Why don’t Rangers want Steven Naismith?

Why don’t Rangers want Steven Naismith?

With today’s news that Hearts have formally made the first serious enquiry about attaining Steven Naismith’s services, many Rangers fans have been left scratching their heads wondering why on earth Graeme Murty and Mark Allen have not apparently made a move to bring home the former Ibrox striker.

Naismith has clearly stated abundantly clearly that he wants to return to Govan, and that he would be willing to play for a modest fee. Naturally, not for the ‘free’ nonsense the tabloids spouted (who, exactly, works for free?) but certainly at a cost effective level.

And with Rangers’ striking poverty highlighted again last night when only the in demand Josh Windass could muster a goal in Florida, it is even more bewildering that a seasoned veteran of the Scottish game is apparently not interesting the bosses at Ibrox.

Presently Rangers have Alfredo Morelos and Josh Windass more or less entirely providing the goals. Morelos’ form has been up and down, and he suffers a touch of inconsistency and profligacy, while Windass’ is not effective as a winger, but does get a fair few goals.

But neither of them is individually truly the answer, even if both together give a bit more – but a club of Rangers’ size needs more quality up front, and despite the links with Cole, Cummings et al – Rangers know Naismith like the back of our hands.

Yet it is Hearts who have stolen a march on the 31-year old, and are said to be looking at him as a permanent signing?

Last time this happened was a carbon copy – Kyle Lafferty, unwanted by fans, went to Hearts and naturally has been very good there, to many Bears’ chagrin. Not this site though. We wanted the guy, and knew what he could bring. Naismith also going to his ex-team mate’s new haunt just screams of a repetition of that first farce, but this time with an even better player.

Hearts are evidently very quietly building something over there in Gorgie. After the calamity of Ian Cathro they, like Hibs, have become serious third place contenders coming from bottom four at one point to fifth in the table.

The acquisition of Naismith would strengthen them further while Rangers seem obsessed with picking up players from left field.

We hope the players we have actually been linked with are real and serious – because while Sean Goss impressed us last night, there is something uninspiring about being linked with a club’s unwanted youngster we have never heard of. I mean that as no slight on Mr Goss – he could well be a wise signing indeed, but Rangers fans need some more signings to get excited about. Murphy was a decent start there.

Naismith could have been one too, but it looks like that ship may have already sailed.

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  1. According to a frequent poster on this site (robbie wilson) that naismith was "coming like it or lump it" or something to that effect. Anyway whether he comes or not I think he would strengthen our options and he would definitely enhance the hearts team. So I guess we just have to watch this space.

    • Mate.
      He's still under the impression he's coming to Rangers this window,
      He's told his family as much and pretty sure he Is.
      I wouldn't give a shit if he went to hearts me!!

  2. Again with this guy!! Listen he is a rat. Its that simple. When the club needed players help by waiting and getting their contracts switched so the club could sell them to get much needed cash he decided he would not do that and probably this benefited him financially at the time. He and the other rats jumped the sinking ship that was Rangers and on the way out he says…"its not the same club"!!!!

    We don't need him. I'd rather sign new young players like Murphy and Goss.

    Mr Naismith just so we are clear…you are not welcome back at Ibrox because we don't accept insults from those who say they are one of us. Clearly you are not. Show some respect and stay away!

    • spot on blue blue the judas 6 should be wiped from our history, now they are all finished they want to play for us again

    • So let me get this right he refused to transfer his contract over to be eventually sold to benefit the club. Who was run by green who was only out to benifit himself with what was sum of supposedly 75 million of the club's cash. All they players who didn't transfer over saw right through the crooks who took over the club and we're probably right to walk away. Green, whyte easdales they bled us dry. So lay off the guys who left. It's the guys who took over the anger should be directed

    • Scott Coulter at that time no one knew Green would eventually turn out the way he did. The main point is at that time the Rat turned against us and our club and went off to line his pockets at Everton. The money Rangers would have likely receive from his transfer fee probably enhanced his own signing on fee. He is a turn coat, traitor and not welcome among us ….if you are a Rangers fan.
      PS…he wasn't even that good! If Im not wrong he was out for longer than he played….RAT!

