Why it’s time for a big change at Ibrox


While on the face of it, a 1-6 scoreline in favour of the away team is a pretty resounding accolade, one rank failure stood out head and shoulders above the rest yesterday and continued his currently atrocious form which has this season, by and large, been disappointing at best.

The fact is, Wes Foderingham is in lousy fettle, and not only that, but the glaring weaknesses of his game are being exposed even more than usual and the man is now costing us goals.

Some tried to admonish him of responsibility for John McGinn’s daisy cutter at Ibrox, and indeed the penalty, but that match highlighted just how poor Foderingham is playing and how weak his presence in the box has become.

While it may be harsh to criticise a player who was one of Rangers’ best last season, Wes’ form the past few months has been increasingly erratic – his wild misjudgements with cross balls are increasing, his footwork degrading, and his awareness reducing. The sight of him flapping wildly at aerial delivery is becoming more regular than we would like.

Add to that the fact his shot stopping, previously his strongest attribute, itself has seemingly worsened.

While Jak Alnwick was supposed to start yesterday but became unavailable for personal reasons, Foderingham’s presence instead was the clear weak spot in the team.

We have tried our best to avoid discussing the opening goal of the match, but that incident spoke volumes for where Foderingham’s game is at.

We need Alnwick in goal when he is available because when Russell Martin elected to clear the ball for a throw rather than a simple pass back to his number one, it gave some idea of how little confidence our defenders have in the man behind them.

Alnwick has only impressed given the chance, and good football management drops players when they are out of form. Jak deserves a shot in goal, and Wes needs a rest.

Wes is not immune. He is not invulnerable, and his number two came to Ibrox to give competition to him. Well, Fods is wilting under that pressure and now it is time for a change between the sticks.

You know what you must do Mr Murty.

NB: we see most disagree with us. So be it. We stand by this piece.


  1. Only bit I agree with is your admission may be harsh. You are forgetting Celtic away and Aberdeen at home when guy didn't get credit for his contribution. Negative article for me!

    • That’s 2 games he’s been outstanding to be fair. His rushing out to block shots is solid but the Hibs goal should never of happened. Everybody quick enough to say Windass is pish as he does nothing ( apart from scoring goals ). Would you be saying how great he’s been if we’d got beaten 1-0 yesterday GMan?

    • Didn't claim he was great. Just fed up with people climbing aboard our players after one mistake. No wonder they lack confidence at times!

  2. He’s been one of the stand out players for me this season. Some games we’ve won because of his saves. And I’ve been impressed with him at corners which was another weakness we seem to have fixed

  3. Think this is a bit harsh on 1 of our best performers this season. Sometimes fans are a bit quick to bring someone down rather than support them

  4. He is a good shot stopper. But at set plays,corners any situation that needs the goalkeeper to command his area he is weak. And when the ball gets played back to him he is weak in that area too. Sometimes his positional sense is off to. But I like big wes but for a club like rangers I think we need a keeper upgrade.

  5. It would’ve been easy for me to criticise Fod after the Hibs game trust me he was deserving of it. That McGinn goal was a disgrace full stop, I could see the point if the shot had the power of Albertz but it wasn’t even close….

    The opening goal was laughable to be honest something out of the Keystone Cops. As you wisely stated he’s not in good form at present so yes he should be dropped. I would be searching for a top GK during the Summer unless they plan to use young McCrorie after his loan spell away.

    A defence must have confidence in their goalie if that means getting Jak in then it’s a no brainier..

  6. Fuk Sake IN U want a baseball bat??

    Between the ball hitting a divot and the wind blowing it away whilst he was looking where John was. He hardly touched it and it's at his back post.
    He gets a free pass on that one from Me!!!

    Can't defend him with his windmill malarkey coming for balls holding up in the wind, should have just stayed in his 6 yard box.
    Our whole back 4 got caught under the ball yesterday , (nothing worse than when that happens U feel like like a real lump of wood.

