
      So two class CB’s and a bloody good GK.

      Then it’s who’s going to be Manager who will work with MA

    • Looks like we agree on defence, I agree with you on McCrorie. He can fill in DM in emergency, need 4 CBs anyway.
      Agree Jack and Dorrans will be like 2 new signings next season. As you say, Middleton can cover LW, Atakayi covers RW. Give them a run out before summer to be sure.
      Again, I agree that there is a limit to number of strikers you can keep happy. Playing Morelos w Windass in behind works just now, but doesn't work for Cummings. I don't know about Hardie, McBurnie seemed to do ok last night with little support. Windass has done well although seems to disappear in some of the bigger games, like Celtic after scoring. May not be his fault, could be service, I am not qualified to say. But if we start with those 5, your 4 and Windass, then we are well covered even if we lose Morelos. If we also lose Windass to England, we would need to get a fourth in.
      Against smaller teams in Scotland, if we have good DM, Dorrans can play at the front of a midfield diamond with 2 strikers. Not in the tougher games admittedly.
      As for manager, I have been a Murty supporter on grounds of continuity and accepting a new manager would not guarantee success but would demand millions in wages and transfer budget. Money we don't have. I was disappointed that Rodgers out-thought him and then Clarke did too. But to be fair to Murty, his background is as a coach. We brought in Jimmy Nichol to provide the nous while Murty learns. It is him I am angry with, he should have been shouting in Murty's ear when they went down to 10 men.
      MA will find the right people to come in, I ahve confidence in that. So we only need a coach and nous. If Jimmy Nic doesn't have Murty's ear, get someone else in to do that job. Frankly, right now we can't afford a new manager and another overhaul of the staff he would want. Still have to lose Pedro's failures:-(

    • SWH Murty isn’t perfect far from it but I still think he’s done a better job than the last two. If we’d beaten Celtic and Killie every man and his dug would’ve been saying give him the job..He’s brought stability back at the end of the day when it was badly needed. Everybofy keen to point out how bad our home form has been, yet our away form has been great. As for the rip it up start and start again brigade it just shows how fickle the Rangers support really are..You rightly stated we’re out scoring teams just sort the defence out and we’re onto a solid footing for next season. Until then it’s up the players to beat that mob in the Cup 🔴⚪️🔵

  13. I have a wee feeling Kenny Miller may still have an important goal to score…maybe at Hampden. Don't think he's done just yet. You'll all love him then…

  14. Can you lot stop fueling this argument put by selic fans that we don't have any money. The board didn't take the £8, 9 or 11M for Morelos because they have the money situation in hand…some how. They gave the mad Pedro money to burn and backed the Breadman so cut them a bit of slack. They are not the greatest but from a money point of view they have 'mostly' done ok.
    Stop helping those muppets across the Clyde poke fun at us!

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