28-year old former German international defender available – should Rangers move?


If Rangers fans are agreed on one thing right now, it is that while attack and midfield are functioning better than they have for years, defence remains a real problem and no partnership has really worked since Danny Wilson left.

The-now Colorado stopper came onto one hell of a game last year but circumstances saw him move on, and unfortunately David Bates, Russell Martin, Fabio Cardoso and Bruno Alves have, between the four of them, failed to produce a truly convincing partnership and while Rangers’ rear frailties have not cost us too many points, it is certainly an area requiring looking at.

At this point, bringing in a new face to compete for a place would not be the worst idea, and Germany’s Philipp Wollsheid is a current free agent and entirely available to come in and help shore up defence.

The 28-year old former German international and Bayer Leverkusen centre-back has had a colourful and varied career, with peaks in Germany with both Leverkusen and Wolfsburg, and troughs with Stoke City and Metz.

But you simply do not make over a hundred appearances in the Bundesliga if you cannot play a bit, not to mention 50 in the EPL.

Recently-freed from Metz by mutual consent, Wollsheid is regarded as a technically excellent stopper, massive at 6ft 4 and while his physical frame is not as hefty as some defenders of his height, he makes up for it with intelligence and positional sense.

He is also noted for his passing range, something Rangers lost when Danny Wilson left – Bruno Alves is pretty decent at finding players up the pitch too, but another player with vision from deep would not be unwelcome.

He is a player who has lost his way having once looked like a real German future star in the making, and at only 28 would be aching to get a huge club like Rangers – the lad still clearly has ability, and would not cost the earth to bring in.

With only Bates, Martin, Alves and Cardoso to choose from, Rangers’ options at the back have seen better days and another fresh face to help raise the all-round level would be a shrewd move from the management.


  1. Watched Wollscheid at Stoke
    …Would be a quality signing if we could get him North! 😃👍👌

  2. Bates's distribution is pathetic. He is the worst of the quartet. A side pass to Taverner is his speciality and when that avenue is blocked, a speculative up field punt usually gives the ball to the opposition.

    • Don't agree. Do think his pairing with Martin is better than Alves. I'd have him for Sunday. He has a good distribution when getting the chance. I think booting it up front occasionally isn't a problem when it warrants it. Can handle the big games. Great young prospect.

  3. It puzzles me why you still think Wilson was any good. He was an average player at best! He was offered a contract by Rangers and turned it down, why? He wasn't getting enough money! Rangers identified correctly that he wasn't worth more money, so Wilson went to a place that he was getting more money! Never Rangers class.
    Now, to your main point. Philipp Wollsheid is just what we need at the back!
    Solid player and got the height we are screaming for!!

  4. On paper he sounds ideal. But what's been his issue? Has he been injured, rubbish, a stinking attitude or just found himself at the wrong club at the wrong time?

  5. You have forgotten about two others. Aidan Wilson is allegedly a great prospect. he will need game time to develop. Then there is another young prospect, anyone remember Ross McCrorie? Those two could be the future. The fear of this could be delaying Bates signing a new contract.
    Alves is the past, Martin may have a year or so in him but not too much. Cardoso is clearly not rated by Murty, who knows better than me.
    I don't know this guy, but I think we need two experienced guys to bring Bates, Wilson and McCrorie through. In case one is injured. I don't mind who they are, if this guy is good it could be him. But we may want to check why Metz don't want him. Do they have better?

    • No Scots, we hadn't forgotten – Wilson is away on loan at Dumbarton, and McCrorie's injury problems remain a serious issue and the prognosis is unclear. We wouldn't rely on the latter, but do hope his problems get resolved soon. Furthermore he's been shifted into DM anyway rather than CB. Putting him back to CB could hinder his development more than help it.


  6. For me get him tomorrow and playing Sunday!!!!

    Martin Alves Bates Cordoso can all leave come the summer.
    4 of them not good enough.
    Something we need to defo address in the summer.
    Young McCorie & Wilson and 2 others fighting for 2 places for me.

    Great John & Murphy going to make it Sunday.
    Can't wait me!!!!!
    🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 Queens XI 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  7. Watched Wilson play for Colorado just over a week ago. Got roasted! It was good that we let him go. No issue here I can tell you.

  8. "and unfortunately David Bates, Russell Martin, Fabio Cardoso and Bruno Alves have, between the four of them, failed to produce a truly convincing partnership"
    1- it aint even been 2 months since Dannny W left partnerships take time
    2-cardoso aint had a shot under murty hes still young could improve or go wouldnt bother me either way
    3-bates no nonsense defender he doesnt need to pass dribble or shot 'if in doubt boot it oot' thatl do for me!
    4-alves i could be wrong that no his first game bak fae injury against falkirk? hardly time t strike up a partnership!
    5- A Wilson hes here already!
    6- save the pennys and get S goss in long term contract please please please please please!! oh and morelos if at all possible.
    blue through an through

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