A leadership problem at Ibrox


With Rangers choosing our latest captain last weekend, fans would be forgiven for wondering who exactly the main choice is.

With Lee Wallace still currently unavailable for selection (he is fit again but some way off being match ready) the baton has been handed around the team like pass the parcel, with James Tavernier succeeding Jason Holt, following Kenny Miller, Bruno Alves and Danny Wilson.

In short, Graeme Murty needs to pick his ‘deputy’ to Lee Wallace and ensure it is someone who will play most matches.

Jason Holt simply is not good enough to start in a Rangers team with ambition, and nothing highlighted that more than his replacement Greg Docherty’s display at Somerset Park. Kenny Miller is likely to be a bit-part player, as my colleague Richard suggested, while Bruno Alves’ position at Ibrox is something of a mystery.

Last but not least Murty’s preferred choice Danny Wilson has obviously gone.

When Tavernier’s captaincy was reported pre-match, many fans reacted with congratulations and a ‘well deserved’ – and yes, he has improved colossally this season and has well and truly earned his new contract. But a captain we are doubtful he is, and long term he probably is not the right call.

The most obvious choice right now is Russell Martin. He might not be our player yet but he has barely put a foot wrong and has a gamut of experience in the role – the wily Scottish international is a born leader and the most valid choice of the current XI.

He might not ‘deserve’ it yet, but does that matter? Do we want to reward players for form or simply appoint the best man for the job? Our apologies if this in any way comes across as a slight on Tav – he has been electrifying at times this season and we have been made to look like fools for suggesting he was not good enough for the SPL and for Rangers. He has raised his game and his new deal is completely justified.

But we want a natural born leader to be our leader, and of the current selection, only Martin stands out. We certainly do not want Tavernier’s game to suffer with the burden of being captain, as arguably happened with Wallace.

So we will open it to you guys. Who would you appoint captain?

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  1. McCrorie would be my choice. Was good enough for Fergie. He will grow into the role, and is a Rangers fan to boot….

  2. McCrorie for me too as I see him as a out and out CB. Russel has openly stated he’s not a vocal leader on the pitch ( Murty words too ).

    I think young McCrorie would accept the challenge and honour in his stride.

  3. Just rotate for the rest of the season and pick a new one in the summer, when we will have a better idea of who will be staying/leaving/joining.
    Long term hard to see past someone like McCrorie though

  4. Needs to be someone commanding
    And that will be there more than a
    Season. Martin or tav for me… though I’d never have thought tav would have became such an asset. Personally I thought he struggled coming up a league. But he’s def put his head down and improved this season. Def my fav rightback since Hutton. Now we just need a papac like player at left back

  5. Would love to see Big Bruno and Martin strike up a partnership for rest of the season. If Bruno gets his mind on the job I reckon we will see the real player and not the imitation we've been watching so far…

  6. I think mcCrorie would be a good choice in a year or two,I think some bears are getting ahead of themselves as I believe he is still learning and think this would only put extra pressure on on his shoulders,I voted for Russell Martin due to him being more experienced and has played at a higher level and my 2nd choice would be Dorans when fit ? watp Helicopter 2005…..��

    • You’ve got a point Dave Ravey but on the flip side players can relish with that added responsibility. He was skipper of the Development Team too… I think he’d be a good choice for next season as still injured..

  7. I think you're doing Tav an injustice. He talks and gives encouragement constantly to all the young guys around him and to me he is growing into a natural leader.

  8. think tav should get it he leads an encourage the younger players an he is staying at ibrox an let him lead us to to league winners

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