Thursday, 1 February 2018

Was this January loss avoidable?

Regular readers will know Ibrox Noise has always been a big fan of Danny Wilson. Unfairly castigated under Warburton, Wilson was a major scapegoat in years gone by, and it was not until literally November and December of 2017 that he finally got a run in the team under Graeme Murty and started to show his true value to the team.

The problem unbeknown to fans though was that thanks to his fringe value under the Bread Man then Pedro, Wilson was looking for a move away, and rumours had persisted about him switching to the MLS for quite some time.

In short, essentially by Murty’s account, Wilson gave up on ever getting a regular starting berth, and when it finally arrived under the new manager, Colorado had already made their move to bring him to USA. By then it was too late and Wilson’s mind was set.

How do we feel about his loss?

Truth? We are very disappointed in how it all panned out. We are unclear if he was offered a contract at Ibrox, and if so, whether rumours of an alleged offer being too low are remotely true; but if Murty is to be believed, Wilson’s mind was already in America regardless and he was set on the switch.

Wilson was onto a game at Ibrox, and suddenly became the first-pick defender for many fans. He was arguably future captain material too, but this appears to be a circumstance where after having suffered from fringe status for well over two years, Wilson had simply had enough of it.

He was better than that and he knew it, then showed it.

Some fans do have a sense of anger over him – after all, this is twice he has ditched Rangers and both are arguably a touch ignominious.

But from his point of view he spent around 28 months not being first pick until suddenly he was – by which point he had already given up on it ever happening and worked his way to pastures new.

It appears he had spent so long working on leaving, thanks to his squad status, that when he finally was important, it was too late and he and his family were set on the arrangements they had already made.

The whole thing is a bit sad. He and David Bates or Russell Martin could have been a reliable partnership for years, but that ship has sailed. Indeed, there are murmurs Murty knew this was on the cards and hence signed a CB captain in the Norwich stopper to partner Bates.

Truth be told if we were to spin a positive on this one, Wilson’s departure thins CB down neatly to Bates, Martin, Cardoso and Alves with youngster Aidan Wilson available too. The Portuguese pair remained at Ibrox in January and will probably be squad options, as the junior one was last night for the trip to Fraserburgh.

But the Danny Wilson and Rangers story is surely over permanently. Mind you, we said that about Kenny Miller too (!)


  1. Why can’t we take our managers word as truth? Stop looking for problems, he has clearly stated that Wilson has been wanting this when ped was in charge. At least Wilson has kept his word and still moved even though he was now a 1st team player for us

    1. Hi Stuart, we'd suggest you've maybe slightly misunderstood us here - we are taking Murty's word as truth, that's the point of the article. If you believe the press Wilson wanted more money and rejected us instead. Murty has corrected that.

  2. Wish him well. Another outcome of the Pedro disaster.

  3. I need to disagree with your assessment. I don't think Danny has "ditched" Rangers. He didn't do it the first time, the club got an offer for a young player they could not refuse. And this time around he has had an opportunity to go play in the states and move on with his career. On both occasion, in my opinion, there has never been a bitter divorce. He had run of bad luck especially under pedro. He got back in the team and played very well. And now the boy has decided to move on and play in the states. An opportunity the doesn't come around that often and one i, and many other rangers fans would wish him all the best for.

    1. We don't entirely disagree with this either - but some fans do, and that's the point. We don't really see him as ditching us, but that's the opinion of others hence how we phrased that. We are just sad how it ended.

  4. One thing is for sure, Danny Wilson is out for Danny Wilson, not Rangers FC!
    As you know from my previous article comments, Danny Wilson is never Rangers class and he never would have contributed enough for us to win the league. If you also look at his farewell comments when he thanked Rangers and "their" fans! says it all for me about his commitment to our club and fans!
    I do wish him and his family well, but he is certainly no loss to our team. Bruno (when fit) and Martin to be first choice for me. But Martin and Cardoso meantime.

  5. Is Danny Wilsons wife not American and she wished to return there makes more sense that some of the other reasons beengiven.

  6. Good luck to him, for me it was a family choice as well as a football one.
    As for Bates he's a woeful defender.
    He ball watches all the time and let's runner's waltz past him, his distribution is shocking.
    His ears must of been burning on Sunday Tavi & Martin gave him pelters the whole first half, don't care if he's 22 basics are U-15 level,
    Never be good enough and I wouldn't offer him a new contract.
    Alves & Martin for me all day long.
    Wilson & Cordoso back up.

  7. I think it show's just how much of an effect Pedro had on our homebased players morale. Miller , Moh , Wilson , McKay and Haliday (to name a few) where all treated poorly by Pedro and in turn Rangers. With no clear indication on who our manager will be come the summer it would be a gamble for Wilson to stay as the uncertainty surrounding us must be painful for the players. If a manager doesn't particularly like one of our players/assets then Rangers at top level need to handle the in and outs better. The situation with Pena is a good example. He didn't settle, Wasn't demoted to the youths but treated with respect by Murty who was probably happy to get rid of him short term but handled the press with class and respect of the player. Dumping MOH and clearly stating he wasnt welcome does nothing for the players morale , respect of the club and overall asset value. It's a shame wilson has left as he was finding form but i hope these lessons are being learned at board level.

  8. Good luck to him. End of story.

  9. Very sad. Always liked Danny as a player and he will be missed. He has every right to do what he thinks is best for him and his family. Wish him well.

  10. Gutted! He Left ... Like You Say was Future(C) Material and was Developing Excellently under Murty.

    Wish We Had Signed Hendry to Replace Him not Russell Martin


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