Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Have Rangers fans turned on one of their own?

Article by: Richard, for Ibrox Noise

Why did Josh Windass make a 'shush' gesture towards the Rangers fans after scoring such a brilliant and very important opening goal in last night’s game at Firhill?

Rangers went on to a comfortable 2-0 win in Maryhill against a highly competitive and motivated Partick Thistle side who had been performing well in their recent matches.

Thistle started the game well and there was nothing between the sides until Josh scored that well taken strike after good Rangers attacking play – a top class finish from a consistent goal scorer this season.

This away win kept the Ibrox men within three points of second-placed Aberdeen in the Ladbrokes Premiership table.

The 24-year-old is now into double figures with his scoring successes and the ‘Gers attacker put his finger to his lips as he wheeled away in front of the Jackie Husband Stand, where all the Rangers supporters were gathered.

As the Rangers fans were ecstatically celebrating the opening goal, Windass was venting his annoyance at the web abuse he has been suffering from his own fans.

Some would you believe want him sold and out of the side whilst loads of others want him used only as a sub if things are not going well on the park. Too many of the fans feel that Murty is being too loyal to him by continually starting with him.

His biggest criticism from the fans is that in too many games, he appears to disappear from the action of the match and it looks like he does not have enough energy to play the whole match.

Ever since the Light Blues signed Jason Cummings, most of the fans have been on Ibrox Noise and other Rangers sites moaning about Graeme Murty continuing to play Josh as our No. 10 in his first team starter side.

The majority of fans want new signing Jason Cummings, to play along with Morelos either upfront or with Jason taking over Josh’s position. They want Windass dropped!

It looks to me that Windass got most of the blame for our disappointing result at Ibrox in the surprising 1 – 2 Hibernian defeat last Saturday.

Josh and his dad know all of the above abuse, and this is definitely what the 'shush' gesture was all about.

If Rangers supporters don’t start to support him – he will leave us this summer!


  1. Aye all he does is score goals so lets get rid of him the lad has loads of potential and Murty is trying to get him to produce it more in every way We could loose him in the summer Too many fans find it so easy to get on Rangers players backs

  2. I don't agree with the gesture but I fully understand it. He is constantly unfairly slated by alot of the rangers "support". It sickens me alot of fans do that to their own players but it's not a new trend unfortunately. As we have seen over the years Gers fans like to pick on certain players and use them as a scapegoat eg Moore, Ian Ferguson, bob Malcolm, Namouchi...too many to mention. Rangers fans want to be praised as a great support...we have to show it! What players would want to come to Ibrox to get abuse from his own crowd?? As far as windass goes (a £250k young player) - mark hately and super ally got similar turned out well for them. Keep the chin up, keep performing and proving the mouthpieces & keyboard warriors wrong then they will be the 1st to be up in arms when you leave for the premiership!

  3. I don't understand the mentality of the Rangers fans. Too many are far to quick to criticise and sometimes it is no wonder they find it hard to play at Ibrox. It is no coincidence that Rangers worst results are at home, they just don't get the backing like they do at away games.

  4. The boy gets far too much stick from the fans. When a result doesn't go right we are always looking for a scapegoat. Most often, that is Josh.
    In my opinion he is a good player and worthy of a starting eleven jersey. Since playing through the middle he offers a threat. 10 goals and 6 assists at this stage in the season isn't a bad return. Once he shows the desire to defend from the front (like Murphy and Candeias) he will become a fans favourite. Let's hope this incident doesn't create a divide.

  5. take windass’s goals and assists out of our team this season and where would we be? i was in the stands on tuesday and saw windass try things and the crowd get on his back but you see cummings try things that dont come off and its “ unlucky jason”,. Not everybody can play great all the time, hes a trier and some things come off and some things dont but treat all the players the same dont pick on one or two, it does the team and the player more harm than good.

  6. Josh's problem is he is far to inconsistent and can be very frustrating to watch at times. If a section of the supper have vented there frustration towards him is not the first and certainly won't be the last. If he can't handle the weight and the expectation of the badge and what comes with it. He will need to look himself in the mirror and get the finger oot and start producing what we all think he is capable of.

