Should Rangers make move for former £9M free agent star?

Should Rangers make move for former £9M free agent star?

It cannot be denied that January’s transfer window was pretty impressive. We were all happy here at Ibrox Noise with the work done, especially Jason Cummings and Greg Docherty, but we were more than a little surprised no supplements were secured for either fullback slot.

While on paper Rangers have four, in the form of Declan John, James Tavernier, Lee Wallace and Lee Hodson, few supporters are entirely content with the depth in this position.

Lee Wallace is perennially unfit, and getting on a little, while Lee Hodson will never be much more than squad filler for both flanks. Declan John has impressed at left back but if he or Tavernier sustain an injury, Lee Hodson and Lee Wallace are possibly not adequate enough replacements.

While we have no answer in this piece for left back, there have been murmurs over one ex-Ranger who has been confirmed as a free agent come May, and who is currently in outstanding form for his present employer.

Alan Hutton left Rangers in 2008, breaking so many fans’ hearts given he was by some distance our best player at the time. He has had a nomadic career in England ever since, with spells at Villa, Spurs, Sunderland and Bolton, while even finding himself in Mallorca for a time.

The 33-year old right back remains a Bear at heart, with stories of his occasional trips back north to support the Famous, and while he is evidently past his absolute best, his tremendous form is evidence he still has something.

Reportedly the only reason Villa are letting him (and anyone else out of contract) go is to remain above Financial Fair Play rules, which means if Rangers are wise, Graeme Murty and Mark Allen would make re-signing such a fine player an absolute priority.

It would be an excellent start to the summer, knowing a good quality ex-player was coming back, one who knows what Rangers are all about and who has made his money in football therefore presumably could accept a slightly lower wage.

If Hearts can nab both Naismith and Lafferty, Alan Hutton is absolutely not beyond Rangers.

Defence certainly needs one more experienced player – Tavernier, Bates and John are all fairly young and a seasoned campaigner like Hutton would be another excellent signing boost for the Light Blues.

We know there will be competition for his services, but Hutton is one of us – if we make the move for him, we are sure to be high priority.

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  1. Would rather see a young player signed. Long-term solution. Unless Tav gets sold then Hutton would be a decent short term replacement. Note that Martin can also cover right-back. Maybe we need another CB instead.

  2. I like Alan Hutton. I always have. I think he was a fantastic attacking fullback.
    BUT, Villa have a lot more money than us and are releasing him because they can't afford him. He would have to take a hefty paycut to fit in to our structure – which he may do. He has after all been playing in the riches of England for 10 or so years, so not poor.

    But if Lee Wallace is getting on a bit at 30, what is 33 year old Alan Hutton? I think he is worth considering but only if we cannot unearth another, younger, gem like Declan John. Hutton would have no sell on value

  3. Just what does Ibrox Noise have against Lee Wallace? He's 'getting on a bit' yet he's 3 years younger than Hutton and on a fraction of the wages that Hutton would demand. In truth Hutton's greatest attribute was his speed which far outshone his defensive qualities – does he still possess it at 33? Hutton went to England and made his fortune – Wallace stayed in our hour of need. Respect!

  4. Hutton would be a terrific signing. Great competition for right back position and would bring his experience to Tav and the younger players.

  5. I'm pretty dam sure our new manager will have a big big say come the summer who's arriving and for what positions also.
    De Boer, GVB, my preferred 2 options!!

  6. Hutton was a classy attacking fullback in his prime. At 33 and wages it’s to big a gamble should be looking to youth and not the past. Bates McCrorie & Martin ( McCrorie injured still though ) can all operate at RB if Tav gets injured.

  7. At 33 …No 👊
    Would Prefer a Younger Player also
    We need to move Forward not Backwards
    Not looking into the past i.e ex players

  8. No need. He won’t be a 1st team pick and an expensive back up, better having younger players pushing as back up

  9. I would sign him in a heart beat he's still a class player and villa would have definitely kept him just the fact off the fair play.Hodson Is a wage thief needs to go Wallace is still a good player still think he can do a job for us.tav will be sold in the summer hopefully for over 5 million Hutton would slip straight in.

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