Departing boss makes astonishing claim about Scottish football

Departing boss makes astonishing claim about Scottish football

Scottish FA’s Chief Executive Stewart Regan has today finally called it quits on his time as head of the game north of the border.

In his resignation statement the 53-year old made one stand out claim which sums up the malaise of the game in this country:

“I am proud to leave having overseen a period of significant change and substantial growth.”

While he is certainly correct to say it has been a period of significant change, none of that change has been for the better and to claim ‘substantial growth’ is revisionism of the worst order.

Under Regan Scottish football’s fortunes have plummeted quicker than a mob victim with concrete anchors on his feet. The national side is an absolute global joke, once again having failed to qualify, before keeping Strachan on and failing to qualify again.

And the performances of Scottish teams both domestically and on the continental front has embarrassed the nation. Rangers, Celtic, Aberdeen and St Johnstone to name just four have absolutely disgraced the league on European merits since 2011, and while Rangers have certainly have dispensation post-2012, the abhorrent nature of the other three only makes you wonder exactly why Regan has made such a fabricated claim.

Nothing in Scotland has grown on any level in the time of Regan’s charge – instead we have seen backwards development, with a country pandering to everything green and white and letting the state of the game rot to a level of scorn.

Alex McLeish’s Scotland ranked 13th at one point. 10 years later, Regan’s incompetence in full flow, we now wobble at 32 having been 77th back in 2013 and 58 as recently as August last year.

To suggest anything in this country on a football level has grown is absurdity of the tallest order, and the proof-reader who approved such a statement for publication clearly needs new glasses.

The SPL is a rotting swamp, full of journeyman cluggers and essentially no football at all. It always was a backwater league, but under Regan’s guidance it has managed to impossibly degrade further.

His organisation’s Celtic-minded influence has stunted everything up here, letting nothing flourish and lest we forget our league organisation went two years of no sponsorship for the domestic league’s top tier.

How can any of this drivel be ‘growth’?

Answers on a postcard.

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  1. Well said! I hate everything to do with the SFA, Scottish football and the National team. Unfortunately I have to put up with it because my beloved club play there. Pity!!!
    It's a sad day when the bitterness, pettiness, and narrow mindedness of other clubs makes me feel ashamed and embarrassed to call my self a Scotsman.
    Can't wait for the next ex Celtic appointments to the SFA and manager position.

  2. Hard time watch Scottish football flourish with rangers back competing Brenda hopefully will go 2 greener pastures as th fever kicks on he can't handle th heat Reagan while no palatable done his bit good luk 2 him cumn. 2 get u Brenda run away

  3. Our game is in the gutter because of Reagan and Doncaster. As other so called minnow countries have grown, we have stagnated. Both of them came with absolute no footballing experience whatsoever, so how on earth did the idiots who hired them think they could improve our game?
    Like Hampden, we need to flatten the SFA and rebuild with quality, experienced, forward football thinking personnel whilst adopting the German Footballing model that brings up kids to be solid, skilful athletes.
    The more we keep Doncaster and the current regime, the more we will never progress as a footballing nation!!

  4. My worry is whoever gets the post gets his or her head turned by all these idiots who continue to say we are not who we are despite being told time and time again WE ARE RANGERS, always will be

    • So True Mate
      I get all this new rangers 2012 shite at my work 👎
      (The commenters are sheep fans)

      Rangers Now,
      Rangers Forever
      Rangers Always


  5. Yes Doncaster out asp ,Gordon smith in as he worked with ufa and would get the rest of the shite out of the sfa ,and we can move on .

  6. What about bringing bk some old heads of our national team?

    …Walter, Sir Alex, Souness,
    Alex Smith, Craigy Brown, Kenny D

  7. Liewell will bring in his next monkey…..Rhegan has served his purpose…..Liewell will insist someone who can strip our titles….not someone who can advance Scottish football……desperate chunt

  8. Well said john. Thing is I hope we're all not sticking our heads in the sand as I reckon that liewell bastard is behind this. Stop buying daily Tim and stop voting snp if you have any feelings for our great club!!!!!

  9. The whole of the SFA and it's associated garbage need to be gutted out …the SFA Mafia at Largs and all of the other hangerson are only interested in their own survival…for god sake …Gemmil MC Kay ..Fleeting useless sycophants…The French or German or Icelandic or Swedish etc etc model is better than ours it's not Fucking rocket science…That aresehole Regan will get a nice wee financial package too!!!!! Joke …the way they treated us was enough for me to stop caring about Scotland

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