Murty makes surprise admission ahead of Celtic clash


Graeme Murty has made a surprise admission ahead of Sunday’s crunch Old Firm encounter, making a confession that may take some fans aback, while most would probably regard it as common sense.

The Rangers manager admitted that Sunday is as much a voyage of discovery for him as anything, by revealing that he really is not entirely sure what will happen when Celtic come to town.

In a curious testimony, the boss claimed he was looking as forward as the fans to seeing what these players would produce against Celtic, when he said:

“I’ll be very interested to see how they perform next weekend.”

There are a number of ways to interpret this; firstly he is just stating a fact by admitting this is a pretty new Rangers team and regime and the biggest test is of course facing Celtic – we are all rather intrigued to know how our charges in Govan stand up.

But another is that Murty is playing mind games – by implying he is not even sure how well Rangers will play on Sunday, it suggests he has some doubt over victory, and that kind of submissive approach obviously is not the Rangers way.

Yet we know fine well Rangers are riding high right now and, without arrogant complacency, are confident of going one better than Murty has previously managed.

Either way, Rangers’ manager goes into this one with a stronger case for a win than any single Old Firm match for a long time, and we cannot wait.


  1. Personally Gran just layed down the gauntlet to his players… his work is done the moment they step on the pitch and is up to them to prove what they can do

  2. Looking for something out of nothing with that lads… He’s put a marker down to the players – show me what you can do against Celtic…

    I honestly believe that the trio of Murty Jimmy & JJ will have the troops firing on all cylinders come Sunday.. 2-1 Rangers

  3. GM is sometimes too candid for his own good. Needs to be a little less forthcoming with the press. All part of the learning curve.

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