Double dilemma for Rangers fans?


 Article by: Richard, for Ibrox Noise

The Rangers fans have a dilemma on their hands for the upcoming clash between two teams our loyal supporters hate the most; Aberdeen v Celtic at Pittodrie this Sunday. Who do you want to win?

If Murty’s fairly new Rangers side take all 3 points against Hearts at Ibrox on Saturday and if Derek McInnes plays a blinder, then maybe he can convince his Dons players that there will never be a better time to beat the east enders for once this season.

Aberdeen could and possibly should beat Celtic after they crashed out of the Europa League in calamitous style with a well-deserved 3-0 defeat by Zenit St Petersburg in Russia.

Brendan Rodgers’ Celtic played poorly throughout the match. Their defending was deplorable and at times a joke. Hopefully Aberdeen can take full advantage of Celtic arriving with their confidence severely dented.

The above outcome would leave us only 6 points behind our Old Firm rivals and a stunning 55th league title being a distinct possibility.

Celtic will be tired on their return on Friday morning from St Petersburg, bitterly disappointed and feeling dreadful.

Not surprisingly, I found myself a Zenit supporter for the night. WATP!

It’s a long flight for the players who will arrive home in the early hours of Friday morning and haul themselves to Aberdeen for Sunday’s 1.30pm live TV game which should be well worth watching.

It should be an angry Aberdeen side that takes on the Hoops, as in their last game they played badly and deservedly lost 2-0 to a good Hibernian team.

But if our Old Firm rivals win, which they normally do against the Dons, it would weaken our chances of catching up with Celtic and make it that bit harder to win the league. On the other hand, it would bolster our position to stay ahead of Aberdeen in second place. Choices, choices!

The Pittodrie side’s recent results against Celtic have been abysmal, because the Reds rarely turn up to give the east enders any kind of a run for their money.

Last October, Aberdeen lost 0-3 to a very good Celtic performance and a very poor one by the home team up in Pittodrie, then in December, Celtic repeated the score with another easy 3-0 home win in Glasgow.

After Sunday, Celtic play their next league match at home to Dundee and Rangers go up to Perth to face St Johnstone.

We have Falkirk in the Scottish Cup, then comes the big showdown match on Sunday 11 March with Rangers v Celtic playing at Ibrox for possibly the biggest 6 pointer match in years.

But we have to say, this weekend may just be the most pivotal one in the SPL for a long, long time…


  1. Wouldn't hold UR breath waiting on the sheep beating the manky.
    DM openly admits he doesn't know how to beat them!!?
    (Dodged a snipers bullet there ffs!)

  2. Aberdeen beat celtic no chance. Shame they aren’t playing hibs. Maybe a draw but Aberdeen always collapse in the big games

  3. If we beat hearts and and Aberdeen beat that other shower of reprobates it would be absolutely tremendous for us fingers crossed.

  4. I think We need to be very careful of expectations. Last time we expected a win at our home against Hibs. We got beat. We failed to capitalise on dropped points. We need to focus on our first game in front of us. We've done nothing yet and we've not strung any sort of good run together.

    Also Aberdeen NEVER win against the tims. We need to keep our eyesight on winning this game at home which has proven problematic for a long time now. Definitely encouraging times but nout has really been achieved to date.

  5. TBH any result suits us in one way or another even a draw. If we win then we close and widen the gap in one game. I don’t see the mhanky mob dropping enough points for us to catch em but anything can happen. If I had to choose then the to win 10-0 to put an extra dent in Scaberdeens hopes of second the goal diff being an extra point. As far as I’m concerned a strong finish to this season, a good cup win/run in a building phase for next season. Bring in some proper quality and off load some of the dead wood. Then we can say we’re ready for the challenge. WATP.
    Oh and isn’t it amazing how poor Scaberdeen seem to be that the bigger teams are now back in the prem. Rangers, hearts and the spoon burners all give them a much tougher opponents, they’ve finished 2nd by quite some distance til last year with the three I just mentioned. Strange they’re struggling now, I wonder if mcinnes will still be flavour of the month next season with the sheep fans???

    • I am prepared to bet McInnes is out of job at year end. Imagine you are an Aberdeen supporter. Clear run at Celtic for years and no success. And Rangers, and Hearts and Hibs to be fair, are back. McInnes has blown it. And he turned us down!! Brainless.

  6. A draw is best result. Both teams drop 2 points each so the total loss is 4 points. A win for either team means a total loss of 3 points. Realistically we are unlikely to win league so the draw puts Dons behind us which is our first objective and would keep our hopes of catching Celtic alive.

  7. After watching the Rotten Mob get humped last night !!! I was not surprised how bad they were, as they have flattered to deceive all of the season.. Rodgers is easily found out however I still cant see the Sheep Shaggers beating them they are pish cloggers . We need to keep going as we are and please lets not get on the players back this Saturday Fellow Bears they need our support on and off the park . WATP GSTQ I would like to see us be really offensive right from the start tomorrow….Cummngs to start with Morelos

  8. Concentrate on Hearts and hope for a draw in the other game.
    It has to be a defensive minded 442.
    Also, lets start the game brightly rather than as if we're 5 nil down!
    Zippy prediction is 3 – 1 with them scoring first.

  9. I'm confident we'll beat Aberdeen to 2nd place regardless of result on Sunday so an Aberdeen win suits me down to the ground. In any case it's always good to see Ceptic get beat under ANY circumstances.
    However we need to concentrate ALL our efforts, on the pitch and in the stands, on beating Hearts and see where that takes us.

    • Robrob57 is spot on with the comment above. Take care of our own business first – something we've failed to do at Ibrox on far too many occasions this season.

      Aberdeen win against septic will do for me too.

  10. If Aberdeen are to beat the eastenders, their fans can now watch each episode live, this is their best opportunity to do so. For me the best outcome is a draw, however the most important thing is for Rangers to get a decent home victory and this year it has been our main stumbling block dropping so many points at Ibrox. A victory against Hearts is our main importance not what happens at Pittodrie.

  11. Surely a draw between Aberdeen – Celtic?

    But I Seriously hope the RANGERS FANS stay off our players and Murtys backs.

    We have a chance to Minimum come 2nd.

    Lets start to get back to the United Support and get fucked in about the Jumbos

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