    • John Duncan…you get over it my friend….we don't need him and I think your recollection of is quality may be way out of date…he can't get a game for Norwich!!

    • It's been a while since Murphy was described as a young player.

      Good article. Would welcome back Lafferty & Naismith, they would complete our forward line. Getting Russell Martin in too would give us that good mix of ability and potential in the squad.

      We should be able to afford Martin & Naismith if we can ship out Alves and Herrerra.

      I'm glad that not many fans share your disdain for players that won us trophies and then tried to make the best of a bad situation on the advice of their lawyers at the time.

    • Steven Shevlin by the looks of the posts you are in a minority. Are you serious…Lafferty! He was shown the door because he embarrassed the club by feigning injury…remember that disgrace full episode seen around the world on TV!

      I wonder about people like you wanting anybody, anybody to play at our club. If your not that bothered maybe we should try and get Scot Brown!! You'd probably have him wouldn't you…

  3. Hopefully it means we are looking for a proper 20-30 goals a season striker, off the top of my head i don't think Naismith has scored more than 20 goals in a season yet. However, if there's strikers out there banging in 20+goals a season we're not going to get them on loan or likely to have the funds to buy. It looks like we're going to gamble on lower league English players again i.e Devante cole

  4. Other than the fact as stated by Blue Blue that he is a rat , I know we need to move on etc etc and if he joined i am sure his 1st goal would be celebrated just as passionately as any other rangers goal scorer. My biggest issue is his injury problems, Both his knees are knackered ( which Rangers nursed him through) and he has picked up alot of other injuries since leaving us. He cant get a game for Norwich which also tells us something. I would at the end of the day back Naismith but he would need to perform massively to get the fans onside. All in all his injury problems is what i suspect the issue is.

    • Martin you are a young fella but don't let people like this kid you…he is a rat! Are you prepared to let someone who did the dirty on our club wear our shirt? Come on young fella take a principled stand and tell him where to go! WATP…or are we just any people?

    • Hi blue my opinion is the same as yours , I totally agree. Especially hate how we nursed him through two year long injuries. He should have signed on and then left for 500k and we as fans would have understood. I posted from my point of view but also trying to understand others. if he pulled on the shirt I would be forced to support him as I would any rangers player as the team is the most important. That doesn't mean I want him anywhere near us as I dont. We are definitely the people.

  5. Bitterness from fans aside, he is a pale shadow of the player he once was due to injuries.

    I can ignore his ill judged comments but not the fact he isn't the same player we had.

  6. l couldn't give a toss if Naisy played for the Mhanky mob kissed his badge and was a devout Roman Catholic blessing himself before every game, l would bite the hand off to bring the player back as we badly need him, the knuckle draggers on here are too stupid to realise him coming back would only improve our team which is badly needed

    • Bluebear

      Do you have ant reason to believe that he is any good? I know he was, very good in fact, but as E-Chef says he seems to be a pale shadow of that player now. He can't get a game for Norwich.
      So when you say he would improve our team, are you basing that on anything other than golden memories? He used to be one of my favourite players, but even if I could forgive him, I can't see any evidence that he could be our future

  7. Stephen naismith ,would be the best signing wee could ever get ,if wee are serious about a good challenge to celtic, wee must sign him ,and forget the past all football players do what is best for them at the time ,he is no different, rangers must go forward,and sign him,,,,

    • Hahahaha really the 'best we could ever get'…have you actually seen him play?!

      He's finished and spent a long time out injured when he was at Ibrox…he's a Rat!

