Scott Allan, Jamie Walker and Kenny McLean…

Scott Allan, Jamie Walker and Kenny McLean…

With this morning’s news that Aberdeen’s Kenny McLean is off to Norwich for a reported paltry £200,000, Rangers fans are left laughing with more than a hint of irony at the newly formed ‘Jamie Walker Fallacy’.

In short, this is the third occasion in recent times where a league rival refused to sell to Rangers for any less than an exorbitant sum, or refused outright, before then dumping the player elsewhere for peanuts.

It began with Scott Allan of course. Hibernian refused to sell to a ‘rival’, and after destroying the player’s career shoved him at Celtic for £350,000. Then more recently the nonsense with Jamie Walker; Hearts would not do business with Rangers for less than £1M only four months ago, yet in the past week have ditched the winger to Wigan for a mere £300,000.

And last but not least is the latest comedy involving Kenny McLean. Aberdeen manager Derek McInnes made the biggest hoo hah about how he refused to sell the midfielder on the cheap as the summer window closed, and here we are today with the Scotland international off to Graham Dorrans’ old haunt in Norwich for a pathetic £200,000.

Add to all this the Jordan Jones stuff with Killie and it is more evident on a daily basis that this league panders to Celtic now and clubs will do everything in their power to avoid selling to Rangers for anything below ‘excessive’.

Look at Celtic’s dealings with Dundee United. The Parkhead side offered £250k for Gary Mackay-Steven, and they got him for that. And of course Allan for £350K and then more recently Lewis Morgan for £350K.

But Rangers? It does not matter when a player’s contract expires, they do not sell to us for these kinds of prices. When the Blue Pound comes in, £350K changes to £1M or even double that.

It is the way it is now, and the only way Rangers secure a ‘rival’ player is if that player is imminently out of contract and chooses us, ala Ryan Jack.

After the Greg Docherty deal looked certain, it is starting to feel anything but.

This league is a different world to the one Rangers left in 2012. And until Rangers get some influence again in the right places, it is not going to balance itself out again.

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  1. I agree, let’s hope we don’t let Greg Docherty slip away. I was overjoyed at us being linked with him, he is exactly what we need. Tough, quick thinking, aggressive, good footballer and a Rangers man in the middle of the park.

  2. Cut all ties in dealing with these Clubs, the time they will come when those pandering to the chamber of secrets come knocking our door. Bears never forget, soon they will need us, more than we need them, end of !!!

  3. Tell you one guy that will be sick now for for not coming to us is McInnes, look at the great signings we have made already, he will be absolutely sickened now was has happened in the last 3 weeks at Ibrox and deserves the little bastard right, get it right fucking up ye McInnes

    • Whilst I don't condone insulting ex Rangers personnel I agree ….this whole thing with him has been a disrespectful disgrace …He is a bottle merchant ..

    • Could be and I’m not saying it is but maybe the reason we are not getting these players is because we’re bloody skint , no money in the bank until we put our season ticket money in

  4. Couldn't care less we got none of them, no great loss for me and to be perfectly honest I very much doubt any of them would improve our great Club.
    Mark Allans identified players such as Tyler Roberts and young Cole for 300K.
    Across border deals are fixed prices of that amount for such players, for me that's a no brainer and eliminates dealing with people that don't want to do us no favours.
    The best young players in Scotland should be at our academy if we get the scouting spot on in the first place!!

    Think the boards spot on stick in a slightly lower bid in and if the club selling doesn't take the piss give them there asking price.

    Can't argue with the valuation of Docherty @ 600K, I think that's a very fair and just price.

    Jones 1M?? More eeeeejits on the crack pipe.!!

  5. These clubs wanted us dead! since beng promoted we have continued to fill these grounds, we NEVER learn. they have the right to refuse our offer, we also have the right to refuse their ticket allocation. If i were DK i would have beamback @ ibrox with the development squad playng at home when senior squad playing away.more money for us win/win?

