Major Rangers talent eyes departure


Alfredo Morelos has once again reiterated his desire to leave Rangers, while insisting he remains happy to continue at Ibrox for now.

The 21-year old hitman has been a revelation in Scotland, causing all manner of foaming at the gills from rival supporters, but it is inevitable he will be leaving at the end of the season, unless Chinese cracks Beijing Renhe offer the asking price of £11M+ before the end of their transfer window.

For his part the Colombian has stated that while he is happy enough in Scotland for now, he sees himself in England before long, admitting the idea of an English Premier League side looking at him is ‘exciting’:

“If a team in England showed serious interest in me, it would be very exciting. I play in a country very close to the English Premier League and I think that many teams are watching me.”

In fairness to Morelos he’s never denied he sees his future away from Rangers, and that honesty is admirable enough, but equally he’s rather hawking himself off to clubs down south without really expressing much affection or indeed courtesy for Rangers and that to us smacks of slight ingratitude and indeed disrespect. Rarely if at all has Morelos really praised the club in any way, saying only that he’s ‘happy’.

As far as we are concerned, as long as he keeps scoring and doing his best for our club, he can leave for a colossal profit at the end of the season with our blessings and quite honestly that’ll be it for us.


  1. How do we know he will leave for a colossal fee? If one of the smaller EPL teams comes in for him in the summer, lets say Brighton and they are only willing to pay £4-5m then this guy will sulk until he gets out. If there is only one club then we might get hit with a take it of leave it number far less than the Chinese club have offered. This guy will down tools if he doesn't get to go to the EPL if an EPL offer comes in, he wont care what the club is or that it is a smaller club than where he currently is.

    • Honestly Don't know why U think he will down tools, the boy gives his all every time I've seen him, on his own up there fighting for everything.
      We will get £10m no problem and the boys ambitions are way way above Brighton.

  2. As long as he keeps scoring and giving his all that's all we can ask for really. He owes us nothing, we are paying his wage and he is doing his job well. If a club comes in and we make a huge profit then he's done us a favour really.

    The boy has ambition, nothing wrong with that, although I get the feeling he won't appreciate what he had at our club until he leaves. Let's face it, there's not many clubs bigger than ours.

    Maybe if he gets picked for Columbia and goes to the World Cup and if we qualify for a European place (fingers crossed for the league title and champions league haha), then he'll stick around a little longer.

    I personally feel we should sell him to the Premiership in the summer if there are any takers and loan him back for a year, as I think he'll keep improving if he stays with us.

  3. Just punt him for 10 hes doin ma nut in now. He is being disrespecful to us by throwing his name out fr a bigger move.

  4. Our recent history is littered with these types who use us as a stepping stone without taking the club or the fans to their hearts , bougerra , cuellar, boomsong , among others it's their loss guys as the affinity we have with the Dutch guys the Anglo players and a certain wee Spaniard is priceless

    • Well said John. If they don't want to be here then punt them, simple. At least in this instance we have a chance to get a decent return.

  5. He has made it clear,that he has no intentions of helping our club after this season,soooo we should take ANY big offer from anywhere and let him leave.
    During the waiting time(if their is any,we should be looking at other attackers who would love to be at our club …

  6. Cant say all this is a worry. He wont miss the SPL but he will Ibrox. Lets get behind the team at home, so we improve results in Govan.

  7. Rumours, rumours everywhere with not a shred of truth?
    Who do we believe, certainly not the anti-Ibrox gutter press, but I overheard information that I could believe, before anyone shoots me down, it is a “rumour only” with no substantial evidence of proof.
    The Chinese offers, now mooted to be £11 million, have clauses, currency exchange loopholes, agents cuts etc., making the deal less than transparent or complicated, allegation of money laundering, so let’s be clear if there is any doubt surely Rangers should walk away from this sort of deal.
    Further to this, an addition to this rumour, Rangers would be happy had an English Premiership or Championship club have offered in the region of £6 to 8 million for Morelos, cash transfer in bank immediate payment to RFC.
    It is food for thought or total bunkum as a new old Radio Clyde an journalist used to say.
    Morelos has every right to make his name and fortune in the game, Rangers made many of their past players wealthy, living comfortable lives now, we can’t compete with the major European leagues, England, China and USA is making inroads to lure players there.
    We need to keep a hold of decent players as long as we can and those who want to move on, make as much as we can from their transfer.

  8. Look it's very simple, if U were a Plumber who would U want to work for Harry's Hoses on £12 ph or Pipeline International on £55 ph????
    Every player wants to play in the EPL, it's the best in the world and pays the most money.
    Can't hold it against the boy for being an ambitious 21 year old.
    He will earn the club a massive amount of money for a minimal investment.
    JJ & MA might have another gem up there sleeves.
    People saying sell him now are insane, we must wait and see where he's at in the summer.
    Miller or Cummings up front on there own if he goes???? Really!!!

  9. If we sold Morelos now we would have to play with Cummings up top. He doesn't strike me as a lone striker so you would have to pair him with Miller or someone else(???). This would mean moving away from Murtys preferred formation and sacrificing a midfield player. Plus it leaves us really short if something happens to Cummings, or if he fails to perform. Having said that lose today and we might as well sell to Chinese.

  10. A part of me says Keep a Hold of Him till the WC 👍
    And if he leaves then we should get £12-20mill

    Then the blueblooded boy part of me says …hope we hold onto him and he goes on to emulate and beat the records of one super ally!

    Two things are certain


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