Graeme Murty has a big problem for Celtic


If yesterday’s demolition of Falkirk taught us one thing, it is that Rangers have genuine selection headaches for next Sunday’s Old Firm clash.

They are numerous but the one which has reared its head now is that of the seemingly undroppable Jason Cummings.

As manager Graeme Murty said himself:

“How can I drop a player who’s just scored a hat trick?”

Indeed. Cummings was clinical, electric, and once again took his chance to impress – and succeeded immeasurably – and showed the ability to play on the left and through the middle, something we proposed Murty might try for Celtic in order to accommodate Cummings should Jamie Murphy not make it.

The on-loan Brighton man near-certainly will make it next weekend, which takes up a slot. Josh Windass, admittedly having a quieter match yesterday out of position on the left, is sure to seize a slot again – he is completely indispensible to Rangers at the moment.

The debate about Cummings’ place has to centre on Alfredo Morelos and Daniel Candeias – and yet this is another tough one – Candeias’ assists have been astonishing this season, but he did struggle for pace in the first Ibrox Old Firm this season against Tierney. Meanwhile Alfredo Morelos is either on his game or is not – when he is, he scores for fun and plays for the team. When not, he goes into a huff and forgets his colleagues. The first one is undroppable, the second one not so much.

But regardless, it is Graeme Murty and Jimmy Nicholl’s call to make – Cummings has made a massive case for inclusion and we cannot see any justification in dropping him at all.

Personally we believe it is a team game. It is about the whole squad and not just the XI who start. Ergo, one of those big four front men should take a place on the bench with grace, and our call would be Morelos.

If he does not start, he will be aching to get on and prove he should have. Use him if he is needed, after all he has already experienced the Old Firm and Cummings has earned his shot at it.

Candeias and Tavernier have become too symbiotic to break that up, while Murphy will be bleeding blue to give his all – putting Windass through the middle in his favoured slot will surely see much more from him in his current stunning form than the disappointments he has served up before in this particular fixture.

And have all of them feeding Cummings – if this lad gets chances he WILL bury them. And we know Morelos has missed quite a few massive chances against the green and white.

Either way though, we are glad we are not the ones tasked with making the call!

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  1. OMG are U insane drop Morelos???
    Cummings on the bench and if Morelos isn't doing it then he comes on.
    Getting a bit excited here, we were playing a team 3rd bottom of the championship.
    Murty will stick to 4-2-3-1.
    It Works!!!!!

  2. Don't agree re Morelos. He has good days and bad days, but he never has a day when he does not commit, challenge defenders, link up/hold up play and generally make two central defenders wish they had taken the day off. Whether he scores or not.

    That is not to knock the alternatives, I like all of our forwards. Well, excepting the obvious ones who are marking time until the summer (Herrera, Dodoo, I'm looking at you!!) I don't know who will be picked, who will play. My one concern would be about Cummings up front on his own. He is used to playing in a two at Hibs, so I would be worried about whether he could handle the physicality of two centre backs taking turns slamming into him. Morelos is happy if they both come to him at the same time!

    But I am confident that our manager will make the right choice and, as you say, the fourth choice will be half on the bench, half off it screaming for a chance to get at them:-)


  3. Anyone else notice the face morales pulled when Cummings got his 3rd yesterday .. he didn’t look to happy about it, more looked as though he had just noticed Cummings has taken his place 😂

  4. If you start Cummings against Celtic then it has to be for Morelos which is a big call. Rangers were purring and playing free flowing football against St Johnstone which was not the case yesterday against Falkirk. Morelos was crucial to that performance in Perth his work and movement off the ball dragging defenders all over the place to create the space for others to score. Cummings is the best finisher in the box – but as you say football is a team game and others have to get the ball into the box. For the moment it’s Cummings on the bench for me.

  5. If Murphy is fit it's a simple choice – Morelos or Cummings. Both had the opportunities to score against lower league opponents yesterday and Cummings took his. – Morelos seemed to have the face on again. That said, Morelos has been scoring against SPL sides all season – Cummings doesn't have that track record. Nice to see GM having selection problems and I'm sure he'll call it right…….

  6. They are there for the taking Selltic are on the rocks we need to be one and bring the house down with a 2 or 3 zero win,that would make my day,the selltic players look like they do not know each other now,a good thing for us brown is crap as are most of there line up now,go get them and teach them and tell them this is how it will be.

  7. I'm desperate for Cummings to do well but….Rangers come 1st…we MUST play Morelos. He will terrorise their whole defence every minute he's on, just got to hope he can put away any chances. Candeias is also a must his work rate, his partnership with Tav will be vital against their left hand side. Big decisions in defence aswell, who is partnering Bates? Alves or Martin? Fingers & toes crossed for Murphy and John!

  8. Morelos, or more importantly his agent, knows that two good performances against Celtic in the League and Cup will get him the big money move to the EPL in the summer. He will be playing out of his skin to impress against Celtic. Murphy has to play if fit, which allows Windass to move centrally, Morelos can bully the Celtic CB's and Cummings comes on at 60/70/80 minutes, depending on the scoreline.
    Next season Jason will be a guaranteed start after Morelos goes, but for now the only real selection issue is who to play at Centre Back – Martin or Alves. That's Murty's big problem decision.

  9. Morelos has got to start. I reckon he will bully comper easy. Plus he's been play great recently, his movement and threat for defenders has helped windass. Bring on Cummings after 60 odd minutes to tear a bullied tired defence apart. I can't wait, we're younger, finally look strong and have hunger to score lots of goals. Bring it

  10. Murty's strength has been his consistency of selection and getting the team to gel. can't see him changing too much. important John is back in at left back as although Halliday did well on Sunday can't see him dealing with Forrrests pace.

    gk foderingham
    rb tavanier
    lb john
    CB Bates
    CB Martin
    rm candias
    lm Murphy
    cm Goss
    cm docherty
    10 windass
    fwd morelos


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