  8. Another farce. Always looking to go left-field when the obvious is right in front of their noses. Signing Naismith is a no-brainer. He is, including Murphy, a class above ANYONE currently in a blue jersey. Ok, so he left us in a far front satisfactory manner. But, and it's a big but, he was looking out for himself and his family. If Rangers had not went into meltdown in 2012, he would never have left and would be a legend by now. All this sanctimonious crap spouted by some Rangers fans about how he is a disgrace, a selfish b…… etc is frankly nonsense. He saw the way the club was going and, despite being a bluenose all his life (as he clearly remains), he knew his career would go into free-fall if he stayed. How many of us would stay with our current employer (despite having a strong allegiance to them), if by staying we damaged our future or our family's? Exactly, not one of us. So give the guy a break! And, something which cannot be in doubt, he would be a brilliant signing for us.

  9. I can tell you why Rangers have no interest in Naismith!! The man has played 3 games of footbal in the last 2 seasons. He breaks down in to injury more than getting in to a starting 11. Do we need another treatment table taken up long term to give Rossiter some company!?? No we don't, why go old when Cummings can do the same jib amd has value in him!!!

  10. He jumped ship when he should have stuck by the club we never treat our players badly but he treated the club with so much disrespect we are all for moving on but for hime to win the fans back he must apologise for the disuspect when he left the fans are the club respect is earned not given we needed the team to stay together not to jump ship

  11. Stephen naismith,would be the best signing wee could make, at this time, forget the past and live for the future, all football players do what is right for them at the time ,rangers have to do what is right for the team, and sign him ,,,

    • You worry me…he didn't have to do what he did thats the bloody point. He crapped on us..on us, you and me and every other blue nose and our club.

  12. I personally think he would bring so much to us especially in a number 10 role. The problem is the rest of the fans, everything at rangers gets scrutinised all the time, just like you did mentioning goss, and with so many fans not wanting Naismith back I’d be supprised if they would take the risk bringing him bk, and then the fans jumping on their back if he doesn’t fire straight away

  13. All the speculation linking Naismith with Rangers is via the media. Rangers have made no approach or even hinted they are interested in bringing him to Ibrox. I've previously said I would accept Naismith on loan basis for a minimal affordable wage and with a contractual stipulation that he goes straight back to Norwich if he gets injured or is not playing to required standard.

    • Jimbo.
      It's coming from the player and his family mate honestly.
      He fulky expects to be at Ibrox this window.

  14. Why don't Rangers want Steven Naismith?

    Cos he’s a wee turncoat bastard 👍 he’d have no interest in playing for us gain if he was playing at Norwich. The move suits him more than it suits us.

    No thanks. You made your bed 👍

    • Spot on Scott! 👌


      Pretty quick out the door in 2012 👊

      And here is sumthing else for the ones kissing naismiths backside …

      If he was as much of a bluenose as he says he is …
      He'd have stayed for the fight!

      #OurCaptain #Wallace

      Or at the very least he would have moved his contract over so we could get money for him!


    • It’s not bitter Jim. He left when we ended him most. Now he wants to come back when he needs us most. The best players to play for us are the ones who have played for the jersey. The ones who understand what it means to play for Rangers. Naismith showed zero loyalty or the club or fans. He didn’t appreciate the value of being at a club like Rangers because he ran out the door at the first sign of trouble. We don’t need him. We need players that want to play for the club for the right reason. His reasons are all for his benefit. I Foto me do t want him back at Ibrox

  15. Have you seen Norwich play recently. It's been nearly 6 years since Naismith last played for us. A player of that calibre would indeed be welcome at the moment but likewise he would be an automatic first pick for Norwich. Let's assume that he is nowhere near that level and look elsewhere for someone younger, e.g. Cummings or Cole.
    PS The same applies to Russell Martin. Norwich fans would love to see him move on. Enough said!

  16. I think that Iain Macdougal has it spot on. Naismith has done next to nothing this past couple of years whilst Cummings has more than proved himself in this league. I know which one makes more sense.

