The ‘fake news’ of Alfredo Morelos


If the stories over the past two or three weeks have highlighted any one thing, it is genuine fear from the rest of Scottish football that Rangers are slowly creaking back towards the summit of our game.

For one, we now have a good bluenose as Scotland manager again, and believe you me, 99% of Scottish football is not happy at all about it. Mostly, the ‘he left us in the lurch’ nonsense is used as their case against him, despite the fact he is technically the most successful Scotland manager in history with incredible wins over the best team in the world and an all time high ranking with FIFA. Trust us, if he was a Celtic man, the game north of the border would be absolutely happy with him regardless of any ‘history’. That he is likely to Make Scotland Great Again has absolutely no relevance to these people.

But that is only part of the story; Scottish football is absolutely falling all over itself to claim the Alfredo Morelos saga is absolute fiction, that Rangers have made up a bidding war for reasons unknown to themselves, and that there is simply no way a free-scoring 21-year old Colombian who is top scorer here could possibly be worth £11M even though transfer fees have absolutely catapulted since the days when Celtic’s 23-year old free scoring Gary Hooper moved south for around £6M.

Even some of our own fans believe the story to be hogwash, as if the board is pulling the wool over our eyes.

And guess what – all the doubters may be correct. But is it not funny that this story must be fiction but every other player who moved to China for £stupid is perfectly above board? Is it not odd that immediately so many think it is all fabricated but did not have the same instant dubiety at the £9M for Craig Gordon, the £6M for Hooper, the £13M for van Dijk and the same for Wanyama?

No, because it is Rangers Scottish football immediately calls foul, lies, misdemeanours et al simply because they are genuinely concerned beneath the faux mockery that Rangers are actually starting to get somewhere and lo and behold we have a few assets on our hands?

This entry is not saying ‘we are back’ – we have a long way to go and we well know this. But it is comical watching our enemies fall over themselves to cry foul at the first step on our road to recovery because they do not want us anywhere near the second one.

My simple point to them is this;

In response to their issue of claiming Morelos cannot possibly be worth £11M and the story is fantasy, I suggest this;

How can, in this day and age of transfer fees going into the hundreds of millions, a free-scoring Colombian 21-year old NOT be worth £11M?

If Rangers sold the kid for £5M rival supporters would be laughing at woeful mismanagement and mocking the fact we sold our best asset for peanuts, kind of like they did with Barrie McKay.

We learned. And Scottish football will just have to deal with that.


  1. 100% Accurate! 👌

    £11.5m-£12m Min for Morelos
    When he gets called up for Colombia, has a decent WC and maybe scores a few we are looking at the £15-20mill Bracket!

  2. Totally agree the haterd towards anything rangers British or England in this country is an absolute joke. Alex had being giving the job and we should all get behind the team.. morelos is worth 11m any day of the week its just anti hating rangers fans that think he isn't this boy wi be a star in the future. Just wait and see.

  3. The thing that really gets me is they the whole of Scottish football watches our every move. They scrutinise everything rangers related. You would think they would concentrate on what’s going on at their own clubs rather than obsess over ours. We might not be back yet but we’re definitely on the right road, and that scares them…

  4. look,,we all know Morelos is an average player, possibly worth 3 mill at best ?…but if the chinese are that stupid, well hey ho……i really don't think they're that stupid though…the whole Morelos story is down to traynor and making us look ridiculous………………

  5. I think its hilarious reading through our sites and then reading all the deluded timmy comments rendering this as bullshit… Pure raging because ther star strikers worth £40dem and NOBODY wants him…. Fail fail WATP 😎

  6. The eastend mob have had it relatively easy for the last 6 years or so and they now see that the famous are coming back!They wanted a challenge they said for the sake of their european escapades and for the sake of scottish football!Well BHOYS the news is "WE'RE COMING" and you guys know it!!

    • No the east end mob have not had it relatively easy for the last six years,they've had it VERY easy and when it starts to change just wait for the paranoia to start.

  7. The good thing i see happening here at our football club fellow bears,is that we're tying down our top players,on new longterm contracts!This of course benefits both the club and the player concerned!If another club wants to sign the likes of josh windass,james tavernier,fredo morelos etc,then they're going to have to pay big money to make us sell them!Our DOF mark allen is doing sterling work here,regarding this!!A point about josh windass fellow bears!I hold my hands up here,as i've been critical of him,regarding some performances,when i've thought he's hid in certain games,but i have always maintained,that without doubt,he's a talent!He's becoming more consistent with better workrate now and of course is adding goals to his game,playing in his favoured false no.10 role( inside from his previous wide left position)!Let me state firstly i'm not saying he's anywhere near the level of gareth bale,but i really do think that windass is OUR equivalent to gareth bale!He is our gareth bale as he's now playing the same role for rangers as bale plays at real madrid!Windass has similar attributes to bale,although NOT in the same level,ie.he's a very powerful runner with the ball,he commits opposition players,he can finish,is very direct taking defenders on!So IMHO now,josh windass IS the glasgow rangers equivalent to gareth bale!What do all other fellow gers supporters think,regarding my point here and what do you think also,ibrox noise??Hopefully a nice,friendly debate here guys!!

  8. They simply can’t help themselves, I pity them if truth be told but that said I find it FAF 😂😂

    The lengths they’ll go to and come out with their 💩talk it’s beyond obsession. Tommy Trinder and those other half wits in the Sun comments section are comical…

    The Sheep bottled it again today, time to put the foot on the gas Rangers the morra.. It's not over till it’s over 👊🔴⚪️🔵

  9. A perfect example of the attitude of the media etc towards us was Alfies miss against Ayr was highlighted as the worst ever since van vossen not a word about the miss that Sinclair had at the piggery 2 weeks ago when he hit the crossbar when standing more or less underneath it with the goalie at the other end Good luck to big Eck he will need it with the shite that he has to pick a team from and Liewells cronies et all

    • Sinclair's was miss of the season from what I heard it was that bad..One tabloid said of Alfs miss it was 1 yard out and another said 3 yards out..Both at the game and can’t even get their story straight either..Big Eck will do well I think

    • Need another big performance today from the troops. 3 points back to second and keep the pressure on them at the top. Things are starting to take shape nicely under Murty and the Team but they can’t let up 👊🔴⚪️🔵

  10. Good articles and I put everybody…yes they all hate us ..but we are on the way back …and when we get the league it will be so satisfying to stick it right up the lot WATP GSQ

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