Why Rangers must hold out for multi-millions


We at Ibrox Noise shall first begin by wishing all our readers a Happy New Year. The site has grown in audience and stature the past 12 months, and that is thanks to our loyal and increasing readership. Thank you to all those who have been with us from the early days, to those who have come along more recently for the ride.

However, we start 2018 with a story that we would have been quite happy with a year ago, castigating as we were about this lad, but if anyone has proven us utterly wrong about his capabilities this season, it has been James Tavernier.

While maybe not quite Alan Hutton or Gary Stevens at his best, Tavernier has without doubt been one of Rangers’ best performers, finally making the step up to a higher level – he has adjusted his game, being less obsessed with scoring the sexy goals he did in the Championship, something which hurt him last season, and focusing much more on flank play, overlapping runs, and forming a very decent partnership overall with Daniel Candeias (whose form definitely varies quite dramatically).

It achieved its zenith on Saturday, with his best show in a Rangers shirt, and if not for an outstanding display from David Bates, he would have easily been MOTM.

But, as we know, teams have started seriously sniffing around him. We are aware of Sunderland’s interest, albeit no bid has yet been submitted, and following his increasingly good form, other suitors are sure to join the queue.

But, and here is the nub. While we probably cannot expect an Alan Hutton-esque bid of circa £9M, there is absolutely no reason Rangers cannot hold out for a serious amount of cash if the ex-Newcastle RB is to be sold. We do not have to sell Tavernier, albeit we know our financial situation is hardly lavish – but rejection of a £500k bid for Josh Windass does show we will no longer be pushovers and have learned from the disgrace of the Barrie McKay debacle.

If we do sell Tavernier, it is now with reluctance but the best deal for our club, and on that level Rangers, given also the inflated values of English players, should expect a minimum of £5M for him.

Celtic are expecting around £20M for Dembele if they should sell, they got £13M for Van Dijk (increasing to £21.5M based on sell on clause) – while our position is not quite as strong as theirs, Tavernier has become a real asset to this club (one of our prize ones) and if we do elect to part company with him we must demand a really healthy chunk of cash for him.

Anything less would be insulting. Anything less would be Barrie McKay.


  1. Agreed bidding should start at 5mil. But tav is one of if not our best players.and we should be offering him a new deal. And getting rid of hodson and upgrading him.

  2. until we start acting like a big club and asking for proper money for our players, teams will keep bidding low.

    Our track record encourages low bids.

    Half the money Celtic have got in fees is through hype they generate – something else we should look at copying.

  3. There's no doubt that he's good going forward and is a very good crosser of the ball,but he still has problems defending although he has improved a bit,if you go back to saturdays game and the sinclair chance in the first half and lets be honest here he should have scored tav is standing in the box dreaming,now if that goes in we have a mountain to climb,if you are playing at the back you have to be able to defend. even though i would still keep him, we are trying to build something here.

  4. For me he was the motm on Saturday.
    Also I think he's every bit as good as Stevens & Hutton going forward he needs to work on his defending big time, getting booked in the 2nd minute would help. (Hope U get that)
    Give him a new improved 2 year deal extension and slap 15M with add ons on his ass!!
    Back 3 would defo suit him & John

  5. Happy New Year to Ibrox Noise team.

    Tav has no doubt improved and was def man of the match on Saturday. Is he a multi million pound player? Not a chance. We are a very average team with very average players. Therefore laughable to even suggest we should shoo away other teams if they don't give us millions for our average under achievers. Lets start being realistic on the valuations of our players.

    • Sorry, don't agree. Why would a Championship team want a player who is 26, approaching his peak, but only worth a couple of hundred thousand? They wouldn't, they have plenty money and the only reason they would want someone for a couple of hundred thousand is if its a bargain.

      Proof? Nottingham Forest bought McKay for circa £600k, because he only had a year left on his contract. Call them and ask to buy him, I guess they will look for several millions. He was worth more than 600K if he was not out of contract.

      You don't think the MOTM in an Old Firm is not worth a couple of million, when Dembele(£20-40M), Sinclair(£4-8M), Tierney the Wonderbhoy(£10-20M) and the Thumb are all playing?

      Yes, let's be realistic. A Championship team looking to improve a position is looking for a £5M player, but as cheaply as possible. As are we and everyone else. You can't survive in the Championship with a team of players each worth a couple of hundred thousand, you will get relegated.

    • Robbie, I assume you mean Kieran Tierney?

      Well, from a non biased footballing observation. Tierney has 9 full scottish international caps. He has been very impressive for scotland and did not look out of place when playing in the champions league and in my humble footballing opinion, this lad would easily make it into the English Premiership. All this, and he still only 20 years old. Tav does not have such a CV and never will at 26. It seems to me that some fans are now accepting mediocrity at Ibrox and now alarmingly defending the very players that give us inconsistent mediocre performances!

      Scotswhahae – just to pick up on how can Tav be man of the match against shellic and not be worth a couple of million? Well, Harry Cochrane was MOTM when Hearts beat them 4-0, is he now worth millions too? St Johnstone, Kilmarnock and Hibs drew at Parkhead also, does that mean all those players are worth millions and millions? Not to mention Hibs and Motherwell drawing with shellic at home too?
      Our team have the same average players that those teams have. That is why we are struggling in third place in a league in (world international footballing terms) a third rated footballing nation.
      That, my fellow bears is the reason why our players are not worth the millions you claim we 'should' be selling them for!

    • Jimbo
      Not to slate Harry Cochrane, who is young and new, but Tavernier is the highest one season scoring RB in Rangers history. I am not judging him on one game and the teams sniffing around him are not judging him on that one game but a sustained period of time. I don't think Tierney is crap based on that one game. If Tav is not worth a couple of millions, surely he is not good enough for the Championship?
      If he is only worth a few hundred thousand, then Sunderland can afford better. I am not claiming he should be sold for millions. I am claiming he should not be sold. Ideally we get him to sign a new contract. But if another team wants a player we don't want to sell, we need to get more than our value of him, which will include replacement cost and compensation for loss of talent. Simples. For Tavernier, that would have to be in excess of £2Million

  6. Defo cant afford to sell also any1 else notice how he was the 1 constantly advising mcCrorie on sat? Shows hes maturing & a future captain also..

  7. am sick of rangers selling there players for crap money look at mckay we sold him for 500 now i think thats was disgracfull look when we had good players years ago we paid millions for them and maybe sold them for millions look at rangers now cant sell a player for millions they sell them for pennies utter shite i am disgraced by rangers football club a club i love so dearly they need to get there act together and stop selling players for nothing make a few million on them instead of hundred kkk

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