    He came out well a few times and launched it when our defence got caught out.
    Every player on that park yesterday looked like a fanny at some stage,

    Fine Scottish Weather 🍭🍭🍭
    🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 Queens XI 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

    • Ps.
      Defenders Rule Book 101.

      Do not back pass at the net, try to find a angle for the keeper.
      That's why Martin played it out, experience is priceless!!🇬🇧

    • Scott.
      How do U work that out??
      Bates got 101 spot on gave him a angle. weather took over from there.
      In the article it's saying Martin was scared to play it back.
      Martin was at least 35 yards out dead central and a pass back would be straight at the penalty spot as Fods never moved to his left, the keeper also must play his part in making the angle
      Very dodgy at best in that conditions.
      Martin's decision spot on,

    • It was Fod that lost control of the ball putting it across his own goal, now you can use the weather and the pitch, but perhaps a lack of concentration was the key factor? Im not saying he’s had a bad season but that’s 2 bad errors on the bounce mate…

      Scott nailed you with blaming Bates btw 😜

  7. Wes has been outstanding this season and
    He has literally won us countless games especially his saves against Celtic and Aberdeen last month. How you can say Alnwick is better option is bizzare.

  8. Dutch International, Tim Krul, availa ble on a free in summer. 30 years old, 6"5 and has played in Scotland before with Falkirk.

    This would be a priority signing for me.

  9. I've never been entirely convinced by Wes but I've got to admit he has won me over with performances like he produced against the sheep and septic. It's way too harsh to be talking about dropping him, that would wreck his confidence! Let's support him, he's saved us so many times so a daft mistake is forgivable. Even "the goalie" made a couple of mistakes in his time! Mr Murty does know what to do…Wes in goals next game!

  10. His past saves and form don’t merit to keep him in the squad. It’s evident that he’s lost form. Anyone who says that he hasn’t has their eyes shut!

    I say give him a kick up the behind by dropping him for a game or two.

    No player should be undroppable!

  11. I'm of the opinion that he isn't costing us points. If I think he is, and consistently, then I'd agree that we need to look elsewhere. But I've got to say Wes has been pretty solid this season. No need to change for me

  12. The wind, snow and state of the pitch made all 22 players look like numpties at times. Morelos missed from 3 feet – he should be dropped too presumably?

  13. I have said in a number of forums over the last couple of seasons(so not just jumping on bandwagon)that Fod is the poorest goalie ive seen at Ibrox for years,we've had the likes of Woods,Klos and Goram in years gone bye and Fod is nowhere near good enough to be a Rangers goalie !!!

  14. I'm not a big Wes fan most games he is a good shot stopper and gets down most times …The Hibs game was poor… The Great Goram was no commander of his box either cause he had class in front of him and was always protected in the air.. I do think we need another keeper of better class than Jay Alnwick sorry to give us an option ..Not sure this is the time to be worrying about Wes the team are really on the up

  15. Imo Wes has improved from last season and looks the best keeper in the league. Totally agree with the fact the pitch and conditions were honking making more than Wes look foolish. One or two outfield players were also to blame for the McGinn goal in a game where the team didn't play well. I also agree that an experienced keeper should arrive in the summer for healthier competition.

  16. Imo Wes has improved since last season and looks the best keeper in the league. As others have said the pitch and conditions were honking and made more than Wes look foolish. There were outfield players also to blame for the McGinn goal in a game where the team didn't play well. I also agree an experienced keeper should arrive in the summer for healthier competition.

  17. We have been spoiled at Ibrox over the years with some great goalkeepers- Woods, the Goalie, Klos, and Greegs – and Foderingham is not in the same class. Your article is completely harsh though – at 1-1 he pulled off a great save which you do not mention. Had that gone in for Ayer to take the lead we might just have struggled. Selective amnesia Ibrox Noise

  18. Actually i think he did us a favour makin an arse of the goal, because we seemed to be startin the game as per usual.if anything it actually wakened our ideas up ? I do admit ,he has two bad feet when it comes to controlling the ball on the ground,But he IS a good gk and has saved us from some shit performances.Mabaes hes lookin for a move ! !……

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