Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Can it be fixed? The stat which deeply worries Rangers fans

Quite a few statisticians have made a fairly big deal of this particular issue, so we thought we would have a look at it ourselves and try to sift through it.

In short terms, Rangers’ away record is significantly better than their home record.

To date, Rangers have won 9 of 13 on their travels, with two draws and two defeats accompanying those wins.

By contrast, we have only won 6 at home, again drawing a pair but losing five.

What are the facts here?

The only one of the ‘big four’ of the SPL, that is, Hearts, Celtic, Hibs and Aberdeen, that Rangers have beaten at home is Aberdeen, and oddly we have done so twice, but have failed to register a three points against any of the other three. In fact, the only single point we have managed against any of Celtic, Hibs or Hearts at Ibrox was that opening draw with Hearts on the 19th of August.

If we take it even further, when St Johnstone were in fine form, they too walked away from Ibrox with the win.

By contrast Rangers’ away record is filled with stunning points over Celtic, wins over Aberdeen, Hibs and Hearts, and that wonderful display in Perth against St Johnstone.

In short, Aberdeen aside, we do far better on opponents’ patches than our own. Indeed, the only two defeats away all season were to a Scott Allan inspired Dundee and that bizarre Murty debut at Rugby Park.

What can we ascribe this oddity too?

There are theories that these players just are not mentally big enough to deal with playing for Rangers at Ibrox. And that has a lot of merit. Our fans are an unforgiving lot, and a few comments on the site have criticised the Govan stands for berating rather than supporting players.

There is a problem with this though; can any of us name another club in Britain which has anything 50,000 supporters at home every other week and who does not expect the win each match? The only valid one is Newcastle, and they do expect the win, just like they used to in their 90s glory days under Keegan.

And therein is the problem – Rangers fans at Ibrox expect Rangers. We win. We always won. But our Glasgow support has not fully adjusted to the fact that in this current era, we do not. And as such pressure players perhaps more than they used to and cause performances to suffer.

The away support is smaller, and the grounds much more modest, which allows our players a little less pressure to perform and express themselves.

Of course, many can throw the argument of Celtic Park at us – why have we managed two draws under 60,000 supporters within the most toxic environment other than Pittodrie, where we also manage to get results?

Not absolutely sure. Possibly because our players are less familiar with these fans and enjoy silencing their hate, while back at Ibrox they want to impress us and in the bigger matches, that is harder to do on a frequent and consistent basis – aka every fortnight.

Getting a result at Celtic Park every 22 matches is easier to do than winning the ensuing circa 22 fixtures at Ibrox consistently.

But, truthfully, we cannot give an answer. Anyone else who can is just doing the same as us – speculating with neat sounding theories.

All we know is the away form suggests there is a team in there, while the home form bodes poorly. And the trick to getting something back of our Rangers is fixing the latter. How that will be achieved is anyone’s guess.


  1. When I saw the headline I assumed the article was going to be about our our shots to goals ratio. We consistently have more shots than our opponents but lose regularly or scrape through games we should be winning comfortably. This is probably more true at Ibrox. Solve that conundrum and our home record will improve.

  2. If I remember rightly a teenager said at our AGM that he wanted more done about atmosphere at Ibrox, stating it was like a library. I always sit in the broamloan as the atmosphere is superb. Having had to move recently as I couldnt get seats in my usual spot I noticed what he meant. The other 3 stands are lacking when it comes to creating atmosphere. The blue order does a great job but u can clearly hear the poor guy on the megaphone trying to get the rest of the fans involved. Where has the full stadium bouncy gone ?? I would split the blue order and put a pocket of them in every stand. We create such an amazing atmosphere at away games why can't we replicate it at Ibrox? we need to get behind the team and make the away team feel intimidated. The results would improve I am sure.

  3. We lost to Dundee away not Hibs.

    1. Thank you Drew, brain burp on our part. We remember the Dundee loss well! Our usual pest did his best, unfortunately.

  4. It's all down to the manager who picks the starting 11,if it aint working after 15 mins/25 mins and so on.....Then it's up to the manager to change things when necessary/accordingly, especially when players are not performing or his system/tactics are not working regardless of playing at home/away ???

    Pressure.....ur having a laugh !!! watp helicopter 2005😇

  5. We are a mediocre team. No better than the other 10 teams fighting to be in the top 6 or bottom 6 come the league split. There is no denying this!
    Just read a concerning stat that Pedro has a better league record than Murty?! Albeit Murty has a better record against Shellic and the sheep? Don't know if Ibrox Noise wants to look into that?
    Hope we have a replacement in hand after the season is finished!!

  6. The age of our group has improved and with this comes the pressure of playing at Ibrox, Cummings apart there are a few who find it hard to 'get it', Rangers are used to winning and our desire spills out on to the pitch and does affect the players , the 9 in a row guys could all handle an occasional loss which thankfully didn't happen to often ! The age and lack of experience of the young team members plays a big part as does the frustration's of the fans , not surprising given our treatment over the last few years both in the boardroom and by the Scottish Associations and League . I would appeal to all real fans to please try and be a little more patient and considerate ...we are not that far off a decent side I can see improvements at every home game I attend . WATP GSTQ

  7. Fear of failure and abuse from home support might have a part to play to play in the Ibrox results. Away games will have a better support and more vocal not giving them dogs abuse..

    Apart from the Broamloan Road end the atmosphere is gash to be brutally honest. Been that way for almost 2 decades now. Nothing but the sweaty wrapper brigades now...

    That said the weight of expectation on the players is huge but that’s what they have to learn to deal with..

    Furthermore give this Team time to settle for fucks sake eh. Every man and his dog going on about the 9iar Teams they never had to endure what this Team has gone through... Warbs - Murty - Ped - Murty all within spitting distance of each other...This Team will improve just support them not rip the shite oot of them end of rant...

  8. What we need to is bring back the fear factor to ibrox!

    Once upon a time...teams like
    Aberdeen, Kilmarnock etc were scared to come play at Ibrox there isnt one team in the top flight that is scared of coming to ibrox.


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