Why returning Rangers star deserves a second chance…


So, it appears according to reports this morning that ‘one of our own’ Andy Halliday, once the toast of fans, a hero to the supporters, has successfully managed his release from Gabala and will be returning to Ibrox for duty imminently.

Halliday undeniably lost favour when he struggled with the step up to the SPL last season – many fans lost patience with his generally underwhelming displays and believed he was in favour among other supporters on goodwill alone, on his support of the club.

On pure ability, he curried less and less sympathy as time went on and by the end few follow followers were sad to see him go out on loan to Azerbaijan.

In truth, there is a lot of falsehoods and unfairness about Halliday, and while he was probably treated too well when he arrived, he was definitely treated too badly by the time he left.

Halliday has never managed anything like a sustained run in his favoured position at Ibrox – attacking midfield. Probably best classed as a creative box to box midfielder, imagine Carlos Pena with less technical quality but a lot more effort, Halliday is never going to be a Rangers legend for his work on the pitch, but he has undeniably been done a disservice by being forced into the defensive midfield slot, for increasingly unobvious reasons.

Even Mark Warburton, when he brought in three DMs in the summer of 2016 (Joey Barton, Jordan Rossiter and Matt Crooks) still ignored pretty much all of them and kept Halliday there.

It was bewildering – but for fans who simply do not rate Halliday, he deserves a decent crack of the whip in AM – look what a sustained run has done for Danny Wilson. We now see what a fine defender he is, but it was less obvious to many when he was in and out of the team.

If Halliday does indeed return, he should get as fair a shot as anyone else – and with Graham Dorrans’ ongoing injury problems, and Carlos Pena’s likely departure, there is a vacancy in advanced midfield for a solid player to make his mark.

Jason Holt has been doing the best he can there, but for his energy and enthusiasm, he is technically insufficient and his passing can be painful.

Meanwhile Ryan Jack spends as much time injured as he does suspended, and Rangers clearly need to fill that midfield area up with some enhancements.

For those screaming that Halliday does not qualify as an ‘enhancement’, well given he barely got a shot for Rangers at AM, is that even a fair assessment to make?

He is our player, and Rangers have to make the best use of the resources at our disposal.

Rangers will have likely three ‘new signings’ this month in Michael O’Halloran, Joe Dodoo, and Andy Halliday while Brighton’s Jamie Murphy should also arrive. The more players, the more competition, and that can only be a good thing.


  1. Halliday was used as a Scapegoat last Time.
    He deserves another shot in His Natural Position!

    …He cant be worse than Pena

    • As much as he is one of our own. Pena probably has more technical ability in his big toe than hallIday has in his whole body. But the move makes sense. We need depth and hallIday will be a squad player for cover.

  2. Being a rangers fan is hardly a qualification to be a player.

    I'll cheer him on like the rest, and whilst we are short of numbers I can see the sense in this move I can also see reality. He isn't going to improve the team and we need players of a much higher quality level to move team forward.

    Ps the continued abuse windass and Alves are getting is shameful. Support the players, question the board.

    • E-chef
      I don't rate Windass and think we need a better standard of player, but the treatment hes recieving is shocking.
      Just tore a few new assholes on the blue sea of Ibrox for there comments about Alves.
      The guy is on crutches and wearing a moon boot ffs.
      Should go support someone else these cunts,
      Rant over Sorry!!

  3. Now he is a major step in the wrong direction, he was sent on loan because he couldnt handle the step up to the SPL, He couldn't hold a place down in Azerbaijan ffs.
    He'll never be good enough for the Rangers, He's a Championship player at best.
    Waste of time and wages.

  4. 100% agreed. He deserves a shot in his natural position. He done a great job in the championship but it was unfair to expect him to play out of position in the premier league. He will never be faulted for effort. Welcome Home Andy ����

  5. No. In fact – HELL NO!! This guy may be a bluenose but I'm sorry to say that with his extremely limited ability, he will never make the grade as an attacking midfielder. He lacks the touch, the vision and the technical ability to create space, chances and score goals from this position. No amount of wishful thinking will ever change that. You(IN) are trying to spin this as positive news – but I for one don't see how recalling a guy who contributed little last year, and couldn't get a game in Azerbijan for crying out loud; is anything but a step backwards. And an embarassing one at that. I know he mostly played DM last season but there's a good reason for that — he is simply not good enough to play as an attacker. Septic play Rogic and MacGregor in this position, pains me to say it but both are far superior footballers than Halliday will ever be. We need better options for this position, he is not the answer to any of our problems.

    • So Rab you’d settle in right away to a foreign country and play for a new team in less than 8 month and learn the lingo? If you say aye yer full of it mate….As for Rogic and MacGregor maybe they’re more suited to that role for Celtic… Everybody that comments on here must be frustrated Zicos ffs

    • Ok well let me point out the obvious to you – he had a full season in the SPL last year before he was carted off across the world, did he fare any better then BawBag73? He played a lot of football last year and generally got pelters for his performances, including all those pumpings by that other lot. Don't get me wrong I like Haliday and thank him for his service; but he's simply not got the quality that we need and never will. Bang average SPL-level player and at 26 years old, isn't gonna get any better is he? Rogic/MacGregor are far more suited for the No10 role in any team! We need players at the same or better level – Halliday is nowehere near that..

