Rangers drop massive hint about striker


Rangers manager Graeme Murty has dropped the biggest hint to date that not only is Josh Windass unlikely to be sold this transfer window, but that in offering him an extension to his deal (which still has two years to run) he sees him as an integral part of his Rangers XI.

Rangers fans have been significantly divided over Windass, with many advocating selling the former Accrington man, and in truth the 23-year old has regularly failed to convince.

However, since he was shifted by Murty into a false 10 position, he has produced goals and that key component has evidently raised his value to the club.

Previously, his work on the left wing was patchy at best and downright absent at worst, but with the freedom to roam he has bagged goals, and quite a lot of them.

And whatever fans think of his overall game, contribution, and even attitude at times, Graeme Murty clearly thinks highly of him and going by how much he has played under both Murty and his predecessor, it does seem that Windass is set to be a crucial component of this Rangers team for seasons to come.

Whether the majority of fans like it or not.

That said, if a healthy bid did come in, it could change things considerably. With Preston’s £500k bid being rejected, it is evident Rangers value Windass at well over seven figures and that teams are clearly interested in him. And a new contract would bump that value further.

Would we keep Windass? If he keeps scoring goals then we cannot argue too much against him. But we still think the rest of his game lacks much convinction.

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  1. I would keep him he is one of our best players by far,you do not sell your best players or you will never get a team together but any new manager may see him not like Murty and will sell him,so for now keep our best players

  2. Can't vote above as not enough options, like what is a good price?

    I would not sell for less than £2 million, other teams are seeing his value. As a second striker, or in the hole, he is good. As a winger, he isn't. So play him where he is good and sell for an offer we can't refuse. I believe buy out clause is £3.5M, extend his contract and hold out for that

  3. I wish folk would get off his back and support him. Yeah he can be inconsistent and doesn't his decision making can come across as selfish, but the boy is only 23. He's a hell of a lot better than he was last year and as long as he keeps improving his consistency and decision making will come. Stop giving him grief his team mates and coaches can do that if he's not making the right passes etc

    • I but he's improved from really poor to poor.
      Never going to be good enough for the Rangers ever!!
      He's not on his own though.
      1M grab it asap!!

    • I would agree with Gav. Support all the players we have instead of slating them all the time. It is up to the manager to decide about the players and it is he who falls on his sword if he gets it all wrong

    • Agree with Robbie. Get rid of Windass! I do laugh at those who suggest we would get millions for him, please get real!
      I want a player who will run and fight for the ball for 95 minutes of every game. I want a player who will pick up on the runners and help our defence out when the opposition is in attack.
      Windass is a very average player. Unfortunately, there are far to many fans who are accepting mediocrity at Rangers. They are accepting average players at Ibrox who will never win us the league and will struggle to reach 3rd and 4th place, let alone 2nd. I believe if you can't win the game, you will bloody die trying when wearing that jersey. So far, I have
      I have only seen McRorie care for the jersey, the rest are just average players, earning a high wage and give us 3rd place in the league. Not good enough!
      I can only hope the new additions will improve us in the second half, but if we keep giving average players contracts, stands to reason, we will alway be an average team fighting for 2nd place. Common sense tell you that!

  4. I'ts about time our board take the same stance as other clubs , n particular (SELLik) when placing values on players.we as a club have undersold players on many occasins through the years. mc gregor to hibs was an example in comparison to the scott allan situation.toughen up gers.

  5. Of course we should keep him. The vast majority of our fans, and those who know their football, are very clear what he brings to the team. And don't forget until he came to the 'Gets he was ALWAYS played in centre midfield: not as a winger or a striker. Extending his contract is a no brainer.

  6. I can see Windass getting better and the more he believes in himself he can become even better .We need to start getting our business right as well as the football team ..he is at least a 2or 3 Million pound player …so keep until he's ready…Cant wait to see Cummings !!!!!!

  7. Only 23 and scoring good goals, he is proving to be an asset to Rangers. Must play him behind the 2 strikers and never on the wing.

    Keep him for the long term.

  8. The division in fans over windass is fairly simple.

    Decent fans that support the team vs bitter jealous wee losers that heckle the players. I'm guessing they are angry at their own inadequacies.

    There is value in questioning actions of board given their track record, but if someone can explain how heckling players helps team I would love to hear it. As much as I have criticised the board I would never shout abuse at them, why do it to our own players?

    Fact Dean windass can't come to ibrox because he is disgusted with fans abuse really says it all.

    • Maybe is dean would stop drink driving he could get to a game. Though some of our home results have been terrible. Windass is just one of those annoying players that some games Heaney great and others he can’t even pass a ball. Maybe a future novo but not a 1st team Starter for me

    • Fact if we want to win the leauge the likes of Windass Holt Halliday Miller Herrera Niko Cordoso pulling on the top will at best get us 2nd.
      I say that to U on hear and as like yourself would never slate anyone in a Rangers top or tie at the game.
      To be honest, with all the players we have rolling in the door at the moment, I very much doubt he will hold down a place in the starting X1.

  9. Heis still a very young player and a good one don't know why people get on at him I hate when our support act like the opposition get behind the team Ibrox is to quiet now all you hear is the boys in the broom loan section they really get behind team that's why the players hear the shower who just moan at every single mistake

  10. the thing is we all think we an eside wh have an who wesell lets get the lads on top of table above the celtic an give the la a chnce

  11. he is young we have struggled the past two seasons but listen look where we came from an lets give the lads a bit of encouragement we need who we have we aint got no cash to get better players in lets see what comes in this January second will do for me an maybe a cup

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