Rangers take a huge step towards 55


It’s honestly astonishing to look at the difference between Rangers from Graeme Murty’s proper debut to Rangers now.

Not so very long ago this Rangers side went to an admittedly on-the-rise Kilmarnock and got destroyed. Today, on arguably the most important weekend for Scottish football’s title race for the lion’s share of a decade, a stubborn Hearts, well-known for being difficult to beat, held the key for Rangers’ serious shout at a title challenge.

And quite simply Graeme Murty and his men swept past Craig Levein’s challenge with barely a sweat.

Sure, there were a few hairy moments, but that ‘keeper Wes Foderingham was only really made to pull off two significant saves in the whole 90 shows just how comfortable Rangers were against a side who weeks earlier took apart Celtic by the tune of 4-0.

Guys, we can’t understate the gravity of today – a Rangers side with a huge pile of pressure on its shoulders bestrode a massive match like a Rangers side should and won it well.

They did their part during a spell of our history where following many Rangers teams who completely insulted the jersey, this current crop are on the verge of beginning to honour it.

Defence was solid overall even if David Bates had a shaky moment or two, while Russell Martin had a much better afternoon following two rather worrying displays on the club’s travels. Tavernier was as mobile and industrious as ever, with a few sumptuous deliveries while John marauded on the left as he has done since he arrived.

But it’s central midfield which deserves the main plaudits – Docherty and Goss were outstanding, delivering a working partnership with Docherty in particular’s best display yet, a nice little ‘shoosh’ sign for those who slagged him off after the Hamilton match.

And Jamie Murphy again was simply breathtaking – scoring a truly glorious individual goal and terrorising the Tarts’ backline time and time over while supporting his own defenders as per usual. This guy is turning into a truly exceptional signing. On the opposite side Candeias performed wonderfully, his October and November lull a thing of the past – the guy is returning to full form and has become a tireless worker and few in the side as much a team player as he.

The only negatives today were Morelos and Windass – quite honestly both were absolutely atrocious – profligate in front of goal and wasteful, Morelos especially often seemed unaware he had team mates and late in the first half ignored about three men in blue so he could attempt a shot – three times. Sure, the guy’s a striker, but more and more he seems to think it’s all about him (something Windass was once guilty of but seems to have developed some maturity), and once again he had that greetin’ faced expression when taken off.

He delivers most of the time but has evidently swallowed his own hype into the bargain and that’s a bit of a shame.

But enough of the negatives – Rangers absolutely delivered today, they did their part and produced the critical three points. This, right now, is the closest Rangers have come to 55 for 6 years and even if we don’t win it this season, we really, really could.

Murty is getting results, no question, and his men will watch with interest to see if Derek McInnes can do us a big favour tomorrow.


  1. Be nice to see Murty get a 3 year deal ASAP. And I wouldn’t be upset if we had to sell morales and use all the money for goss.. we’d get it bk one day. But really we should look at the hearts keeper if we want serious comp for fod… I expect others to be looking at him too

    • I like Goss too, but don't see us paying £10+ million for him. QPR don't rate him, he played 6 first team games before he got here. I suspect he will want to stay.
      Most of the team slots are covered now, excepting maybe central defence, but when the injured come back and we move in dead wood in the summer, there will be a healthy squad for the first time in 6 years.

      #Give Murty the Jib

  2. lets just try and win 6 games in a row and see where that takes us,because previously we have been undone by following good results and performances with dropping points against unlikely lower rated sides and a head of steam and momentum would surely put pressure on you know who.

  3. Big step forward in the development of the team today. The sheep will bottle it tomorrow i fear. The team are bottlers, McInnes is a bottler and they haven't laid a glove on Celtic in the five years they were the 'official' opposition to Celtic. But it doesn't matter – it's all about the TBears. If we beat Celtic (twice) and finish second, Murty's got the job – only fair.

  4. Far to harsh on Morelos I. My opinion, he made quite a few amazing passes to set up teammates and worked tirelessly. I think he is hugely underrated personally and think he’s worth every penny of the £8 million bid for him.

  5. As much as I would love it it's not gonna happen. Massive strides have been taken but we are still a mile away from the title. At least one more window is required. We will get there but don't think for a minute it's this year

  6. Starting to get a bit pissed off with morelos hes thinking his bigger thn our club. Throwing his name about for a move dwn south without even completing 1 season. Hes always git tht greetin lookin face on too

  7. All the Rangers can do is keep on winning the rest will fall into place on it's own. St Johnstone up next and more of the same will do keep the pressure on them. The next OF will be the decider bottom line for us, win that and questions will surely be asked of that Team from the east end ( not happened since we got sent down ).

    Either way the tide is turning for Rangers, the Team & Murty also. Many still believe he’s not good enough and that’s their choice, me I think he’s been a saviour for Rangers this season regardless if we end up second ( give him the job ).

    We can start to look forward to the Summer with just a couple of quality players added. GK – CB – Striker and this Team can really challenge from the off. All in all the turnaround is coming along rather well..

  8. I agree.
    RB, LB, RW, LW and both strikers positions are currently filled. BUT, we know Morelos will be off sooner rather than later. Kranjcar and Miller will be off this summer.
    If there is a god, so will Herrera, but doubt we could be so lucky with Pena.
    In Goals, Fod is decent without being a World beater. Alnwick I don't know, but he can't get past Fod so maybe not. We also have Liam Kelly who needs to be tried at some point and McCrorie and others coming through the youth
    In Defence-Alves, don't know, maybe he will get an offer, he knows he has no future with us but does he want to play football next year or just pick up a pay cheque?
    Hodson I think should be replaced with a younger, better version if we can find one. Bates signs or is released. I like him, no-nonsense defender but he is replaceable. Russel Martin, don't mind either way. In Murty I trust McCrorie, the future at CB or CDM depending on structure. So we probably need an experienced CB to work with him if Alves and Martin leave. Sure there will be someone out there. Cardoso, don't really care. Up to Murts. As long as we have 4 CBs including McCrorie and an experienced one, the rest will follow. We also have Wilson, Beerman and other youth developing.
    Midfield-Rossiter I would love to come good, he has another year which we would have to pay off and I doubt anybody will come in for him so keep him and cross fingers. Jack, will have to fight for a jersey, as all Rangers players should. Goss has to ask himself is there somewhere better he could be? Answer no, but it is up to him to make it happen. Docherty, like McCrorie, is the future. Dorrans can fight Windass for the withdrawn striker role, or Murphy for the LW job, or scramble for a shirt in CM but I would keep him. Holt and Halliday? Love the commitment of both, but with Barjonas and Burt to come through not sure either have a realistic prospect of playing.
    Forwards-For me we have Cummings, Morelos and Windass. Personally I would give Hardie a 2 year contract, then either loan him to a SPL rival (but can't play against us) or bring him into squad. In 12 months sell him if he is not playing and scoring. Much better than running his contract down, he is scoring for fun @ Livingston and clearly has sell on value if not playing for us. Cummings' record is all Championship too. If Morelos goes I would offer McBurnie a slot, he is out of contract, EPL level and a Bluenose(not essential, but they get it and they fight for us. Look at Murphy). We also have Dallas and Rudden in the unders. On the wing, we finally have 2 starters in Murphy and Candeias, Atakayi and the new boy we signed in Januarry whose name I forget, sorry.
    The future is looking good, very good. Next season, I forecast we will be ready. They have had there false titles when we weren't there, and a couple while we got up to speed, but they will get no more easy wins.
    We are back

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