Monday, 15 January 2018

Rip Off Rangers - Clarke wants the Blue Pound

With today’s rejection of Rangers’ reported half million bid for Kilmarnock’s Jordan Jones, Killie boss Steve Clarke betrayed his feelings speaking earlier.

With more than a touch of derision and a smile on his face, Clarke suggested Jones will remain a Kilmarnock player if Rangers continue to bid at the levels we currently are at.

Clark said the bid was way low. Which means he must value Jones around £1.2M minimum. Which, equally, means this young star is being paid a weekly salary in line with such a price tag, right? Wrong, of course.

Jones has 18 months left on his deal – which clearly hurts his value considerably. He has shown no intent on signing a new one, yet Clarke has more than suggested Rangers must pay something absolutely ridiculous for the Northern Irish international.

It appears another example of exactly what the site pointed out only earlier today – an SPL team either refusing to do business with Rangers or selling at way above the market price.

Meanwhile Aberdeen happily sold Celtic Jonny Hayes for a fee reported to barely have even hit seven figures – true, Jones has seven years on the Republic of Ireland international, but since when did Kilmarnock hold anyone to ransom over player prices?

There does feel like a new rule for Rangers these days. Killie sold Josh Magennis, 33 times capped for Northern Ireland, aged 25 at the time, to Charlton, for £250,000 in 2016.

Meanwhile one-times capped Jones at 23 is apparently worth five times that?

Said Clarke:

"We got an offer for Jordan that was nowhere near, it was a really low offer for a player of Jordan's standing and it was an easy decision for the club to turn it down."

But not for Josh, right?

This is an occasion where Rangers have to play hardball. Killie’s attitude on this is poor, and we know just fine well they would have sold to Celtic without the animosity or nonsense.

We have previously had a decent relationship with the Rugby Park men, but the era of Clarke may well be changing that.


  1. Always the same. Luckly a lot of good Scottish players go south nowadays so we’re better just spending the money down there. It’s the same with st Johnstone. They want O’Halloran back but for less than the 400k we paid for him, they can cough up that 400k and yes it will equal there all time record spend or go elsewhere

  2. Personally I don't care much whether Jones comes or not. Not sure his piosition is a priority right now. Before we roll out the conspiracy theories however I have to say that I really don't think that zRangers help themselves, as they recently have a track record i of going in with really low bids for Scottish players while paying way over the odds without question it seems for foreign dross. I can't help wondering if Rangers really want these players or it is all a smokescreen from the Board to make it look as if they are trying to sign players. Too many failures to get the business done and get their man - loan deals aside.

    1. Hamilton seemed to name there price last week. And when we offered it they then said more...

    2. Dexter,
      Declan John is done and dusted. Two of the loans are with an option to buy.

      No other failures this window that I am aware of. We didn't offer for Moult, Walker or Morgan. I don't know why we didn't offer for Morgan, but suspect it had been made clear to us that he would not come.

      I don't think there is a conspiracy and clubs are entitled to get as much as they can for their players - but we don't have to pay it. I agree with you that we have paid over the odds for a lot of foreigners, but it does look like we are trying to stop doing that.

      I feel positive about our new direction, long may it continue

    3. Now we read this morning that we have bid £300,000 for Docherty. This is a priority target that we do want to get over the line - yet we go in with an unrealistic bid that we know will be turned down. All this achieves is placing a doubt in the players head as to how much we really want them and make the selling club dig their heels in when it comes to doing business with Rangers. There is not one example where this strategy has worked for us - yet we keep repeating it over and over again. Time to get serious or risk losing out to the likes of Preston again.

  3. Agree with You Dexter Regarding His Position not being a Priority right now.

    and its Kilmarnocks Loss Anyway cause he isn't worth more than £700k and every other team in Scotland loves the Blue Pound :D

  4. There's nothing new in this. Think back to the signings of Steven Whittaker and Kevin Thompson. Hibs played hardball, which they are entitled to do, and drove the price up to £2m for each. They then couldn't sell their top goal scorer (20 goals) Anthony Stokes, who was already a full international, quick enough to Celtic for just £1.2m.
    We had to get Richard Gough via Spurs because Dundee Utd refused to sell to us.
    And more recently we've had well documented issues with guys like Jamie Walker and Scott Allan and now Jordan Jones.
    Personally I wish we didn't have to deal with other Scottish clubs at all but that's unlikely. I hate seeing us trying to push money into their coffers and being held to ransom time after time. Indeed I hate that we turn up at their grounds in huge numbers giving them money they don't deserve. Greg Docherty was said to be worth £600k but no sooner had we made our move and we learn actually its closer to £1m.

  5. See your point Dexter but I think the problem withe foreign player we got was down to board backing the manager that's where the real problem started who recommended casinos in first place whoever it was should get his arse kicked out of Ibrox we can't go buying players with big prices and maybe Clarke said that as a hands off

  6. It will be the walker situation pt2

    We Offered £700k and he went to Wigan for £300k 😂

  7. I see Boydy's in the papers going on about Rangers trying to unsettle players with derisory bids. I hadn't heard anything about Rangers bidding, or even being interested in Jones until Kilmarnock had announced they had received a bid. If they didn't want the player unsettled they could have just kept their mouth shut.

  8. What frustrates me is killie picked him up for free. It’s time we did our homework & started picking these guys up when they sre released from english clubs & loaning them out to your killie’s (etc) Instead of handing them 1/2 million we cant afford. Just take them back when they’ve developed them for us. Use them the way they are trying to use us.I used to be happy when we kept the money in scotland but not any more. They all took our money for years & when we were in trouble they booted us down the the leagues without s backward glance. The Scott Allan thing sickened me along with other examples like David goodwillie (remember that fiasco) & more recently we’ve had the walker & moult affair. & now the Docherty saga.lets starve them of our money.


  10. Reading Chris Boyd saying he is disgusted by rangers offers this morning what about the gers support being disgusted by former players slagging us of rangers made him a big paid player and we learned a lesson when ally brought him back not to pay going rate as he was awful and took good wage again but didn't justify the going rate as he calls it lost my respect like so many x players who slag us off

    1. That's a great point, somebody should remind Boydy about just how much he ripped Rangers off by taking money out of the club and giving nothing back when we could least afford it.

  11. Spend the money saved on Jones to get Docherty,he's a player of the future.

  12. Just a thought. Would Gers fans be happy with a player swap for O'Halloran?
    Is Jones better than O'Halloran?
    Would Kilmarnock consider O'Halloran a better option?
    How much do Kilmarnock think O'Halloran is worth?

    1. Was thinking this earlier today.

    2. Give them MOH & Hodson buy 1 get 1 free and I'll drive both of them there and pick up on arrival!!!!


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