Thursday, 29 March 2018

Does excellent news coming out of Ibrox solve a big problem?

Defensively speaking, Rangers fans haven’t had their problems to seek recently. With two defeats on the trot, and an unconvincing rearguard plaguing matches, the backline has been the major Achilles heel of the team, with none of Bruno Alves, Fabio Cardoso or Russell Martin convincing much at all, while David Bates sits out with injury.

Which is why Ross McCrorie’s return could not have been more timely.

While being shaped into a defensive midfielder, the Rangers Academy graduate also impressed hugely in front of goal, and, weaker performance aside, was looking like developing into a fine defensive minded player, be it centre half or in the engine room of midfield.

Which is why his return, at a time where Rangers’ options for the defensive pairing are absolutely flaccid, is an especially welcome one.

It is clear McCrorie is being moulded into a defensively flexible player, one who can fill in effectively either in the middle of the park or at the rear, and with none of the fit options being especially impressive, it really is McCrorie’s time to return to the team and cement his place.

In truth, Greg Docherty has absolutely nailed the defensive midfield slot – McCrorie would not be justified in replacing him. And Sean Goss still has much to offer in a creative sense, even if his recent displays have been less spectacular. McCorie doesn’t have that side of the game at his disposal.

But defence is an eyesore, and is aching for someone to come in and put their foot down – McCrorie has shown all the potential in the world and fans are delighted to see him back – frankly we would not be against him starting on Saturday, we know just how badly Alves and Cardoso coped there on the opening day of the season, and perhaps McCrorie and Martin could well be the best option Rangers have.

Naturally we have been critical of Martin, for the simple reason he’s been poor – but perhaps the partnership of he and McCrorie could be the one that actually works?

Of course, it’s conjecture. Trial and error. We cannot know what works and what doesn’t till we try it – but one thing is for sure;

Rangers are a far stronger prospect for having Ross McCrorie as a fit again option in the first half of the field.

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