Summer targets?


If one thing punctuated the second half of 2017, it was the ‘January window’ phenomenon. That is, Rangers failed to sign the likes of Louis Moult, Jamie Walker, Lewis Morgan, Kenny McLean, Tyler Roberts and Steven Naismith in the summer of last year and instead they were posited as strong January acquisitions.

Indeed, for the remainder of the previous 12 months, fans looked ahead to these guys and more arriving, and while most are pleased with the work Rangers did last month, it cannot have failed to come to attention that not a single noteworthy target actually came in – as in, none of those around whom such hype had been generated.

Moult went to Preston, Roberts to Leeds, Walker to Wigan, Naismith to Hearts, Morgan to Celtic and McLean to Norwich.

This is not to diss our work last month – as said already, most of us are very happy with who we got.

The problem is for the first time in as long as we can remember, we have absolutely no idea who the targets for the next window are, as all those we did not get have gone elsewhere.

Sadly, most of the discussion with regards the next window centres on striker Alfredo Morelos and the near-inevitability he will leave for pastures new. As long, of course, as Rangers get a pretty penny for him. The only other chat is whether the likes of Bruno Alves and Fabio Cardoso will stay beyond May.

Where it comes to boosting the squad we could not even begin to tell you who Mark Allen is looking at. We do not even know who our manager will be hence excluding Graeme Murty from the previous sentence.

So, while there is a sense of some slight improvement following the January window, (Hibs loss aside) for Rangers to take the next step in becoming the clear ‘second best’ in Scotland will take a real upgrade in player standard.

And as yet we have absolutely zero idea who the board, Mark Allen and possibly Graeme Murty have on the horizon as new recruits this summer.

Some might argue that what was done in January itself requires time and settling in before we even look to the summer, but for Rangers to get back to what we should be, the work should never rest on its laurels and pat itself on the back – we must keep striving.

We just hope the powers that be have some credible players in mind to secure in the next window, so we have more to be excited about.


  1. So many possibilities regarding the Summer transfer window it’ll be the Rangers Hookie Cookie. All depends on how well this squad performs from now until May under Murty.

    Another 2 defeats in the league and it’ll be game over for his chances long term as Manager. It’s who the next Manager will be in that case?

    Midfield area is strong, Defence for me needs strengthening a new top GK and more cover for RB and another CB once Alves leaves in the Summer. Attack we need a physical striker to pair with either Cummings or Alf if not sold.

    We don’t need a lot to add to this squad to make it better. Just improving home form that’s all..
    Oh aye sign Goss that’s a must…

    • Agree with all points. I think spend similar amount of money to what was spent last summer (8-10m) on 4 quality players (goalie, CB, RB and Forward) and we should challenge.

      I'd consider pushing boat out for McGinn as well. If any SPFL team (Celtic excluded) has a player who regularly performs well against us, and is better than what we have already, then we should be targeting them. It's what we used to do to great effect…

    • BT no denying McGinn is a top player and has huge potential for the future not just at Club but International level too… But being honest could you honestly see him signing for us?
      I do agree 4 quality players is about the maximum we need to add… Granted more shall be leaving than coming in, can see a few players getting a pay off to leave…

  2. One that is just is mulumbu from killie he's been amazing since he signed.we have too look for wing backs hot son is a wage thief Wallace getting on end more than likely tag being sold Oxford from west ham would be a shout get the loan signings on permanent deals maybe a few top class youngsters I would be happy definitely get hardie signed up I a long term

  3. 2 defeats and Murty will be gone Baebag?

    I'd be astonished if there aren't.
    The competition is still tough because of long term injuries and clings one like Alves, Cardoso and Halliday, Dodoo and Forester take up parking spaces.

    The guys, BawB such as Cummings look far from ready yet imo
    Hope I'm wrong.
    I still can't see the sheep beating us for second tho


  4. For me how its how many are getting shipped out, I can see 10 to 13 being flogged come the summer.
    Don't know how long Pena's loans for but he's getting shipped back here unless we can offload him.
    Be very surprised if our old boss has a job come Monday morning. Booed off the park again at home 0-2. ffs more Pena!!

    I honestly don't think the board will offer Murty the job. My reasoning behind that is they offered it to someone else already and were willing to pay 1M for his services. That and all the loan deals for me speaks volumes and makes total sense.
    If that's the case a new manager will defo want his input!

  5. I don't think Murty will be handed the job permantly so much will depend on who comes in as Manager. We need someone with experience and gravitas. This is too big a club to learn on the job. I still have a sneaking feeling that Michael O'Neill may take over in the summer – he's turned down the Scotland job, not yet signed a new contract with N. Ireland, and could just be the reason that Jimmy Nichol has reappeared at Ibrox to assess the squad ahead of O'Neill joining at the end of the season.
    All of that aside Rangers can head in to the summer window with the emphasis on quality as opposed to quantity for the first time in many a year. If we can sell Morelos for around the 10 million mark – this money should be reinvested in 3/4 players around the 2/3 million mark. If we can also save on the wages for the likes of Krancjar, Alves then this will also help to pay for quality. The big danger to our rebuilding plans still comes from Mexico. Caixhina is being found our for the fraud that he is once more and I seriously doubt that he will be in the job by the end of the season which may mean that Pena turns up at Ibrox again. Getting rid of Pena and Herrera for good is a matter of priority.

  6. Dexter.
    U looking over my shoulder??
    Could be on the money with the Irish Brigade!!

    Mexico defo a big problem now.
    First job in the summer get shot of Cheech & Chong and sign Goss!

  7. I've said on here before we can't solve our problems over one window. We should aim for gradual improvement rather than forever trying to solve all our problems in one fell swoop. It rarely works. I think a couple of quality players in the £3-4 million bracket would make a huge difference to us. Add a couple of good Bosmans (Mulumbu looks ideal) to the mix and we can push Ceptic closer.

  8. There's talk of James Mcarthur signing for us in the summer, he's out of contract at the end of the season,worth 5 million and he's a blue nose through and through and wants to sign for us…..No Surrender….

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