All change but no change – a remaining problem at Ibrox


 Article by: Richard, for Ibrox Noise

The Ibrox side have lost only once in their last 11 matches after they demolished St Johnstone 1-4 on Tuesday night, to reinforce the job Murty is continuing.

Under his management skills and also since Jimmy Nicholl arrived, Rangers have now registered five straight wins in all competitions for the first time since March 2016, proving that the board should never have signed the last two managers, Mark Warburton and Pedro Caixinha.

Murty, Nicholl and ex Rangers 38-year-old-legend Peter Løvenkrands are rightfully cock-a-hoop about their progress and the changes they are continuing to make on the Rangers training ground in Milngavie.

Despite Celtic holding a fairly comfortable lead at the moment, hope is not entirely lost, as we could possibly catch the EastEnders for our 55th league title, but only if we keep on winning.

The background staff will be concerned that in the 36th minute in Perth, our keeper flapped at Liam Craig’s free-kick, however, Williams was unable to take advantage of Foderingham’s spill by ballooning his easy opportunity over the bar.

Fortunately, this time it didn’t cost us a goal, but later on, he and his defence allowed Jason Kerr to score with a free header to pull a goal back for the Saints.

Once again Foderingham mistimed the flight of the ball as it sailed over his head. It was inevitable that they would score from the simply-taken corner. If we have any chance of winning the league – it really has to stop – and finish now!

With Foderingham in goal and I hate to say this, we will continue to lose too many cheap goals. In fairness, Wes has improved immensely as a Rangers keeper and is usually a good shot stopper, but we are extremely weak at corner kicks, free kicks and cross balls, certainly not aided by the unconvincing pair in front of him either.

This continuing problem costs the team goals, points and league titles and you simply cannot allow it to go on next season; despite Murty changing his centre backs the obvious problem is still there. Signing Hearts 30-year-old, 6’ 3” keeper Jon McLaughlin is probably the cheapest and best option available to Murty.

To help with the problem this season, I am suggesting playing 3 centre backs at the back. Bates, Alves and Martin would hopefully allow Foderingham to stay on his line and leave it to his defenders to challenge for the high balls.

Depending on the quality of the opposition, this move could also allow Morelos and Cummings to forage a partnership upfront together, to cause further havoc to the opposing teams.

The Rangers fans are itching and looking forward to see Morelos and Cummings play together, especially at Ibrox, believing that we can actually score more goals than we are at the moment.

But we need to get that defence and goalkeeping sorted first.


  1. I Disagree. Wes is not the finished article yet but not many in this team are. The difference is when a goalkeeper miscalculates it almost always leads to a goal. He has shown consistent and steady improvement and has a good mentality.
    We absolutely can win the league with him in goals and if he keeps getting better and more confident he will be the best in the league one day I have no doubt.
    He is no doubt better than De Cries

  2. I dont think that is fair to say. He pulled off some really good saves. For what we can afford i think he is as good as we are going to get, an absolute bargin too might i add.

  3. I agree that we cannot move forward conceding the cheap goals we have been doing. I also agree that it is a problem of both goalkeeper and central defence. But I have to say that over the piece, Wes has been a better than decent keeper and it may be a while before we can reasonably expect to attract an upgrade. McLaughlin may be an upgrade on Alnwick, who has been unable to get much gametime or seriously challenge Wes.

    Moving to three at the back may be one way of addressing it and as you also note would allow us to play Morelos and Cummings together.

    However, we would lose in other areas. I think one of our greatest strengths just now are the partnerships being created. Tav and Candeias are sweet as a nut together. Elton and Murphy are gelling beautifully given it has been such a short time. A whole article would have to be devoted to the burgeoning three way love affair between Goss, Docherty and the Rangers support, which I approve of. Can't believe I could ever have doubted Docherty's ability. If Goss stays, there seems no limit to their future. And Windass lurking behind the force of nature that is Morelos is giving defences across Scotland nightmares.

    Those four partnerships only leave three free jerseys for Central Defence and goalie. So which partnership would you sacrifice to make it happen?

    I, like you, would love to see Morelos and Cummings together. I fear the other teams in Scotland may appeal to the United Nations demanding a ceasefire, but we could resist for a short while 🙂 I don't think anybody would allow us to play them both with Windass in behind them – even I would see that as cruel and unusual punishment! Would like to see it tried once though, just for a laugh. Sacrifice one of Elton/Murphy and one of Tav/Candyman and play McCrorie as the advanced one of three CBs. Jesus, what a thought.

    God, how good is it to be talking about stuff like this after the last 6 years we have suffered? Was working last night, but had no fear. I expected us to win. I now expect us to win every game – I know we won't, but we always used to expect it, back in the day. Only Celtic were seen as capable of giving us a game and any defeat was seen as a tragedy.

    We are back. Let them tremble.

  4. Yes it’s a pity big Wes has that flaw in his game and I’m sure they are working on it and overall I don’t know who’s better value , stick with him
    I think .

  5. Centre backs are bigger problem. Bates in particular is not up to it. He has had almost a year to prove himself. One good game against Rangers does not mean McLaughlin would be more consistent over season. Remember O,Hallloran had one good game against us 2.5 years ago and you lot screamed at Rangers to buy him in the January window. They gave in and what a waste of money he has been.

  6. In fairness, most keepers make mistakes but on many occasions one or two quality saves could be the difference in where the points go. his reaction save was top drawer.

  7. Glad to see folks supporting Wes – has improved each season since MW signed him and is the best in the SPL. Again I see that Warburton is bracketed with Pedro – has history been re-written, or did the club actually get out of the Championship on Warburton's watch, win a diddy cup, get to the Scottish Cup Final (I know, should have won it) and beat the filth? Oh, and sign some players nobody had heard of but are now doing rather well? Perhaps a young Development Manager was also recruited around the same time who showed some potential as a future first team manager……
    However, I fully agree that Pedro should never have been signed.

  8. Seems crazy to change the tactics. Why change a winning formula.
    Who would you drop. Tav or Candeias, Murphy or John

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