Saturday, 13 January 2018

Why Rangers players are feeling threatened

With Rangers’ January business hitting serious territory, it is evident this club is finally taking a look at itself and trying to build a Rangers we all recognise.

QPR’s Sean Goss has already impressed, while former Brighton winger Jamie Murphy was a coveted and important arrival. Greg Docherty should be next on the agenda and Rangers are negotiating over the price (reportedly now at £750K).

However, with yet another rebuild comes the inevitability of moving on surplus, and for both Eduardo Herrera and Niko Kranjcar to publicly big themselves up as being happy at Ibrox and believing they have a role to play at the club shows how threatened both are by the new arrivals.

However, they are far from alone. The amount of chafe that remains on the books in Govan is borderline frightening, and it is nearly impossible that even half of it can be cast away before February 1st.

Jordan Rossiter, Herrera, Kranjcar, Bruno Alves, Dalcio, Lee Hodson, Joe Dodoo, and many others are taking up thousands of pounds a week. Weekly figures suggest those seven alone cost the coffers around £80,000 and that is money Rangers cannot afford to waste.

It is pretty obvious why Rangers are keen to sell Herrera, for example, and even more obvious why he is trying to remain. The guy is on a healthy salary and he will not get that elsewhere. Kranjcar too is hardly on a low income and nowhere will he come close to matching it. And Rossiter, sadly, we have given up on. We love the guy, we do, and we would love him to be fit, but over 18 months on the £10K a week man is still nowhere near the first team and it is time to cut losses and move on – which is probably a major reason Rangers are looking at Hamilton’s star man.

In short, Rangers have a glut of dead wood. Again. From Warburton’s Wasters to Pedro’s Profligals, Rangers just keep signing trash that does not work out and has to be shed.

And it is no coincidence that at least three of them have recently talked (or tweeted) themselves up as having a role to play.

Rangers are making changes this month. And some players are threatened by that. And so they should be.

The ruthlessness with which we got rid of Pena and Nemane is a lesson that those who do not deserve to be at Ibrox are out as soon as we get a chance.


  1. Could not agree more, apart from Rossiter. A huge asset if he can get fit. The rest, send them to Kilmarnock along with Naismith the traitor.

    1. Spot on get Rossiter fixed & fit at all costs.
      He's going nowhere anyway he's got 18 months left of his contract,going nowhere till that's passed.
      We looked after Durrant & Mols and he should be given EXACTLY the same duty of care.
      He's not a dud like the rest U have highlighted he's quality!!

  2. Rossiter would be an asset, the problem is that we cannot discover whether his physical state is conducive to professional football, or will never stand up to the rigours. If he can't make it, he has my sympathy, there is nothing to suggest he is anything but dedicated to his career. But there will be no place for him.
    Having said that, nobody is going to buy him and it would be madness for him to write off his contract, so we have another 18 months to see if he can make it. Fingers crossed.

    As for the others Herrera will hopefully look for somewhere else for the sake of his career. Kranjcar will not get another contract with us, Alves will hopefully want to move on to play before the World Cup in which case we will release him from his contract - if he doesn't, we are stuck with him for another 18 months. Dalcio goes back at the end of the season. Hodson is no LB, but may be a reserve RB if nobody comes in for him. I believe Dodoo is under contract until 2020, so will be with us for a while.

    Such are the leavings on unsuccessful managers. Which is why the current policy of using a DoF who concentrates on young Scottish talent and bargains like Morelos working with a coach looks like the best way forward

  3. Totally agree with article but would also add cardoso to the list as I don't think he will be good enough long term and regarding rossiter,it's a shame as am sure he would have been a top player if he wasn't injury prone but should he have been signed in the first place, the answer to that is no but due to bad/miss management from the bread man/Frank Mcparlane and also Liverpool knowing the extent of rossiters problems in the first place,he ends up at Ibrox.
    Stung again!!! watp helicopter 2005

  4. Get Rid of The Following

    Dalcio - Just Send Him Back Asap!
    Miller - From Player to Coaching
    Windass - £2m Minimum
    Dodoo - £500k
    Hodson - Punt Him to Killie/Hamilton
    Rossiter - Released
    Kranjcar - Released
    Alves - Not Lived up to the Hype

    Alnwick -
    Need a GK who can Challenge for No.1

    Forrester - £500k
    Pena - £2mill back to Mexico

    And as ive previously stated :
    Id Keep Herrera,
    I Think He will come Good

    A Word in Ear From Nicholl, Patience and a Run of Games will do the Trick 👌

    And Last but not Least
    Give Ryan Hardie a Chance!

  5. Good comments lads. Really feel for Rossiter as he would be class. The rest of these chancers should be turfed ASAP! I can’t believe how bad Herrera is. Love what the team is embarking on at this time. Onwards and upwards!

  6. Yes, agree. There is a lot of dead wood we need to get rid, but the list should be a lot longer, but I'm realistic that we need 14 players including subs to play every week!

  7. It's funny how some players become better when they are long term injured. Rossiter is NOT Steven Gerrard. In the few games that he's played he looked no more than tidy and aggressive with some potential. No more no less. If you listen to some IN posters you'd think we were desperately waiting for the return of Paul Pogba.

  8. Think we should cut our Losses and Release Rossiter 😔


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