Saturday, 20 January 2018

Why are the media misrepresenting Rangers?

It should be nothing new, malevolent misinformation being spread about our club by the media in order to use us for attention and sales.

It has always been the case, after all. Newspapers lying frequently about Rangers in order to sell more. It is all about the Rangers and we know that.

But when it happens two days in a row and pretty blatantly at that you really do notice it a bit more.

First was the Steven Naismith nonsense. Both Sky Sports and the BBC portrayed this story as Hearts ‘beating’ Rangers to the 31-year old’s signature. Both went as far as to explicitly say that was the case.

Graeme Murty has confirmed Rangers did indeed speak to the ex-Rangers striker but elected against making an offer. The player himself has in fact implied it is the case too. That is all the clarification we need.

But then yesterday Sky ran a story about Bournemouth’s Emerson Hyndman. They claimed manager Eddie Howe had said the midfielder was to be loaned to Rangers, and a decision about that would be made in due course.

However, this is a complete fabrication and what the Cherries boss really said was considerably wide of that mark, as we quoted you yesterday.

He went as far as to confirm Rangers had made no enquiry at all about the playmaker, expressing that no one from Rangers contacted Bournemouth.

And yet Sky Sports stuck with their claim for 18 hours+ that the seaside team’s manager had said otherwise.

Maybe there is something Sky Sources know that no one else does, that Rangers really are interested in taking the player back on loan, and that may well be true, but it is absolutely explicitly not what Howe said in his press conference.

Quite why these media giants are deliberately misrepresenting Rangers and our dealings is not always clear – the BBC for their part have an antagonistic history with our club, true, but on a financial level do not rely on hits or papers sold. Their revenue is almost exclusively through the licence fee and their own form of advertising.

Meanwhile we are unsure why Sky have been inaccurate recently with regards our club; we are at a loss to explain why a normally reliable and decent outlet has been wide of the mark discussing us recently.

Some would argue in Scotland, the Celtic-minded fraternity are unhappy their club has apparently signed no one (correct us if we are wrong, we do not follow Celtic’s business) and Rangers have been hectic in the market therefore wish to douse as much cold water and negativity on us as they can.

After all, that DR headline on the day Cummings signed basically ignored the arrival from Forest and used Kris Boyd’s nonsense s*n rant instead.

If the negativity the press are dealing us right now is fear, We Welcome the Chase.


  1. Why are the media misrepresenting Rangers?

    You really need to ask ? Had the last 5 years taught you nothing? Look at all the major tv channels and newspapers. They’re riddled with Tims. They like nothing better than to misrepresent, misreport, undermine and defame Rangers at every opportunity. They will put a negative slant on everything associated with Rangers:

    To put simply they’re a bunch of obsessed, sad fuckers. The best reply we can have is on do our business on and off the park in as professional a manner as possible.

    Where there’s libelous content we should take them through the courts. Otherwise we continue to work our way back to the top and deny these pricks oxygen.

    It should also be made perfectly clear to such pricks that they’re not welcome anywhere near Ibrox. We don’t need them. They need us to sell their gutter trash rags and bigoted views

    Onwards and upwards. WATP 👍

    1. 💯% Scott pal. I only wish we had a board with enough back bone to challenge the majority of the lies and bitterness aimed towards us. People might say freedom of speech but when u are a player in our league then it’s bringing the game into disrepute. A little thing like class and professionalism. But we just allow free shots at us and it only encourages no mark players making comments. Even the mhanky mobs youth team are forever at it in mainstream news streams, they are still representing their club but their club says nothing. While our board says nothing it onlyenvourages more to follow suit and see how much they can get away with.

  2. I’m quiet supprised at sky, they are usually very unbiased, in fact they changed there website and reporting set up from Scottish premier league to Scottish football just so that they could still report on rangers in the 3rd division. Sounds like they’ve heard from one of the Scottish football experts and ran with it instead of talking to either club.
    But yes te media up here are a disgrace. Keith Jackson at the dr is one of the worst. Can’t wait to wipe the smirk off there faces when we win the league

  3. the first time I heard anything about Hyndman was from a twitter post in another story (can't remember which one) where a supporter said why not bring him (Hyndman) back and the tabloids have went into overdrive with their ooh if it’s on twitter it must be true

  4. Why are you even asking the question? Spiers, CH4's Thompson, BBC's McLaughlin, BT's very own 'constipated Katie Hopkins' aka Sutton et al; it's the legacy of a five year open season on a defenceless Rangers while the bottom feeders were running the club.
    Having said that, i don't think much of Traynor's Level 5 PR efforts either, and I think some of the negative bias is self inflicted. One thing that does appear to have changed is a welcome end to the constant stream of leaks from within Ibrox that previously encouraged third rate journalists to produce weekly piles of dross to sate the appetites of the obsessed.

