Saturday, 31 March 2018

Former Ibrox star close to summer manager switch; reports

If you believe what you read, and of course, who wouldn’t believe everything on Ibrox Noise, Rangers have made their decision with regards a manager for next season.

And it sure as heck won’t be Graeme Murty.

Rumours online the past month have kept circulating with regards Frank de Boer, who was very much in the mix the last time Rangers had a vacancy, and our information is he is indeed very interested in the job.

In fact, he even went public with his interest before Murty secured the position:

“As a player, I played for a while (at Rangers) and the atmosphere was fantastic, you never know if I will go back, we have to look at the possibilities, but they have not contacted me yet.”

In short, if Rangers do step up their reported interest in Frank, it’s a pretty sure thing he’d take the job.

Is he good enough? His managerial CV is mixed – outstanding at Ajax, dismal at Inter and Palace. Rangers are most similar, currently, to Ajax – a sleeping European giant who still expect to win every match in a weaker league.

De Boer’s record there was superb, but he was unable to replicate it in Italy, and while Jose’s words were harsh, he probably does come close to being the worst manager in EPL history in London. But then look how bad Diego Forlan was at Old Trafford before becoming extraordinary at Villarreal and Atletico. Different environments, different performances.

The truth is Rangers need someone who understands this club, this league, and the demands of both – someone who has experienced both sides of the game and can relate to the fans.

De Boer is a very smart and intelligent man, who is probably a better coach than his post-Holland career suggests – but as with it all, he needs the right job.

Whether that is Rangers is unknown, but an old Rangers hero coming back to take the reins would be appreciated and get the excitement flowing far more than any of the last three appointments.

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