Why is Alfredo Morelos worth £11m?


With reports this morning that Chinese cracks Beijing Renhe are likely to bid a fifth time for striker Alfredo Morelos, it looks like Rangers’ board have played a blinder with this saga.

Instead of selling at the first bid it appears the sale, should it happen, could indeed be in the region of well over £10M. Whether it gets to our predicted amount of £15M is hard to say, but sell on clauses would be likely to achieve that down the line, and the latest reported figure is £11M with a claim of a ‘final offer’ plus add ons and aforementioned sell on clauses – probably taking it well beyond £15M in months or years to come.

Some have questioned whether this bid really exists, whether it is all a great big ‘fake news’ propaganda ploy – well, unless Morelos is in on it, why unsettle a free-scoring striker by making up bids?

Also, why did no one suspect the same about Craig Gordon to Sunderland, or Victor Wanyama to Spurs, or Van Dijk also to St Mary’s? Why? Because Rangers are judged in an entirely different way to everyone else in Scotland and the normal rules do not apply to us.

If a player goes to Hearts, no one bats an eyelid. When they go to Rangers, social media melts and the press have a field day.

Some have also questioned why Morelos was not worth this only a year ago when doing it already for HJK. Well that is simple – Rangers, with all due respect to the Finnish side, are a colossally bigger club with far more exposure, and the SPL is a better league too than the top flight of the Scandinavian nation.

So for him to do it here gets the attention in the way Finland just did not, and Jonatan Johansson had to skilfully scout from his homeland to unearth this gem.

This gem, folks, that is looking more and more like it will net Rangers an absolute boatload of cash.

We have to face reality that the striker wants to leave, and has clearly had his head turned, and we respect that – but it is evidently going to be on Rangers’ terms and for the money Rangers expect.

And we have no issue with that.


  1. Anyone who Wants Him?
    £12m Minimum
    Plus if he gets called up by Colombia, Has a decent world cup and scores a few goals
    £16.5m Minimum

    Quality from The Rangers Board! 👌

  2. Did anybody see Barry Ferguson on Peter & roughie TV show talking about Morelos?? According to Barry he's not a natural goalscorer and isn't the type of striker to get you 20 goals a season?? I couldn't believe what i was hearing, I played it back 3 times to see if I misheard him. Totally baffling from Barry. Morelos is a goal machine as far as I can see. If we could keep him for another season I think he would get over 40 goals with a years experience in Scotland and a good pre season behind him. (He's been playing non stop for about 2 years). After that we would be looking for £30 million!!

    • You’re joking me Stevie? Then again he’s still got the hump he’s not got a coaching job at Rangers! Morelos with a good pre season and a settled Team will be on fire next season defo 30 goals in him

    • Aye, still can't quite believe it myself, can't see where he is coming from with that 1. Morelos can't be far away from 20 already! I was desperate for Peter or roughie to question him on it but they just nodded dumbly as per.

    • Barry wants to shut the fuk up.
      Acting like a wee boy because he can't get a job at Ibrox.
      Barry ur not part of the 5 year plan deal with It!!

  3. The Jungle Jim’s are out in force in forums saying it’s all make believe and not true. You’d think with the sad parting of Liam Miller they’d have better things to do than obsess over a Rangers article….

    I say keep the Buffalo until after the WC. You can start to smell the fear though from that mob 🔴⚪️🔵

  4. If dumbellend is worth £40m then id be asking £90m for morelos… Clubs are falling over each other attempting to sign him from timmy&co i see 😂

  5. Of course he’s worth it. He scores goals. When you look at the prices that bang average players from other countries go for then he’s worth double it.

    Put it this way, if he keeps scoring this season for us (which he will) and gets called up to the full squad for the Colombian national team we can double or triple it. That’s the minimum going rate for a Colombian international striker 👍

  6. I agree, he's banging in goals for fun. But what worries me is this report about a loan from Close Brothers with two of our assets as security. What's that all about. If we need the money then sell Morelos now and get rid of that loan!

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