    1. Aye it is funny how the “ informer “ has went full radio silent since Ped got the Spanish Archer....We will never know who was the Ibrox Mole

  5. Simple don't allow them in the gate at Ibrox if they misrepresented or slag the club. Sin Die the cunts.
    Same goes with the presser sorry DR & Sun your not welcome here, fuk off to the east end and bend!!!

  6. I think someone from rangers should maybe ask for a meeting with Jim white to explain sky's inconsistencies/stories about our club and am sure white would be more than happy to do so as I agree with Stuart that until recently we have always had an unbiased relationship regarding any news/stories from them,but maybe someone from the BBC has jumped ship to work for sky and is now spreading the same poisonous lies/untruths that we all know too well ? just a thought!!!

    watp Helicopter 2005 ��

    1. 2005 ffs drag yersell intae the here and now

  7. Come on guys, the paranoid mob are the little Glasgow team not the mighty Rangers.

    Transfer window speculation gets worse with every window. Sky is like everyone else, trying to promote every rumour about every club. You could have written your article as a Huddersfield or Scunthorpe fan as I'm sure they've had misquoted and wrong stories reported as has every club.

    Yes it's annoying, but just part of life.

  8. Let me give you good advice. Don’t buy the papers, don’t sue anyone( Only lawyers and papers make money when you do this regardless of who is right).Be above them. Because we are.

  9. When the Teds Regain there place in the sun and it’s not as far away as you think l would simply not even indulge in conversation with Scottish Media outlets as they have done their best to denigrate the club at every turn —-l have stopped listening to football phone ins and so called experts —screw them all and be afraid you turnips —our development side beat Bayern Munich today and that for our football is the only way forward

  10. is mr traynor still at rangers?
    what does he do?

  11. I just wonder if this is y Docherty hasn’t been confirmed yet,do it on Sunday That means all the papers for that day are printed, so they won’t get a lot more sales on our behalf it’s also the dearest paper of the week so it’s a wee get it up use. Yes people will buy it on the Monday but the price of a paper on a Monday is half the price at least. Just a thought.

  12. Always going to get this to be honest though ain’t we as it’s Rangers. The bottom line they need to bump there gums about something true or not...

    Rangers to keep improving with results on and off the pitch should be our only concern period. Let the shite hawks talk pish it’s what they’re good at....

    Talking of pish talk Boyd was cringeworthy in his bit about Cummings. Saying how he’s just the player we need at Rangers, while he’s trying to pull the knives out of Rangers back with his previous pish talk.....

  13. Brilliant reading this time.

    Robbie Wilson, you should join this group. You talk a lot of sense.

    Can see the headline.

    'Wilson is Write'

    Ban them all. BUT INCLUSIVE of:-

    Barry never got the job Ferguson
    Kwiss what's that on and on your head Boyd.
    And YES Sky Sports

    1. Brian.
      Would any of us on here let some fanny into our houses and tell lies and slag our familys off.
      No Chance!!

      There at it again Buffalo going to Bristol C, More Lies.
      Alves done deal he's off to Italy. Could happen but defo not a done deal.

      Not like Sky to talk shit, there normally not far Off, listening to that 2 sorry excuses of a daily newspaper.

      Honestly just don't buy there papers.

      And I'm deadly serious don't let them anywhere near anything to do with Rangers Football club.

      Make the cunts buy a programme to find out the squad

  14. They are red up having nothing to write about

    Sack The 'Bored'

    Whahahahahahaha I like that

    Ah shuuup

  15. I the thing is they have no better storys to write about or tell so lets make things up about the gers why no they kept on whem we went down the bottom league an no we start to make a name for ur self they don't like it an as for boyd he should shut his mouth got nothing to do with him or his team just lets win the league an let them talk about us then see if they will

  16. The media are just like big Donald Trump. Fucking fake news everywhere! Up them!

  17. 6 years of everything going the mhanks way now they see us on ther tails now it’s all getting a bit desperate from all levels of there support. so let’s make up hunners of pathetic nonsense.
    See the best way We cud hurt them is if we buy as much merchandise wen it’s available, sign up for club 1872,rangers fan fighting fund etc the more money we can throw the clubs way within reason of wat each individual sees as affordable the quicker we ll get bck to being title contenders. F*** them all!!


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