  6. all rangers fans avoid away grounds .or we should switch down south .or we should run right over scottish game win every thing in front of us

  7. Influence in the right places? What do you mean by that ?. If someone offered £2 million for the buffalo would we be happy to accept it? If we want these players we should pay money or walk away it’s simple stop all this everybody is against us shite. We are Rangers I hate this everybody is Against self pity crap. Move on WATP

    • It's not self pity my friend …we are past that long time ago @!! It's blatant antihatred …and we are moving on and up !!

    • have u forgot about the chairmen of other clubs listenng to threats of boycotts from their fans, needless to say they never turned up despite it. ps. the attendences are well up now the only show in town is back. AHH THE BLUE POUND.

    • one final point on this, surely if these 3 had really wanted to as claimed pull on the famous jersey they could have waited or signed pre contracts and told ther clubs their preferred choice, lucky escape me thinks!

  8. We are laughing the rest ain't. We have good deals done so the manky mob and the sheep lost out your. Loss our gain NSE. Fqac .

  9. This total hatred of our famous and glorious team and our history is an absolute disgrace …But we are on our way back you can smell the panic across Scotland …I have boycotted all away games ever since they treated us the way they did …this is a continuation of this …Fuck them All WATP Xxxx I urge you all to treat them the same

    • I totally agree in boycotting their grounds. Why should our supporters fill their coffers. It would benefit us better if were donating the money to Club 1872 instead. We would soon be able to get a good share ownership when we are again listed on the stock market. WATP

  10. I'm not sure why Rangers fans keep flooding these other teams with money. We should get a player free from each team every year for the money that we generate for these clubs week in, week out. We've been to the bottom once and got back to the top. Rangers should apply to the conference and we can work our way back up to where the big money is. Leave Celtic with their sense of entitlement and be a loan big fish in their wee pond.

  11. AMAZED my fellow bears flock to away grounds all the time.
    We support these teams and are mugs for it as they have no love for us. The above dealings prove that!

    • Or there over priced. Hibs wanted us to pay £5million for Cummins. And I’m the summer we can now buy him for £600k. That’s a huge difference

  12. Agreed
    …We Should Boycott ALL away matches until these teams come back begging for the blue pound!

    And as for those three?

    Where's Allan Now? 😂
    When were Norwich and Wigan last in Europe? 😂
    Apart from the trophy for winning EFL1 what trophies are McLean and Walker gonna win? …None! 😂😂😂

  13. We have done well in the transfer market with the players we have brought in and got on loan

    Squad should be good enough to at least challenge, fuck the haters and hopefully we will start beating them on the park soon regularly, starting with the sheep!

  14. Id love us to go all guns blazing and sign John McGinn …just one Problem

    For us it would be £10m
    For 'Them' it would be like £2m

    Still think hes a quality player though 👌

  15. Eh don’t mean to p1ss on anyone’s cornflakes but a bit of realism would indicate that you have no money, hence why all the loan deals and the fact no other club wants to deal with you in a permanent transfer scenario right now… if you were selling a player to another club would you accept cash now or an offer of pay in instalments over x years or when the other club can afford it? Not to mention your board are obviously trying to hawk your deadwood with a phoney bidding war for players you don’t want or need aka windass… (please don’t try and fool yourselves or yours truly that he is anywhere near a class player with potential) honestly guys try breaking the bubble, start looking from the outside and asking the questions that you should be. On the plus side I do rate Cummings, think he’ll do a job and go on to grab a few goals – but what then? He’s not tied down so if he’s successful and available for pennies will he stay or go elsewhere…? King has taken you loyal and faithful supporters for a ride – the sooner you wake up to this and get a proper plc or fan ownership in place the better. No offence or wind up intended.

  16. Have to agree with most comments regarding boycotting away grounds/midden? But
    Unfortunately it won't happen due to many bears who are Loyal through and through and want to celebrate victories with the team on their travels and push them towards 55 and then when the inevitable does happen and it's an away game would/do we really want to miss that,I think not,but I do understand every bears anger/frustration towards most Scottish football/clubs in general….

    watp Helicopter Sunday 2005….. Whoopeeeeeee ✌

  17. I agree 100% why are we going to these grounds? I know people will say we have to support the team but can you imagine the absolute panic that would ensue if not one Rangers fan turned up to Easter Rd,Pittodrie (spell check says priesthood!).

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