Another Rangers media whitewash…

Another Rangers media whitewash…

For the first time since before 2012, Rangers have had three call ups to the national squad. A couple occasions have seen two, notably Lee Wallace and Ian Black, and Lee Wallace and Barrie McKay, but unless the memory fails, this is the first time in recent memory a trio has been selected.

Grounds for pretty big news, right?

Not at the national broadcaster it isn’t. The UK’s state channel completely whitewashed the trio selected for Scotland and focused only on the six first-time call ups and those who had been (and hadn’t) selected from Celtic.

They completely, 100% and entirely erased any significance with regards Rangers.

As we know the BBC and Rangers have had a chequered history in recent times, with a litany of offences causing friction – their coverage of us has been questionable at times, and while they are not banned from Ibrox, one of their employees is, meaning the rest have boycotted matches there.

And as the latest in a long line of petty incidents, when Alex McLeish’s Scotland squad for Hungary and Costa Rica was announced, they completely ignored the Rangers aspect of the selection and mentioned the Celtic aspect instead with Scott Brown’s retirement and Leigh Griffiths and Craig Gordon’s injuries.

The selection of Jason Cummings, Jamie Murphy and Russell Martin simply did not register, and comically there was only one more pick from Celtic Park overall with four coming from Parkhead to Ibrox’s three.

Technically we could say Celtic’s Ryan Christie too but he is an Aberdeen player right now; the point is once again the BBC refuse to put forth positive (or any) news about Rangers unless it is negative, and as a supposedly neutral broadcaster it really is about time they got off their high horse, gave an apology with regards the banned reporter and this silly nonsense could be put to bed.

We accept Rangers and the BBC will never get on, but it is beyond absurd to have this stand off, and the more the BBC carry it out, the more ridiculous it becomes.

The fact the entire staff of Pacific Quay apparently have to boycott Rangers because of the actions of one reporter really is quite bizarre.

Shall we just all grow up, lads?

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  1. They will probably get booed and if they do, Rangers should pull the carpet and withdraw our players. Mark my words, booed they will, such is the hate that emanates from so called tartan army.

  2. The 3 players are not Rangers players. All 3 are loanees.
    Martin is always in the scotland squad, so why should it be mentioned?
    Scotland & the sfa can get to fuck

  3. When are people and so called biased pundits going to realise the club they play is rangers it's not Servco or anything else and as for our own supporters jumping on our players back is not constructive we get enough bad media from other quarters we always faced a long shot beating them we must get behind them for the rest of the season and the semi final I was surprised not to see a celtic player selected for the next international friendly Scotland need to be more forward thinking in the team selection I'd also like to see Alex looking to the lower divisions for the cream of the crop to represent the national team we have some good players in the lower ranks it may prove fruitful when you don't have so many egos why should it only be the premier league to represent the national team we are a small nation we need to consider all options .

  4. sent this complaint to bbc. the fact that you have the rights to broadcast rangers home football matches yet refuse to do so is in violation is in violation of the rights of rangers supporters?you are in dispute with rangers football club not with glasgow rangers supporters? therefore you should give up the rights to broadcast glasgow rangers home games.this would allow any other private radio station to broadcast the games. BBC REPLY we stand by the integrity and the quality of our journalism. we are disappointed that rangers continue to ban one of our reporters ibrox.we continue to discuss a resolution of this matter the club but until this is resolved we will not be sending journalists to ibrox or attending rangers press conferences.we will continue to report on rangers both on and off the pitch and will feature match action where appropriate.—————-i also sent a message to spfl but i have no reply.

    • I sent a similar complaint when BBC Radio Scotland covered other matches when Rangers played Aberdeen, Hibs and Hearts, easily the matches of that day. I argued that I am a license player too and should have my club represented. I got exactly he same reply as Janette which was effectively a fob off. Maybe more fans should make their feelings known.

  5. as licence payers all Rangers supporters must ask the BBC why they fail to be balanced when reporting on Rangers. Also they should be called to question regarding their childish self imposed ban of Ibrox and failure to address the issue with their employee. They are supposed to be a broadcaster for the people and we are the people.

  6. I have commented numerous times about the BBC not providing tv licence paying Rangers fans with proper coverage of ‘positive’ ‘footballing’ coverage Andy it should be a strong worded letter delivered to the Director General and head of BBC Scotland and copied to all paper press, Rangers forums to request an internal and external investigation is carried out to highlight and remove the bias shown by the UK’s national broadcaster, after all we pay our contribution whether we want to or not through the tv licence fee.
    Maybe a draft e-mail, worded by someone scholastic, possibly a lawyer to ensure the complaint is within legal jargon then forwarded through Ibrox Noise and other Rangers minded forums and for us to inundate the DG and Scottish equivalent with these e-mails, letters, texts and a sneaky e-mail to STV, Sky and BT to praise them on their fairness, (even if it isn’t true).

  7. The front page headline of the sun was Celtic player ambushed at the airport Hartson squeals disgraceful treatment of Sinclair Russell Martin gets abused by unwashed supporters merits only a few lines on page 20 of another paper Hartson says nothing the media is polluted with people who hate us How can people or should I say bampots like Sutton and Hartson get away with their campaigns of hatred and bigotry towards us We dont seem to have anyone at Rangers to go forward and represent us and fight our corner

  8. We should not be amazed by this its endemic across all media to us …I say boycott I hardly ever watch any BBC scottish coverage ..Micheal Stewart another 2nd rater who hates Rangers…Fuck Them …Record the same

  9. Fact is it's our own fault how were treated wee gave these lowlife too much of a say ,in our country

  10. All Rangers Players Called up for Scotland should Boycott The Scotland Squad

    Bates…in Nr Future
    Martin, Wallace, Docherty, Dorrans, Jack, Cummings etc 👌👊💙

    (Agree with Don MacInnes)

  11. It's the oldest trick in the book,, a good balance of Rangers and shellic players in the squad means more fans through the turnstiles. As for the media, who cares!

  12. Just saw BBC Scotland news do an article on sectarianism in Scottish football. It started by saying that Scottish football is known for its support and passion (cue picture of Celtic fans).
    It then reports it has a dark sinister side (cue picture of Rangers fans).
    Am I being paranoid? Is it just a coincidence?
    Similarly the trailer for Sportscene shows a picture of a picture of the Celtic badge in praise of the Lisbon Lions. Rangers get a grubby Teddy Bear in front of a bin lorry. Subliminal messaging???
    Watch and see. So many bad reports start with pictures of Rangers fans and then use a disproportionate number of clips showing our fans as opposed to theirs.

  13. My previous post is at the end of an old dying post so may not be seen by many. I think more fans need to be aware of this sneaky style of reporting. Perhaps Ibrox Noise could do an article to bring supporters attention to it and keep an eye on it in future.

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