    1. SO its good, that the supporters cause a player a problem they don't need OR cause a player to have to concentrate on something other than just playing? Its okay to add unneeded OR non productive weight on a players shoulder, which most of the time will lead to a player playing NOT playing as well as they could or should?


      Would it be more productive that instead off adding that extra weight and expectation that supporters supported and encouraged his efforts?

  7. I never heard it as I turned the volume down, Tom Miller had my ears bleeding again talking so much pish, but any supporters booing any player in a Rangers top fuk off and support someone else.
    Trust me there all shouting drop Windass and play Cummings, give it a month and Cummings will be the one getting the knife stuck in his throat.

    I'm not Windass greatest fan, on IN is where I air my views not in the STAND.

    Murtys team selection yet again has me scratching my napper!!
    Morelos & Docherty on the bench,
    They would have been first on my team sheet with Goss & Tavi,
    Is it just me but watching Rangers win 9IAR there was ALWAYS a game plan, seems now were making it up as the game unfolds.
    Thought we were poor last nite to be honest against a very poor side.
    Never mind 3 points in the bag,
    🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 Queens XI 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

    1. If you think Tom millar was bad then you should have listened to the muppets on the radio , five seconds before the goal they said the teds had not made any threat to the thistle reare guard, oh how I would love to get my link to wee tom back , any help appreciated.

    2. Gun.
      Wee Tom's off it, honestly, I thought we had signed Baresi the way he was going on about Bates, then I thought it must have been a double swoop and we've signed Van Bastan up front!!
      Mate get on FB and follow Broxi Loyal & Blue sea of Ibrox there's always a link on either one of them either headlined or in the comments.
      I don't know how old you are so if that means nothing to U get one of your kids to sort it for U.
      Getting Rangers TV is another option from a foreign IP provider as a UK IP won't let you view.
      Google Ayr v Rangers VIPleauge at the weekend OK

  8. Been saying this all season and will say it again.

    What exactly do the idiots that heckle the team think they are achieving?

    Look up supporter in the dictionary.

    It's one thing to offer positive criticism off the park, and certainly there is no shortage of material for that, but giving the players a hard time is the main reason we are struggling so badly at Ibrox. If we don't have game won after 20 mins the atmosphere turns.

    In my experience this is coming from the same fools who continue to sign sectarian songs that do nothing but damage the club. To be less nice - bitter wee losers who blame others for their own pathetic existence. Harsh but fair.

    I have repeatedly criticised King but would I heckle and abuse him - no. I'd love to have a civil chat with him but I know that's never happening.

    It's really sad that Windass snr no longer feels he can come to watch his son play at Ibrox due to the vile abuse. That should shame every decent fan.

    1. Rearramge the following words----- Nail, Hit, On, Head, The!!!


    2. Excellent post E chef agree 100 % Windass not any in Blue deserve the bike and crap given both online or at the games ...I get frustrated but I keep my opinions to bar chat and other conversations Supporting the Famous Rangers is a privilege...let's not cheapen ourselves guys like another shower !!!!

  9. The guy gets waaaaayyyy too much abuse from our own so-called fans. Far too much.
    Is he as consistent as we would like to be, absolutely not, but he would probably agree with that. Is he trying, I think most of the time I believe he is, but I also think he is a confidence type player.