  17. Traitor.
    He can ram it.
    Would rather never win anything again than have him here.
    What the fuck has happened to some of our fans? No shame some of them.
    There not Rangers fans in my eyes .

  18. 1. NAISMITH shafted us
    2. He is not capable of breaking into a Norwich Team lying 13th in the 2nd Tier in England.
    3. Every cunts complained about over 30s all last season. He's 31
    4. He's a Fucking dirtbag

    • Short, sharp and to the point. Only part I can disagree with is the capital letters 🙂
      Rest of it is on the money

  19. Why would you want him? Aside from the fact that he’s a traitorous rat, he’s so unwelcome by very large if not the Majority of supporters, why why why would u want someone who divides our supporters and which ultimately put more pressure on our board from supporters.
    The last thing is we need is a more fractured relationship between the us and the board at a time when we need unity and solidarity if we are to rebuild. Also there’s the moral of the team cos if anyone doesn’t think he’s gonna get pellets from large sections Of our support. He’s the king nd of person that will get booed onto the pitch as a sub. There are plenty of supporters out there that already want the board gone without adding more insulting decisions toward the fans. Again WHY? Would u even contemplate this. Would fans still buy season tickets in the volume that we do? (Id like to think so) but I’m sure there are those out there that wouldn’t. Not a good business strategy is it? Alienating your fans and ultimately your customers. Are there not other people out there amongst the hundreds of thousands of players that we reduced to bringing back traitors, I’d rather promote one of the youth players who want to play for the jersey.
    This is a pivotal moment for the board it will show how much they actually care about the club…cos it’s decisions like these that ultimately lead to sack the board signs appearing in the stands.
    Taking away the financial running of the club, This season the board have shown a major lack of leadership, integrity, bravery and most of all CLASS. Our board haven’t challenged the spfl or sfa about otter clubs public attacks on and off the field(the latest one the film at the paedodome) then worst of all when they do make public statements that are quite frankly classless and demean the high standards our great club holds itself up to(or used to if this season is anything to go by) explayers who continually make vile comments about the club that are employed by tv stations and are also given free reign to say what they like. Ie that Baldy fat ginger cunt hartson this season while being a pundit on an English game still manages to shoehorn in how Rangers are anew club into a game between 2 English teams. I think it was Leeds game, my point is the board should be putting more pressure on the tv companies to have more control over their employees agendas and attacks under the guise of journalism, otherwise just follow suit on the BBC journalist and ban individuals from Ibrox. Time to lead from the top on all fronts.


    • Deirdre,

      I agree. I am against a return and agree with each of Brian Clark's points. Even with all that I would swallow the bile and accept it if it was in the club's best interests.

      But as you point out, if he returns many will not. It will split the fans, split the club and destroy needed unity.

      So whatever I think about the rights and wrongs, there is no evidence he can deliver anything except anger and discord, so has to be thanks but no thanks

  20. I Agree with all Bluenoses on this Post who see through the BS and arent kissing Naismiths Backside.

    He is a Rat! …He Turned his Back!
    He is Never welcome at Ibrox!

    If he was as much of a rangers man as he says he is
    …He would have stayed for the fight!

    Now an Alternative to Naisy…

    Robin Van Persie
    Top Quality! 👌
    34 & Finished in Turkey

    How about we offer him one last hurrah in british football 😃👍

    I agree wages are a block but if we were to get rid of Alves/Pena etc we could make him a Decent Offer.

  21. Fuck it boys! No to Naismith. Get Cummings in to play alongside Morelos. Would be dynamite. They would terrorize the league.

  22. No to Naismith!
    No to Cummings

    Would Give Hardie a Chance before signings Cummings but like I said previously I think we should make an Attempt for RVP

  23. Could we put a poll up on this pls. Just to clarify to the people with short term memory loss how the majority of Rangers Fans don’t want him at Ibrox watching a game never mind pulling in the Famous jersey again. Watp

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