Rangers target’s next club to be ‘up to him’…

Rangers target’s next club to be ‘up to him’…

“Steven Naismith to Rangers” has hotted up again today with strong reports that Norwich City have allowed the Scotland striker to leave this month on loan, and his destination club will be his own choice.

Despite claims that a number of English sides are interested, and will take on some of his wages, the 31-year old striker has been said to be favouring a move home Scotland to be near family, and is paraphrased in the (gutter) press as saying he would play for free at Ibrox.

We have heard such outlandish claims before, famously by Madjid Bougherra who claimed he would play for Rangers for free, and Naismith is definitely on  record as saying his next club would not be about money.

The question is are Rangers’ chiefs interested in acquiring him? There is little doubt about the quality he would bring, but Rangers have a habit of often being interested in different players to those the fans are attracted by, so we cannot be sure if there is genuine interest in the former Everton forward.

But with his own choice being the guiding factor, we will see just how keen Naismith is to play for Rangers again.

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  1. Would be fair for him to play for free or at least a token wage, considering a lot of the fans are still angry about him jumping ship

  2. If he wants to come please take him. Some fans don’t want him but the did not want Kyle Lafferty either but when he started playing well for Hearts they then wanted him. So please take Naismith he I see better than what we have.

  3. In 2012 he said he owed Rangers fuk all!?
    2018 Rangers owe U fuk all, go play for Killi for free. As U blatantly pointed out in 2012 we are the new Rangers and U are the past not our future!
    No return for any of the RatPack!!

    IN U are going to lose UR scout free licence that's 2 bums in a row.

  4. Would take Naismith for minimal of wages with a clause in the contract that we can let him go if he gets injured or does not produce. However, there is absolutely nothing coming from Rangers re Naismith, so I very much doubt they will bring him to Ibrox again due to the bad feelings from certain supporters.
    We desparately need two quality, tall and strong centre halves now Alves is out. Wilson, Bates and Cardoso will leak goals like water from a tap in the second half of the season.

  5. aye I see you think you are a clairvoyant pal ? ive never heard 1 of them being right..whoooooooooooo hocus pocus.

  6. Naismith was out best player ok wat he said was bad but put ur self in his shoes he got.an opportunity to go down south don't tell me none off use would do the same he is a gd player and we cannot refuse right now

  7. Well u all know I'm not bull shitting about this as U know my opinion.
    This is from Naismiths brother in law.
    He is 90% certain to sign in this window, he's the highest paid player in Norwich"s history he's on 65k a week and they don't care where he goes as long as he's off the wage bill.
    Hope the 10% wins!!!?

  8. No! No! And No!
    Naismith can go & Take a Running Jump!

    Doesnt Deserve to Grace Ibrox Again
    The Snake!

    Do Fellow Fans and IN Readers have short memories?
    …Pretty Quick to Leave in 2012

    Also let me say this …
    If he was as big a rangers man as he says he is he would have stayed for the fight!!

    • Mate I agree agree and agree but hes fuking coming like it or lump it to stadium near U real soon.
      Crying Me!! 😥😥😥

  9. If he is not going take any wages then lets see if he can still cut it up here lots of younger lads will give him a very hard time and they are in the same team as him if he thinks he can walk in to the team then lets see it.

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