    • I wouldn’t play him as a 10. I’d play him in Holts position or at least he’s cover for Holt. The end of the day Rab we ain’t the Club we once were money wise. That said sometimes a bang average player with no ego is what a midfield needs..Tell me this what’s Niko done for us?

  6. I agree that Halliday should be given a chance to prove himself in his chosen position. Nobody expects Foderingham to be a winger, give Halliday a shot. If he fails, he will at least have tried and as IN says, he may lack Pena's technical ability, but I bet he will chase every scrap of ball like a puppy after a piece of paper in the wind. Because he cares!!

    • He’s more than physical enough to deal with Brown and that’s what we’re sadly lacking in the Team… Brown bullied almost every player in that midfield even McCrorie who is big enough knew if he looked horns he’d get sent aff as on a yellow… All the supporters saying he’s shite should go and get laced up and replace him they’re that good – jealousy is a horrid trait..

  7. The fact we need a box to box midfielder is why Murty would’ve recalled him in the first place. The boy was played out of position but just got on with it the best he could. He didn’t bitch and moan like the supporters who’re just jealous by the way. Why not give him some support and as his confidence grows so will his overall game… Not like we’re over run with options in midfield yes we have Barjonas but Halliday is physically stronger and would stand up to Brown…Was he not a hero after the cup game against Celtic just saying…Plenty players struggled but none treated as badly as Halliday – fuck me look at Tav says it all…

    • You're right – he didn't bitch and moan about being played out of position, because he couldn't believe his luck that he was playing 1st team football for the Rangers. Lets be honest here, Halliday would never have made it as a first team player before our meltdown a few years back, in any position. I cant blame him for the fact that he lived the dream(anyone would do the same) but he is 26 now and no more than a bang average journeyman pro. He should be playing for Kilmarnock or the like, that's his level!

  8. Joe Dodoo is another one that wasn’t given a fair shot either it’s trying to find his best position. He’s young and can still develop even if he was sold on the following season for a slight profit…

  9. Yes he's been played out of position by management, however he does not have the ability to improve the team or take is to the next level.
    His positional sense is shocking, he is not a greatcoat passer of the ball either. But Murty seems to like players running about like headless chickens, Holt and Windass are fine examples of this.
    We need better players than this, I am gutted at Pena not being the answer we had hoped for, as his positional sense and runs beyond the striker is something we have missed seeing for a long while.
    Halliday, Holt and Windass will not take us to where we want to be regardless of them giving 100%, you need skill on top of that and a football brain.

  10. He was great in his 1st season in the cup games against spl teams. I think last season he was ruined by poor coaching. Will be good to have since we are lacking in players in the middle of the park. Though if we are going to keep playing one upfront I’d prefer walker behind morales than Halliday

  11. I welcome him back and hope Murty can get a lot more to of him than MW or PC. As for the fans quoting "couldn't get a game in Azerbaijan", how confident would you be of beating Gabala over 2 legs in July after Progres embarrassment? We need to keep grounded and grow from here.

  12. This report from Azerbaijan should put any arguments to sleep. Me I want to cry ffs!!!

    Andy Halliday was voted one of the worst signings in the Azerbaijan league in 2017 by the country’s top sports website.

    The poll was ran on azerisport.com last month and the results included the on-loan Rangers man, who is to return to the club this month.

    He joined Gabala last summer after being frozen out by Pedro Caixinha, but went on to make little impact in the eight games he played for the club.

    And Halliday made such a bad impression out in Azerbaijan that his name was included in the worst signings of the season by the website:

    • Robbie, I totally agree with you and the information you have given is accurate. However, unfortunately, love or hate Halliday, Dodoo or MOH, we desparately need cover for all the injuries and suspensions.
      Unless Mike Allen and the board have something else up their sleeve, which I very much doubt if they are recalling all the loanees back to Ibrox!! But good shout Robbie.

    • Jimbo.
      Plenty out there better mate, Goss will be better than him and Holt.
      Plenty more players to come also.
      Unfortunately I think we will need another window.

  13. Unless for the need to increase the depth of the first team squad the return of any of the loan players is disappointing and a little worrying. Let's be clear Celtic could probably sell a couple of their best players and still win the league, if we hope to lose the gap we can't afford to sell or best players unless we have better replacements lined up, we need to keep our best players and move on and improve the quality of the squad in general, it's going to be a tough task but taking back already proven sub standard loaned or selling Tavernier and Windass would not be steps in the right direction

  14. A sign of the times we just bring back our loans and give them another chance and we all know he will none may get in the team so we pay all there wages to sit on there ass how come we sold better than he is.

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