    Either way though, I don't believe for one minute the guy sets out to play a bad game, or play inconsistently... So he isn't choosing either. So what do the so called bears who start booing him or giving him abuse over the internet (also known as "keyboard hardmen" or "keyboard heroes") think they are going to achieve? Do they actually believe in there tiny minds that they are helping him? They only contribute to the problem and indeed make it worse. That is basic human psychology one on one. The other thing it achieves is it will no doubt adversely effect his fellow team mates who probably share in his feelings of unfairness and THAT will have a negative effect on them too. It will also curtail him trying somethings cause he knws it might be risky and decides not to TRY it cause he is aware of the abuse he will get and so he doesn't do it. If he had and it had worked it might have led to a goal. But he decide not to try it.
    So yes, the frustrations etc have obviously built up to the point he hit out. Was it advisable? Probably not! Was it understandable..... Most definitely.
    For those old enough I would draw you attention to the late, great David Cooper. Now before I start, I am not comparing Windass to Cooper on the levels of skill. BUT Davie Cooper, for all I, and loads of others bears, LOVED the guy, he was at times inconsistent, and sometimes looked like he couldn't be bothered. He also tried loads of tricks and flashy that failed more often than not. YET, because he cause he had the skill and bottle to try some of those things, he let us see moments of sheer magic and could turn a game on its head with one move. On that level, tell me the difference between the two (remember I aint talking about ability).
    So Bears, and the so-called bears, get off the guys back and do what WE demand the players and club do.... Stick together, fight together and support each other.

    1. That’s bang on Graham on all fronts. He gets way too much abuse the joys of the Twitter Twats eh...

      As for the late great Davie Cooper ( my hero ) he was also known to be the laziest player in his time at Ibrox. That was over shadowed because of his pure genius on the pitch.

      Windass must score against the Dirt silence his critics and I’m sure it will come.

  10. I am going against the grain of the comments on here by saying Windass is not good enough for Rangers by any stretch. He seems to be a very precious young man who can contribute against diddy teams but when it comes to better opposition he is anonymous. Saturday was another case in point right through on goal and missed. Another sign of how delicate he is he was the only one in the team wearing gloves on Saturday and he is supposed to be from Yorkshire. For a any player to make the gesture to our fans as he did should be fined and consigned to the bench. Many better players have taken stick from fans but I cannot think of any that made a derogative sign to our fans. As Graeme Murty said after the Hibs game a few of the players think they are world beaters sadly Windass is one of them.

  11. The only reason I am not a fan of Windass at this moment in time is because we still only get 40 minutes, at most, out of him in every game. I pay a player to play 90+ minutes, not when it suits him!! This goes for all the players, not just Windass. I don't blame Windass, I blame Murty for continually playing him.

    I've said before, we are a mediocre team, no different from the Partick, Killie, St Johnstone, Hamilton,, all teams who are capable of beating each other. We are in that bracket, thats why we are third in the league!
    Last nights game is no different mediocre displays than we've had since we joined the SPFL. Murty is Warbuton. The amount of times I hear him say "We will learn from it and move on",, But we never learn, same piss poor distribution of the ball and losing possession so easily accompanied with piss poor marking when defending.
    With regards to the Windass incident, if he consistently played for a full 90+ with the commitment and urgency required to be a Rangers player, then fans would not criticise him.
    Another thing, if we don't continually put pressure on the players, manager and board to deliver the league, then you might as well congratulate the beggars in the east for gifting them 10 in a row.
    I know where my team and club should be, and its certainly not 3rd place when we have the second highest budget in the league, out of europe, out of the league cup, giving another title up easily and accepting second place as top prize! No where near acceptable! You might accept a mediocre player giving 40 minutes a game, I certainly don't!

  12. I agree windass gets far to much stick, i personally wouldn't get on my own teams back during a game but if people who pay money want to vent their frustration with a player thats ok by me. As far as windass goes i dont think he is anywhere near good enough for a rangers first team player. We are getting there slowly but surely. WATP

  13. Rangers support always seem to have someone they give a hard time to. Willie Logie got it in the 1950's as did one of the clubs greatest players, Ralph Brand. Logie disintegrated while Brand persevered but neither deserved the abuse they got it just seems there must always be a fall guy somewhere.

  14. Well if JW doesnt like it he has two choices...

    Improve & show more effort
    Fuck off to the championship and we can get £2mill him 👌

    We are not using him as a Goat
    We are not Picking on Him

    Yes He has Scored 10 this Season but we know it and he knows it, He hasnt been good enough this Season

    ...personally im not a fan of him
    ...i say sell


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